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News/MicroStrategy's Mega-Buy: $347M for 12,000 Bitcoin Sparks Renewed Market Optimism

MicroStrategy's Mega-Buy: $347M for 12,000 Bitcoin Sparks Renewed Market Optimism

Jun 28 2023

12 months ago3 minutes read

MicroStrategy's Monumental Bitcoin Acquisition

Written by Van

Amidst the ebb and flow of global financial trends, business intelligence powerhouse, MicroStrategy has over the last two months accumulated an additional 12,000 bitcoins to its already sizeable collection, thus raising its total holdings to above 152,000 BTC. This growth in bitcoin acquisition signifies a sharp increase, both in volume and value, for the firm’s overall digital assets.

In the period between April 29 and June 27, MicroStrategy shelled out $347 million to acquire 12,333 additional BTC units, averaging a per bitcoin buying price of $28,136. This transaction represents the largest addition to its bitcoin stack since it purchased 13,005 bitcoins in June, two years ago. With the current value of its bitcoin holdings approximating $4.5 billion, this hefty investment by MicroStrategy continues to resonate within the cryptocurrency sphere. 

Despite a recent slight dip of 1.5% in the last five days, Bitcoin has observed an almost 82% rise in its year-to-date price, and currently sits just above $30,150 at 10 am ET. The crypto market has inevitably been moulded by such fluctuations, and as a result, MicroStrategy's stock price has surged by an impressive 124% since the dawn of 2023, maintaining relative stability in the preceding week.

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The Context Behind the Purchase

The decision to invest significantly in bitcoin appears to align with the increased interest exhibited by BlackRock in obtaining a spot bitcoin ETF, alongside other firms rekindling their eagerness in launching similar products. This development, combined with MicroStrategy's recent bitcoin accretions, including the addition of 6,455 BTC in March and a subsequent 1,045 in the month following, presents the firm as a competitive alternative to Coinbase for investors seeking a substantial degree of exposure to the crypto space. 

MicroStrategy's latest action in the digital currency market concurrently raises compelling questions regarding the future trajectory of both bitcoin and the firm itself. Here, the role of Bitcoin as a controversial yet influential fixture within the global financial landscape is validated, proving enough conviction for MicroStrategy to invest billions into its coffers.

The Road to Bitcoin Domination: A Prediction 


Underpinning MicroStrategy's BTC investment strategy is its Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Michael Saylor, who has shared audacious forecasts concerning future Bitcoin pricing. Saylor believes that the growth and domination of Bitcoin lie in its adoption infrastructure provided by a wide range of entities, from investment funds and manufacturing enterprises to local bodies, universities, and charities.

It becomes increasingly clear that for Saylor and MicroStrategy, financial giants and institutional investors play pivotal roles, not only in fostering this infrastructure but in entrusting public money and funds from various institutions into Bitcoin. The noteworthy participation of substantial entities like Deutsche Bank and Credit Agricole, as well as BlackRock's significant interest in endorsing Bitcoin through an ETF application, reflects the growing confidence of these institutions in Bitcoin's future.

Continuing on this trajectory of institutional adoption, the denial of 20 spot ETFs by the SEC has come under discussion, alongside the announcement of EDX exchange with the backing of various high-profile Wall Street firms. Saylor has posited that the presence of regulated exchanges and products in the realm of cryptocurrency could potentially pave the way for the approval of EDX. He also conjectured that due to the change in circumstances, the SEC may be nudged to approve a spot ETF without contradicting its prior guidance.

As these series of events unfold, it manifests the complexities institutions encounter in their bid to have a part in the Bitcoin mining cake. Opting between finding the right exchange or arranging custody, exploring spot ETFs, or innovating bespoke solutions are just some of the factors to be considered. To Saylor, a spot ETF appears to be a judicious and less demanding avenue for gaining Bitcoin exposure.

MicroStrategy as an Opportunity for Bitcoin Adoption

Saylor views the availability of a spot ETF as a significant milestone for reinforcing institutional adoption, with prominent entities like Fidelity, Citadel, BlackRock, and Schwab driving this exercise. He underlines four notable milestones set to drive extensive adoption of Bitcoin - availability of a spot ETF, recognition of Bitcoin as a separate asset class, normalization of accounting through fair value accounting, and Bitcoin halving.

Mirrorring a bullish outlook, Saylor asserts that both Wall Street and the broader community steadily view these milestones as market value injectors. He suggests that these factors could potentially ignite the widespread adoption of Bitcoin, with a plausible result of the cryptocurrency's valuation ascending to an unprecedented height of $1 million.

MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Purchase Impact on Market Dynamics 

Coinciding with these expert views and predictions, MicroStrategy's recent disclosure that it acquired over 12,000 bitcoins for $347 million sparked an intriguing market response. Intriguingly, bitcoin recoiled to the lower end of its recent trading corridor that lies between $30,000 and $31,000, rather than demonstrating the robust market response expected by many.

A study conducted by K33 furnished evidence that Bitcoin has a tendency to reflect a short-term negative value adjustment subsequent to announcements of MicroStrategy's novel coin acquisitions exceeding 1,000 BTC. On days when such declarations transpire, bitcoin has historically receded by around 2%, generating an average daily return of negative 2% since 2020.

Source: K33

Short-term fluctuations aside, the magnitude of MicroStrategy's bitcoin purchase appears to have a positive influence on the market weeks after the initial downturn. The research suggests that the market assimilates the fact that a chunk of buy-side liquidity has departed when MicroStrategy publicizes its acquisitions, encouraging confidence in Bitcoin and leading to a slight surge in its average weekly return.

As a pioneer in business intelligence, MicroStrategy continues to assert its faith in Bitcoin as a shield against the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. Its CEO, Michael Saylor, staunchly stands by the conviction that the crypto market is destined to become primarily BTC-centric, propelled by impending regulatory restrictions on digital assets. 


Q: Why is MicroStrategy investing in Bitcoin?

A: MicroStrategy believes Bitcoin is a robust and promising asset class that can act as a financial hedge. CEO Michael Saylor also posits that regulatory crackdowns may lead the crypto market to become entirely BTC-centric.

Q: What are the challenges institutions face when investing in Bitcoin?

A: Major challenges include selecting the most suitable exchange, arranging secure custody, and complying with regulatory norms. However, these challenges may be circumvented through the acquisition of a simpler asset like a spot ETF.

Q: How have MicroStrategy's Bitcoin purchases impacted the market? 

A: Historically, MicroStrategy's Bitcoin acquisitions lead to a short-term drop in the BTC price. However, the impact usually reverses in subsequent days, yielding a slightly positive average weekly return. 

Q: What is Michael Saylor's prediction for Bitcoin’s future price?

A: Michael Saylor predicts Bitcoin's price could eventually reach $1 million, assuming widespread institutional adoption and other milestones are achieved.

Q: What significance does a spot ETF hold in Bitcoin adoption? 

A: The availability of a spot ETF is viewed as a critical milestone for large-scale adoption of Bitcoin by institutions. It offers entities a simpler way to gain exposure to Bitcoin.

To Conclude

MicroStrategy's consistent Bitcoin acquisition, backed by CEO Michael Saylor's bullish beliefs, underscores the firm's commitment to this mega digital currency. The unfolding landscape with Bitcoin ETFs, increased institutional adoption, and regulatory developments further strengthen the link between Bitcoin’s future and its monumental price predictions. 

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