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News/Nomura Bank's $500B Powerhouse Unveils Groundbreaking Bitcoin Adoption Fund

Nomura Bank's $500B Powerhouse Unveils Groundbreaking Bitcoin Adoption Fund

Sep 20 2023

9 months ago3 minutes read
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Unveiling the Structure of the Bitcoin Adoption Fund 

Written by Van

The newly minted Bitcoin Adoption Fund isn't just another run-of-the-mill fund but an ambitious venture by Laser Digital. The latter serves as a subsidiary of the gigantic Nomura, Japan's undisputed investment bank apex. 

This fund, designed exclusively to cater to institutional investments, has been integrated with Laser's Digital Funds Segregated Portfolio Company. To reinforce its legitimacy and reliability, the company is officially registered in the globally esteemed Cayman Islands. 

The fund's security is unparalleled, pinned on Komainu, a proprietary custody solution collaboratively conceived by Nomura, Ledger, and CoinShares, granting investors safe and sustained exposure to the iconic Bitcoin.

Delving into the Timing and Context in the Crypto Market 


Making a splash in the crypto price landscape, the Bitcoin Adoption Fund debuted as Bitcoin soared past the $27,000 milestone, a feat not seen since last August. The Head of Laser Digital Asset Management, Sebastien Guglietta, confidently attested to technology's commitment to transmogrifying a hefty portion of the global economy from analog to digital. 

Bitcoin, he posited, is a strong propellant of this transformation. The timing of this fund also turns eyes towards SBI Holdings Inc., another towering Japanese fin-tech firm, which pioneered the launch of Japan's inaugural cryptocurrency fund in early 2021. 

Shedding Light on Regulatory Undertaking and Their Compliance 

Laser Digital remains unwavering in its commitment to stringent risk management, remaining compliant with the strongest regulations, thereby presenting a secure, cost-effective investment vehicle. The evolving panorama of crypto regulations in Japan creates opportunities, allowing the likes of Binance to procure a new license to service retail clients. 

With the fund already acknowledging registration in Ireland, Luxembourg, and the UK, Sebastien Guglietta intimates potential investor demand-and-location-based future registrations. 

Exploring the Bitcoin Investment Landscape 

Nomura executives in heated discussion around table, emphasizing high-stakes decision-making behind launching the monumental Bitcoin Adoption Fund.webp

In a world where crypto coin prices are constantly under the microscope, exchange-traded funds, governments, and corporations have collectively amassed Bitcoin assets worth over $50 billion, as cited by investment guru VanEck. Accredited investors in the U.S. gain access to Bitcoin via futures ETFs rolled out by reputed firms, including VanEck and ProShares. 

This enthralling trend is expected to persevere, with analysts forecasting an influx upwards of $100 billion once the U.S. spot ETFs obtain the green light. 

Leadership and the Innovative Team

Laser Digital's asset management is steered by Sebastien Guglietta, notable for his erstwhile role as Nomura's chief scientist officer. Before signing on with Laser Digital, Guglietta juggled responsibilities as a senior scientist and portfolio manager at the hedge fund Brevan Howard. 

Fiona King, a recent recruit from Nickel Digital Asset Management, has assumed the role of the head of distribution at Laser Digital Asset Management.

Future Ventures and Strategic Roadmap

Laser Digital's aspirations don't stagnate at the Bitcoin Adoption Fund. It envisages the introduction of a plethora of crypto investment products. Already, the company has plowed investments into more than ten thriving crypto startups such as Orderly Network, WebN Group, and Infinity Exchange. 

In an ambitious move, Laser Digital has absorbed Elysium Technology Group, readying to provide post-trade solutions for digital assets as well as over-the-counter foreign exchange. 

Assessing the Global Presence and Footprint

Animated 3D globe rotating to reveal colorful markers highlighting Laser Digital's operations.webp

July witnessed Laser Digital score a homerun, pocketing a complete crypto license from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority. This enables the virtual behemoth to deliver crypto broker-dealer and robust asset management services from its Dubai sanction with an unparalleled global presence. 

Deciphering the Key Takeaways

The debut of Nomura's Bitcoin Adoption Fund via Laser Digital is an enormous leap in institutionalizing cryptocurrency investments. Representing more than just a fund, it outlines an expansive strategy committed to capitalizing on a transformative macroeconomic shift. 

Armed with robust custody solutions and a keen eye on cryptocurrency charts for strategic moves, this fund is ready to channel the surging institutional interest in the ever-volatile digital assets space. It may become the game-changer that launches crypto investment products into the financial mainstream.


1. Can you elaborate on the inherent structure and purpose of the Bitcoin Adoption Fund by Laser Digital?

Laser Digital's Bitcoin Adoption Fund is an advanced institutional investment initiative, operating as part of Laser's Digital Funds Segregated Portfolio Company, precisely established in the Cayman Islands. This fund banks on Komainu, a custom custody solution constructed by a joint venture of leading financial and crypto entities.

2. How has the evolving crypto regulation landscape in Japan influenced Laser Digital and its fund?

The changing regulations in Japan have permitted platforms like Binance to obtain new licenses, revamping retail customer services, and inspiring confidence in institutional funds such as those managed by Laser Digital.

3. Who are the key figures driving Laser Digital's growth and asset management?

Sebastien Guglietta, former chief scientist officer at Nomura, leads Laser Digital's asset management division. He is ably supported by Fiona King, the current head of distribution, formerly associated with Nickel Digital Asset Management.

4. Does Laser Digital propose to introduce more crypto investment products in the future?

Yes, Laser Digital plans to launch several varied crypto investment products, underscoring the company's commitment to enhancing and diversifying its interactive crypto ecosystem.

5. What global expansion activities is Laser Digital involved in?

In July, Laser Digital received a comprehensive crypto license from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority. As a result, the company is set to provide crypto broker-dealer and asset management services from its Dubai entity, signaling a substantial global expansion.

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