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News/Binance Founder Denied Travel to UAE Despite $4.5B Equity Offer 

Binance Founder Denied Travel to UAE Despite $4.5B Equity Offer 

Van Thanh Le

Jan 26 2024

6 months ago3 minutes read
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CZ Awaits Sentence, $4.5 Billion Plea Rejected

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the dethroned crypto emperor of Binance, faced a harsh winter as his legal storm deepened. In November 2023, Zhao found himself ensnared in legal complexities, pleading guilty to not upholding a robust anti-money laundering program at Binance. His freedom hinged on a hefty $175 million bond in the United States, with a potential 18-month prison sentence looming over him.

Zhao put a staggering $4.5 billion on the line. This figure, representing his entire equity in Binance.US, was offered as collateral for a travel request to the UAE. His lawyers disclosed this in a letter dated December 22 to Judge Richard Jones, citing the valuation from a funding round two years prior. Zhao's motivation? A deeply personal one. He aimed to spend up to four weeks in the UAE, supporting a close one undergoing surgery.

However, Judge Richard Jones, in a decision made behind closed doors on December 29, turned down Zhao's request. The judge pointed to Zhao's vast wealth and overseas assets as red flags for potential flight risk. As a result, Zhao, who admitted to money laundering charges on November 21, remains bound to the U.S., with his exact location a mystery until his February 23 sentencing.

A redacted part of the letter reveals Zhao's offer of his stake in BinanceUS.webp
A redacted part of the letter reveals Zhao's offer of his stake in Binance.US.

Amidst this legal storm, Binance's native token, BNB, displayed an unexpected resilience. It seemed to dance to the broader market's tune rather than Zhao's legal predicaments. Binance's journey, since its inception in July 2017, has been nothing short of meteoric, quickly ascending to the pinnacle of the crypto exchange world. 

Yet, this rapid expansion brought its share of compliance headaches, especially concerning anti-money laundering regulations. The exchange faced regulatory pushbacks in several countries, leading to exits from markets like Germany, the Netherlands, Cyprus, and Canada.


Zhao's departure from the CEO role in November 2022 marked a significant chapter in Binance's history. It was part of a $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. regulators, acknowledging violations of the Bank Secrecy Act and operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business. This chapter in the crypto world underscores the intricate dance between rapid innovation and regulatory compliance, a balance that continues to shape the industry's future.

Binance.US Navigates Regulatory Sea Shallows After CEO's Guilty Plea

The air around Binance.US, the American arm of the crypto behemoth, crackles with uncertainty. In the wake of CEO Changpeng Zhao's (CZ) November 2023 guilty plea to Bank Secrecy Act violations, regulatory tremors have rippled across the country, casting a shadow on the exchange's future.

The Alaska Division of Banking and Securities made a decisive move, opting not to renew the license of Binance.US. This decision threw a shadow of uncertainty over the future of the exchange's activities within the state. Meanwhile, Florida's response was more immediate and direct. The state's Office of Financial Regulation issued an emergency suspension of Binance.US's money transmitter license, a reaction closely tied to CZ's legal entanglements and his guilty plea.

Surreal cosmic balance of CZ and legal scales over a global map, symbolizing Binance's impact.webp

Despite these setbacks, Binance.US demonstrated resilience and adaptability. By late December, the exchange had successfully negotiated agreements with regulatory bodies in Arkansas, Illinois, and South Dakota. These agreements allowed Binance.US to continue its operations, albeit under new conditions. A notable stipulation was the irreversible transfer of CZ's voting rights, a move signaling a significant shift in the exchange's governance and a strategic response to its regulatory challenges.


Despite Zhao's legal woes and regulatory hurdles, Binance remains resilient. BNB reflects market trends, not CZ's troubles. The U.S. arm navigates choppy waters with license cancellations and suspensions, but secures new agreements and distances itself from CZ. The crypto giant faces a delicate dance between innovation and compliance, shaping the industry's future.


1. What legal challenges is Binance founder CZ facing?

CZ pleaded guilty to anti-money laundering violations in November 2023 and faces up to 18 months in prison. He offered $4.5 billion in equity for travel but remains in the U.S. awaiting sentencing on February 23.

2. How is Binance affected by CZ's legal troubles?

Binance's native token, BNB, remains steady, suggesting market influence overshadows CZ's situation. However, Binance.US faced license suspensions in Alaska and Florida.

3. Is Binance.US shutting down?

Despite license suspensions, Binance.US secured agreements in Arkansas, Illinois, and South Dakota, allowing continued operations under new conditions, including severing CZ's voting rights.

4. What does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency?

The saga highlights the regulatory challenges faced by major crypto players. Crypto exchanges must balance rapid growth with compliance in a dynamic and uncertain regulatory environment.

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