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News/Binance and EOS Intensify Crypto Interest in Japan's Flourishing Market

Binance and EOS Intensify Crypto Interest in Japan's Flourishing Market

Aug 30 2023

10 months ago2 minutes read
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Binance Japan Targets 100 Crypto Token Listings 

Written by Van

Binance Japan, the local liaison of the globally acclaimed digital asset exchange Binance, has action plans to expand its listings from the current 34 crypto assets to 100. In its pursuit of proven high-quality investments, the local unit of Binance will join forces with notable exchanges and market makers in Japan, confirming the availability and liquidity of the broadened offering.

As part of its growth strategy, Binance Japan is shifting its focus towards company registration, a move that could impact crypto price dynamics in the Japanese market. This approach is essential for Binance Japan to transition into an intermediary in transactions involving formalized fiat-backed stablecoins. Injecting innovation into the Japanese crypto market, Binance Japan's expansion will scout for token projects within a pool of 350 potential candidates.

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A cornerstone of the expansion blueprint is the support for a native Japanese crypto token, a move that could set new benchmarks in crypto coin prices. The launch signals enthusiasm in the strategic direction, injecting optimism from Tsuyoshi Chino, General Manager of Binance Japan.

Chino extends the company's vision towards the first project operating exclusively in Japan, stating that Japan's favorable regulatory landscape for crypto assets will enrich the project's environment. Guided by the government's growth strategy, focused on the web3 and blockchain technology scope, Binance Japan ensures its growth in tandem with industry advancements.

The augmentation plan of offerings is a leap from its recent launch and succeeds its preceding acquisition of Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC), boasting registration in Japan. 

EOS Gets Japan's Nod, to Trade with Yen

While Binance Japan is strategizing, EOS Network Foundation discloses a major win: regulatory approval in Japan — a milestone that enables trading of EOS tokens against the Japanese yen on regulated exchanges. Spearheaded by BitTrade, the exchange hit the ground running in September. 

After the news broke, the EOS price spiked 10% but later settled at $0.625, marking a slight daily loss of -0.07%. This is, still, its highest value since August 17, 2023.

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Emphasizing this victory, EOS CEO, Yves La Rose, highlights the established Asian market, teeming with EOS tokenholders, as the cornerstone of EOS progression. La Rose validates Asia, particularly Japan, as a beaming beacon guiding blockchain-based gaming and GameFi.

Japan's robust regulatory framework and government-backed crypto market offer a level of transparency and control that could serve as a model for cryptocurrency charts worldwide. Considering Japan's trailblazing gaming intellectual capabilities and its ripe environment for tokenization, the gateway to the Asian market stands wide open for the EOS Network Foundation. 


1. What does Binance Japan's decision to list more crypto tokens mean for investors?

As per the plan, Binance Japan aims to increase the number of listed digital assets from 34 to 100. The market expansion provides investors with a wider range of selections and investments possibilities.

2. How will Binance Japan's expansion affect the overall cryptocurrency landscape in Japan?

Japan’s regulatory environment is positive towards cryptocurrencies. Binance Japan's expansion could lead to increased market competition, diversification of products and services, and shift the country closer to a more decentralized financial landscape.

3. Why did EOS secure regulatory approval for trading in Japan?

Japan provides clarity and oversight in the crypto market with its structured regulations. The approval allows trading of EOS tokens against the Japanese yen in regulated exchanges.

4. What is the potential market for EOS in Japan?

Japan's market is a hub for gaming intellectual properties, making it a suitable candidate for tokenization. EOS’s entrance may result in new participants, triggering a ripple effect of growth in the blockchain-based gaming and GameFi sectors.

5. What does Binance Japan's registration mean for transactions involving stablecoins?

Registering the company allows Binance Japan to operate as an intermediary for transactions involving fiat-backed stablecoins, providing an additional layer of trust and legal cover for such transactions.

Final Thoughts

The planned expansion from Binance Japan and the recent regulatory approval for EOS indicate a burgeoning interest in the Japanese crypto space. These developments signify the potential for Japan to become a notable hub in the crypto world. 

Increased competition, variety of services, and a conducive regulatory environment all point towards an upsurge in activity in the Japanese digital currency market. Both investors and crypto enthusiasts should stay tuned for significant opportunities arising from this bolstered landscape.

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