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News/Bitcoin Under $39,000: A Perfect Storm or Buying Opportunity? Experts Weigh In

Bitcoin Under $39,000: A Perfect Storm or Buying Opportunity? Experts Weigh In

Van Thanh Le

Jan 23 2024

5 months ago4 minutes read
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Bitcoin Plummets Below $39,000: A Saga of Outflows, Options, and Halving Fears

Bitcoin has taken a tumble, plummeting to a low of $38,600 in the past 24 hours before coming back to the $39,000 range. This 5.3% drop is just the latest chapter in a week-long saga that has seen Bitcoin shed nearly 10% of its value. But what's behind this sudden nosedive?


The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has been at the heart of this shift, experiencing a staggering outflow of funds. Bloomberg's James Seyffart reported a record single-day outflow exceeding $640 million, contributing to a total exodus of $3.45 billion. 

Etoro's Simon Peters pointed to the impact of GBTC's high fees, driving investors towards more cost-effective alternatives. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, notes that while selling GBTC for BTC might not directly affect Bitcoin's price, converting to USD certainly does.

This trend, however, contrasts with the broader Bitcoin ETF market, where nine new ETFs have collectively accumulated 95,000 Bitcoin, valued at $3.8 billion, overshadowing the 65,000 Bitcoin, worth $2.9 billion, exiting GBTC.

The futures and options markets are also showing signs of cooling. The CME Bitcoin futures saw a sharp decline in open interest by over $1.64 billion, signaling a decrease in market leverage and speculative interest. 

Crypto analyst Skew noted a bearish turn in the perpetual futures market, with short positions gaining prominence. Similarly, the options market is witnessing a rise in put options, indicating a trend towards hedging against further declines.

Charles Edwards from Capriole Investments highlighted the unusual low downside volatility, predicting a resurgence of market fluctuations. The Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index has settled at a neutral 50, a marked change from previous extreme greed levels.

Miners are also playing a role in Bitcoin's price dynamics. Antonio Ernesto Di Giacomo from suggests that miners might be offloading their bitcoins in anticipation of the 2024 Halving, potentially leading to an oversupply and price drop.

Despite the immediate challenges, there's a silver lining of long-term optimism. Bloomberg Intelligence's Eric Balchunas highlighted Bitcoin's impressive 75% return over the past year, outperforming many traditional investments, including stocks.

Bitcoin Bites Back: Short-Term Holders Feel the Squeeze

Bitcoin's recent tumble below $39,000 has sent shockwaves through the crypto market, particularly impacting short-term holders who are feeling the heat of profit erosion. 

Bitfinex analysts paint a worrying picture: over half of short-term gains have vanished, prompting many to scramble for the exits at a loss, especially those who bought in less than a month ago. This selling pressure fuels further volatility, creating a precarious tightrope walk for the world's most popular cryptocurrency. (1).png
Source: Bitfinex

Bitfinex's Alpha Report sheds light on crucial support levels for Bitcoin, pinpointing them at around $38,000 and $36,000 - areas closely mirroring where these investors bought in. Specifically, these levels are in sync with the short-term holder realized price, currently at $38,307. (2).png
Source: Bitfinex

The market's recent turbulence has not been kind, triggering over $330 million in liquidations of leveraged crypto positions in just a day. The bulk of these, predominantly long positions, account for losses exceeding $290 million.

A closer look at the Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) reveals a telling story: Bitcoin's SOPR is currently below one, further indicating a trend of selling at a loss. This metric, assessing both realized and unrealized gains and losses, paints a clear picture of the prevailing market sentiment. (3).png
Source: Bitfinex

Analysts are casting a wary eye on the market, suggesting the potential for more pronounced price corrections. A breach here could significantly alter Bitcoin's market path, a scenario closely watched by investors and analysts alike.

Bitcoin's Price Tango: Whales, Fibonacci, and FOMO

Recent weeks have seen Bitcoin locked in a complicated dance with investors, its price swinging like a chandelier caught in a downdraft. Whales, those elusive creatures of the crypto ocean, have shed 70,000 BTC in a fortnight, a $3 billion exodus that sent shivers down the spines of market watchers. 

Analyst Ali Martinez raised the alarm, his technical analysis whispering of a potential retracement to the 50% Fibonacci level, a prospect as unwelcome as a leaky roof in a hurricane. Bitcoin, at the tippy-top of the 78.6% Fibonacci peak, seems poised for a dip, with $32,700 the rumored landing zone.

Adding to the swirl of uncertainty, Spot Bitcoin ETFs witnessed a $76 million exodus on their seventh day of trading. Grayscale, the 800-pound gorilla of the ETF jungle, has already seen $3.45 billion head for the exits. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, China's $278 billion stimulus plan, designed to jumpstart its stock market, failed to ignite Bitcoin's fire. The Hang Seng and CSI 300 waltzed higher, but Bitcoin remained stubbornly below $40,000, seemingly unimpressed by the fiscal fanfare.

Fidelity, however, struck a note of cautious optimism. Jurrien Timmer, their executive director, predicts continued volatility, but sees a silver lining in the recent market recalibration following the ETF launch. The SEC's blessing on Bitcoin ETFs, he believes, will eventually unlock a wave of institutional capital, potentially propelling the price skyward.


Bitcoin's recent plunge below $39,000 paints a picture of a market grappling with fear and uncertainty. Grayscale outflows, options market bearishness, and miner selling pressure contribute to a volatile dance, while whales dump their holdings and short-term holders scramble for the exits. 

Despite the immediate turbulence, long-term optimism persists, fueled by Bitcoin's impressive year-on-year gains. Whether this is a temporary dip or a deeper correction remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: buckle up, because the Bitcoin tango is far from over.


1. What caused Bitcoin's recent price drop?

A confluence of factors led to Bitcoin's tumble, including a record $640 million outflow from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, bearish sentiment in the options market, and potential selling by miners in anticipation of the 2024 Halving.

2. How are short-term holders affected by the dip?

Short-term holders, who bought in less than a month ago, are feeling the heat as over half of their gains have vanished. This selling pressure adds to the volatility and could trigger further price declines.

3. What are the key support levels for Bitcoin?

Analysts pinpoint critical support levels around $38,000 and $36,000, aligning with the short-term holder realized price. A breach of these levels could significantly impact Bitcoin's future trajectory.

4. Is there any hope for Bitcoin's recovery?

Despite the immediate challenges, long-term optimism remains. Bitcoin's impressive year-on-year gains and the potential influx of institutional capital from approved ETFs offer a glimmer of hope for a future rebound.

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