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News/BitForex Crisis: Sudden Halt, Missing Millions, and Unanswered Questions

BitForex Crisis: Sudden Halt, Missing Millions, and Unanswered Questions

Van Thanh Le

Feb 27 2024

5 months ago3 minutes read
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Crypto Exchange BitForex Plunges into Crisis

Crypto exchange BitForex sent shockwaves through the industry on February 23rd when they abruptly suspended operations, leaving users in the dark. This sudden blackout left users in the lurch, unable to access their accounts or withdraw funds, igniting immediate concern across the digital currency sphere.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) investigator ZachXBT first revealed the incident on X, prompting worries about the exchange's activities. BitForex has not communicated an official response, prompting users to seek clarification on X/Telegram.  

Just as the lights went out, a staggering $56.5 million in cryptocurrencies vanished from BitForex's hot wallets. The timing and scale of these withdrawals have sparked intense speculation about the motives behind such significant fund movements.

BitForex in Turmoil: Questions Cloud the Future

In the silence that followed, BitForex offered no words of reassurance or explanation, fueling user frustration and uncertainty. Scrutiny into the exchange's holdings revealed it controls a substantial share of specific tokens, notably 18% of TRB (Tellor Tributes) and 7% of OMI (ECOMI), raising red flags about the exchange's operational integrity and intentions. 


The exchange's native BF token has seen limited on-chain activity, with minimal movement over the past 12 days and only one transaction since yesterday.  

Source: Etherscan

Adding to the turmoil, the departure of CEO Jason Luo in January and a noticeable slump in trading volume from $2.5 billion to $1 billion just before the halt have led to whispers about the exchange's stability and the truth behind its volume reports. Accusations of inflated figures have further eroded trust in BitForex.

The crisis has caught the attention of regulatory bodies like the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, which has cautioned investors to stick with licensed platforms. This warning comes at a critical time as exchanges in Hong Kong face a looming deadline to secure their licenses or halt operations.

Dark room with server racks and error message on monitor.webp

Moreover, a report by Kaiko has thrown BitForex into the spotlight for alleged wash trading practices, particularly with suspicious volume patterns for Litecoin (LTC) and Filecoin (FIL) trades. Such practices, designed to artificially boost trading volumes, have cast a shadow over the exchange's credibility. 

Also, BitForex's assertion of higher trading volumes in comparison to major exchanges such as Coinbase was contradicted by notably lower web traffic, raising doubts about the accuracy of their volume statements. 

BitForex’s highest ratio pairs.webp
BitForex’s highest ratio pairs, as per Kaiko data.


As the crypto world watches with bated breath, the future of BitForex teeters on the edge. The blend of unexpected operational halts, massive withdrawals, leadership changes, and questionable practices has left many pondering the exchange's future and the security of their digital assets.


1. What happened to BitForex?

On February 23rd, BitForex abruptly halted operations, preventing users from accessing their accounts or withdrawing funds. This move coincided with a mysterious withdrawal of $56.5 million from the exchange's hot wallets, raising concerns about its financial stability and intentions.

2. What does the lack of communication from BitForex mean?

BitForex's silence has heightened user anxiety, especially considering the exchange's significant holdings in certain tokens. The lack of explanation also casts doubt on the exchange's transparency and potential future actions.

3. What are the other red flags surrounding BitForex?

The recent departure of BitForex's CEO, a drastic drop in trading volume, and allegations of inflated volume figures have further eroded trust in the exchange. Regulatory warnings and a report on potential wash trading practices add to the concerns regarding BitForex's operations and credibility.

4. What is the future of BitForex?

The exchange's future remains uncertain. The combination of multiple concerning events has severely damaged BitForex's reputation, leaving users questioning the safety of their investments on the platform.

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