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News/Celsius Network Unwinds Ethereum Stakes to Repay Creditors, Sparking Market Debate

Celsius Network Unwinds Ethereum Stakes to Repay Creditors, Sparking Market Debate

Van Thanh Le

Jan 5 2024

6 months ago3 minutes read
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Celsius Network's Ethereum Unstaking Strategy

As Celsius Network, the embattled crypto-lender, grapples with bankruptcy proceedings, it has made the strategic move to un-stake a sizable portion of its Ethereum (ETH) holdings. Aimed at creating enough liquidity to repay creditors, this decision could be a game-changer for the firm that is still knee-deep in financial constraints. 

With a stash of about 206,300 ETH—valued at a staggering $468.5 million—the company holds close to one-third of the ETH that's currently in the pending withdrawal queue. This data, shared by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, hints at the profound market influence that Celsius's actions could have.
Source: Nansen

The aim of this un-staking is clear: to balance out expenses incurred during Celsius’s extensive restructuring drive. Even though the staked ETH was generating substantial income through staking rewards, redirecting these funds now seems necessary for the beleaguered company’s recovery plan. 

Expert opinions are divided regarding the consequences of this un-staking activity on the Ethereum market. While some experts fear that ETH unloaded this way could exert market pressure, others perceive it as a potential easing of selling pressure on Ethereum.

Celsius has been in turbulent waters since it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July 2022, amid a liquidity crisis propelled by the chaotic crypto market. Since then, attempts to steer the ship have led to interesting initiatives, including a customer repayment plan greenlit in November 2023. Designed to return between 67% and 85% of creditors' investments, this initiative is worth approximately $2 billion in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Celsius's post-bankruptcy strategy leans significantly towards Bitcoin mining—a marked departure from its former business model and a potential herald of a resurgence. 

Compounding the challenges CNNC faces in its restructuring process are legal issues for Alex Mashinsky, its founder and ex-CEO. Mashinsky is facing fraud charges and is pending trial, adding yet another twist in the fascinating saga of Celsius Network's bid for recovery.

Ethereum's Exit Queue Explodes While Celsius Unstakes

Ethereum stakers keen to exit have surged remarkably, with the exit queue reaching an unprecedented level. Excitingly, stakers leapt from 3,829 validators as of December 4, 2023 to a record 16,283 validators by January 4, 2024, marking a dramatic shift.

In the midst of this, the Centralized Finance (CeFi) lender, Celsius Network, disclosed it is unstaking all its Ether holdings. This surprising move follows Celsius filing for bankruptcy in July 2022, amid accusations of misusing customer funds. The unstaking decision forms part of a wider game plan to distribute assets amongst creditors, promising a turnaround of sorts for the beleaguered lender.

Managing such a queue can indeed prove challenging with the current time expected to clear the queue approximating five and a half days. The technical aspect adds another layer to the complexity with just 13 validators capable of exiting per epoch, each epoch being roughly 6.4 minutes.

Investor interest is also piqued by how Celsius plans its asset management. In an exciting development, the lender aims to distribute almost $2B mainly in Bitcoin, and possibly Ether, to creditors. Recently, it undertook a massive selling spree, selling Ether worth $243M over a mere thirty days, however, it still retains a significant $227M in Ether.

The buzz is extending to Ether ETF speculation as well. The cryptocurrency world is presently on tenterhooks, watching for potential approvals of spot ETFs, and the focus is particularly intense on Ether following the journey of Bitcoin. Analysts are predicting an upward trajectory for ETH prices aligned with the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs. 

This illustrates the high-stakes regulatory implications, with the tantalizing approval of Ethereum futures ETFs being interpreted as a harbinger for potential spot ETF approval. Nevertheless, it's equally crucial to assess the market situation accurately.

The approval of BTC spot ETFs may trigger a significant surge in ETH prices, a prospect stirring fervent anticipation among investors. It also underscores the increasing speculation and high expectations surrounding Ethereum's pivotal role in the ever-evolving 'TradFi crypto sector'. These emerging trends bode an intriguing future for cryptocurrency aficionados and investors alike.


Celsius's Ethereum unstaking is a gamble with potentially market-moving consequences. Will it ease selling pressure or flood the market? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Celsius's pivot to mining and creditor repayments, coupled with Ethereum queue congestion and ETF buzz, paints a dynamic picture for the embattled firm and the crypto landscape at large.


1. Why is Celsius unstaking its Ethereum?

Celsius is unstaking its Ethereum to raise liquidity for creditor repayments and fund its restructuring efforts.

2. Will this impact Ethereum's price?

Experts disagree, with some fearing selling pressure and others seeing potential relief. The market's reaction remains uncertain.

3. What's next for Celsius Network?

Celsius plans to focus on Bitcoin mining and asset distribution to creditors. Its legal challenges and Ethereum's ETF developments could also significantly shape its future.

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