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News/Level Finance, dYdX, and GMX – Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges Set to Drive the Next Crypto Bull Run with DeFi

Level Finance, dYdX, and GMX – Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges Set to Drive the Next Crypto Bull Run with DeFi

Apr 11 2023

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DeFi Coins Powering the Next Crypto Bull Run: Spotlight on Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges


The crypto space is continuously evolving, and decentralized perpetual exchanges are becoming increasingly important in the trading landscape. With the next crypto bull run anticipated, DeFi coins will likely play a significant role in shaping the future of the market. In this article, we will discuss the importance of decentralized perpetual exchanges, decentralized derivatives exchanges, and DeFi futures trading while highlighting three noteworthy projects: Level Finance, dYdX, and GMX. We will also explore some of the challenges and opportunities associated with decentralized perpetual exchanges and their impact on the broader cryptocurrency market.

Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges: Revolutionizing the Crypto Trading Arena

The world of cryptocurrency trading is undergoing a major shift as decentralized perpetual exchanges take the lead. These state-of-the-art platforms provide traders with a secure, transparent, and efficient trading environment, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Decentralized perpetual exchanges boast numerous benefits over conventional exchanges, enabling traders to capitalize on market movements without depending on intermediaries. The decentralized nature of these platforms bolsters security, as users retain control of their assets and private keys.

Expanding the Horizons of DeFi Futures Trading through Decentralized Derivatives Platforms

Decentralized derivatives platforms play a crucial role in the DeFi landscape, offering traders access to an array of sophisticated financial tools and abundant DeFi futures trading opportunities. These platforms enable the trading of futures contracts, options (dYdX), and an assortment of other derivatives in a decentralized environment, removing the reliance on centralized middlemen. With the upcoming crypto bull run, the top DeFi coins, particularly those connected to decentralized derivatives platforms, are expected to experience a surge in adoption and value appreciation.

Three DeFi Projects Shaping the Future of Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges

Level Finance (LVL) | $31.48m TVL

Level Finance is a game-changer in the DeFi leverage trading sphere, offering innovative features that set it apart from other DeFi projects. Some of these features include permissionless on-chain trading, non-custodial trading, real utility, and cash flow resulting in #RealYield, zero price impact trades powered by Chainlink Oracles, and programmatic risk management. With Level Finance you can trade up to 50x leverage.

Level Finance’s innovative Risk Management & LP Seniority on the Credit Table (RMLP) system allows liquidity providers to choose their risk exposure in tranches. This system provides a smoother trading experience by efficiently tackling and isolating long-tail risks. The LVL token serves as the utility token in the Level Finance ecosystem, while the LGO token is used for governance.

You can read more about Level Finance (LVL) and it’s protocol in our deep dive.

dYdX (DYDX) | $351.48m TVL

dYdX is a decentralized derivatives exchange that offers margin trading and lending services on the Ethereum network. The platform supports several popular cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade perpetual futures contracts up to 20x leverage. Traders can easily access the platform using a cryptocurrency wallet and trade without losing custody of their assets. dYdX leverages smart contracts and off-chain order books to achieve high levels of efficiency and liquidity, providing users with a seamless trading experience.

You can read more about dYdX and it’s protocol in our deep dive.

GMX (GMX) | $657.83m TVL

GMX is a decentralized, permissionless perpetual swap and spot exchange that allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies on-chain by connecting their wallets. The platform supports both Arbitrum and Avalanche networks and offers up to 50x leverage for perpetual futures trading. The GMX token functions as a governance, utility, and value-accrual token for the GMX protocol, providing users with incentives and a share of the protocol’s fees.

You can read more about GMX and it’s protocol in our deep dive.

Exploring Crypto Options Trading on dYdX

dYdX, one of the leading decentralized perpetual exchanges, has integrated crypto options trading into its platform. This allows traders to speculate on the future price of a cryptocurrency and profit from the price movements without owning the underlying asset. By offering both call and put options, dYdX provides traders with additional ways to profit from market volatility, further enhancing their trading strategies.

The Dual Sides of Decentralized Exchanges and Perpetual Futures: Weighing Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and DEX Perpetual Futures:

  • Enhanced security: Users control assets and private keys.
  • Increased privacy: No KYC procedures.
  • Reduced reliance on intermediaries: Lower counterparty risks.
  • Improved transparency: On-chain transactions.
  • Permissionless trading: Greater accessibility.

Cons of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and DEX Perpetual Futures:

  • Scalability issues: Limited transaction throughput.
  • Network congestion: Slower transactions during peak times.
  • High gas fees: Increased trading costs on some platforms.
  • Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges

While decentralized perpetual exchanges offer several advantages over their centralized counterparts, there are still some challenges to overcome. Scalability and network congestion issues can affect the performance of these platforms, and high gas fees on some platforms can deter users from trading.

However, ongoing improvements in blockchain technology and the development of layer 2 solutions are expected to mitigate these issues in the near future. As more investors and traders embrace decentralized perpetual exchanges, the demand for the best DeFi coins associated with these platforms will likely surge, propelling the next crypto bull run.


Q: What are the benefits of decentralized perpetual exchanges?

A: Decentralized perpetual exchanges offer several benefits, including increased security, control over assets, enhanced privacy, real-time and transparent price discovery, greater liquidity, and faster settlement times.

Q: How do decentralized derivatives exchanges enable DeFi futures trading?

A: Decentralized derivativesexchanges provide traders with access to advanced financial instruments such as futures contracts, options, and other derivatives in a decentralized environment. By eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries, these exchanges pave the way for DeFi futures trading and increase the adoption of decentralized financial services.

Q: What are some challenges faced by decentralized perpetual exchanges?

A: Some of the challenges faced by decentralized perpetual exchanges include scalability issues, network congestion, and high gas fees on certain platforms. However, ongoing developments in blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions are expected to help address these concerns in the near future.

Q: How can the best DeFi coins fuel the next crypto bull run?

A: As decentralized perpetual exchanges and DeFi futures trading gain popularity, the best DeFi coins associated with these platforms are likely to experience increased adoption and value appreciation. This surge in demand could contribute to the next crypto bull run, bringing new opportunities for investors and traders alike.


Decentralized perpetual exchanges are poised to play a significant role in the future of cryptocurrency trading. As the crypto market evolves and the next bull run approaches, these exchanges and their associated DeFi coins will likely become key players in the industry. By offering traders access to advanced financial instruments in a secure, decentralized environment, these platforms have the potential to reshape the cryptocurrency landscape and propel the DeFi ecosystem to new heights. As a result, keeping an eye on the best DeFi coins and staying informed about developments in decentralized perpetual exchanges could prove to be a wise strategy for investors and traders looking to capitalize on the upcoming crypto bull run.

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