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News/EigenLabs Raises $50 Million in Series A Funding

EigenLabs Raises $50 Million in Series A Funding

Mar 29 2023

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Just when you thought the crypto winter had investors running for cover, EigenLabs, a staking protocol developer, has raised a whopping $50 million in a Series A round. Blockchain Capital led the funding round, with participation from other big names like Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital.


Source: @eigenlayer/Twitter.

But what makes this funding round so significant? And how is EigenLabs planning to use this investment to change the world of crypto?

The Significance of the Funding Round

It’s no secret that the crypto market has been experiencing a downturn. Investors have become more cautious, focusing on smaller, early-stage rounds. So, the fact that EigenLabs has managed to secure such a substantial investment speaks volumes about the potential of its upcoming EigenLayer protocol. With this injection of funds, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the world of Ethereum and beyond.

Introducing EigenLayer: Revolutionizing Liquid Staking Crypto

You might be wondering, “What is EigenLayer, and why should I care?” Well, EigenLayer is a groundbreaking new protocol that allows users to “restake” tokens locked up in validating ETH. This innovative approach to liquid staking means that these tokens can be reused to help secure other protocols.


Source: EigenLayer

But what exactly is liquid staking? And how does it differ from traditional staking?

Liquid Staking vs. Traditional Staking

Let’s take a step back and briefly look at traditional staking. In a nutshell, staking involves locking up a certain amount of cryptocurrency, such as ETH or ADA, to participate in the validation process of a blockchain network. In return, users receive rewards for their contribution to the network’s security.

The problem with traditional staking is that, once your tokens are locked up, they’re pretty much stuck there until you decide to withdraw them. This can be quite limiting for investors who want to keep their options open.

That’s where liquid staking comes in. Imagine being able to stake your tokens while still having the flexibility to use them in other ways, like securing other protocols or participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that’s precisely what EigenLayer aims to achieve with its restaking feature.

The Benefits of Restaking with EigenLayer

By allowing users to restake tokens that are already locked up for validation, EigenLayer essentially “unlocks” these assets, making them more versatile and valuable. So, instead of having your ETH or other tokens stuck in a single protocol, you could use them to help secure other networks, providing additional income streams and investment opportunities.

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But how will EigenLayer achieve this? 

Rolling Out EigenLayer

EigenLabs plans to roll out EigenLayer in multiple phases, with the first phase focusing on Ethereum staking. The protocol will allow users to restake their ETH tokens while they’re already locked up for validation, providing them with more flexibility and earning potential.

The next phase will expand EigenLayer’s functionality to other blockchain networks, allowing users to restake tokens across multiple protocols. This will provide investors with a more diverse range of investment opportunities and a way to optimize their returns.

EigenLabs also plans to create a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of restaking and makes it accessible to a wider audience. This will be crucial for the protocol’s success, as it will need to appeal to a broad range of users to achieve widespread adoption.


EigenLabs’ successful Series A funding round and the launch of EigenLayer could mark a turning point for the crypto market, offering a new approach to staking that provides more flexibility and investment opportunities for users. The protocol’s potential to unlock previously untapped value could also help to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

As EigenLayer rolls out and more users start restaking their tokens, we can expect to see increased demand for the protocol and potentially even a shift in the way investors approach staking and investing in crypto.

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