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News/ERC-6900: Revolutionizing Smart Contract Accounts with Modularity

ERC-6900: Revolutionizing Smart Contract Accounts with Modularity

Van Thanh Le

Jun 10 2024

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Discover How ERC-6900 is Transforming Smart Contract Development

The newly launched, co-authored by the Ethereum Foundation, Alchemy, Circle, and Quantstamp, is your ultimate guide to ERC-6900. Explore how this groundbreaking standard is revolutionizing smart accounts, fostering permissionless innovation, and providing developers with the tools to create secure, interoperable, and modular smart accounts and plugins.

Key Takeaways

  • Modularity: ERC-6900 introduces a modular framework for smart contract accounts, enabling developers to separate account ownership from smart contract logic and upgrade individual components independently.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Features like gasless transactions and social recovery improve usability and security for end-users.
  • Customization: Users can add or remove plugins to tailor smart contract accounts to their specific needs, providing a highly personalized experience.
  • Interoperability: ERC-6900 ensures compatibility with other standards like ERC-4337 and provides standardized interfaces for seamless integration with various platforms.
  • Real-World Applications: ERC-6900 supports diverse use cases, including personalized banking, automated investment strategies, in-game asset management, and secure medical records.

How Does ERC-6900 Transform Smart Contract Accounts?

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ERC-6900 introduces a modular framework for smart contract accounts, enabling developers to create flexible and composable smart accounts by separating account ownership from smart contract logic.

Smart accounts utilize modular plugins for different functionalities, such as validation, execution, and hooks. These plugins can be upgraded, and the standard provides interfaces for managing updates and inspecting these modules.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Separation of Account Ownership and Logic:
    • Modularity: Functionalities like validation, execution, and hooks are split into distinct modules called plugins.
    • Independent Upgrades: Developers can upgrade or modify specific parts of the account without affecting the entire system.
  • Standard Interfaces:
    • IStandardExecutor: Facilitates the execution of callData.
    • IPluginUpdate: Allows modification of plugins, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.
  • Enhanced User Experience:
    • Gasless Transactions: Users can execute transactions without needing to hold ETH for gas fees, thanks to mechanisms like paymasters.
    • Social Recovery: Users can set up trusted parties (guardians) to recover access to the account in case of lost keys or compromised access.
  • Modular Functionality:
    • Customization: Users can add or remove plugins to suit their specific needs.
    • Additional FeaturesOptions like session keys, spending limits, and role-based access control for a personalized and secure experience.

What Are the Core Components of ERC-6900?

Overview of Modular Smart Contract Accounts

ERC-6900 introduces a standardized framework for modular smart contract accounts and plugins within the Ethereum ecosystem. This standard enhances flexibility and composability by allowing developers to separate different functionalities into distinct modules, which can be upgraded and interacted with independently. 

Compliant with ERC-4337, ERC-6900 builds on a robust foundation, aiming to reduce fragmentation in the smart contract account space by providing a universal standard for account plugins.

Core Components

  1. Validation Functions
    • Purpose: Authenticate and authorize interactions with the account.
    • Functionality:
      • Validate caller's credentials (e.g., verify signatures, check authorized addresses).
      • Ensure only authorized entities interact with the account.
  2. Execution Functions
    • Purpose: Handle the main logic of smart contract operations.
    • Functionality:
      • Execute custom logic (e.g., transfer funds, interact with other contracts).
      • Perform the account's core tasks, tailored to specific use cases.
  3. Hooks
    • Purpose: Perform additional checks or operations before/after validation and execution steps.
    • Functionality:
      • Pre-validation hooks: Enforce extra security measures (e.g., rate limiting, additional permissions checks).
      • Post-execution hooks: Perform clean-up operations, log transaction outcomes.

How to Implement ERC-6900 Plugins?

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Steps to Create an ERC-6900 Plugin

  1. Define the Plugin's Functionality:
    • Determine the validation functions, execution functions, and hooks.
  2. Implement Interfaces:
    • Implement the IPlugin interface.
    • Adhere to ERC-165 standards.
  3. Create a Plugin Manifest:
    • Describe the plugin’s metadata.
    • List dependencies and permissions.
  4. Support Initialization and Cleanup:
    • Ensure the plugin supports onInstall and onUninstall functions.
  5. Integration and Removal:
    • Use installPlugin and uninstallPlugin functions from IPluginManager.

Example: Multi-Owner Plugin

A multi-owner plugin showcases ERC-6900's capabilities. Key functionalities include validating multiple owners' signatures for operations and managing an owner list within the plugin. The plugin provides functions to add or remove owners, ensuring only valid owners can perform specific actions. This setup enhances security and flexibility in multi-owner environments.

Best Practices for Plugin Development

  • Security:
    • Conduct thorough due diligence on plugins before installation.
    • Implement strict access control and validation checks.
    • Avoid dependencies that may introduce vulnerabilities.
  • Efficiency:
    • Optimize gas usage by minimizing redundant computations.
    • Implement clear and efficient hook and validation logic.
  • Interoperability:
    • Follow ERC-6900 standards for better compatibility.
    • Use standardized interfaces and manifests for ease of integration.

Reference Implementation and Resources

For developers, a reference implementation is available on GitHub. Detailed documentation and examples can be found on the Ethereum Magicians forum, besides Additional tools and resources for ERC-6900 plugin development are provided in the ERC-6900 Resources.

What Are the Use Cases and Applications of ERC-6900?

Real-World Applications

  1. Personalized Banking Solutions: Financial institutions can offer customized banking services, such as spending limits, recurring payments, and role-based access controls.
  2. Automated Investment Strategies: Users can automate investment processes, like dollar-cost averaging, directly from their wallets using plugins.
  3. In-Game Asset Management: Gamers can manage in-game assets with plugins for asset control, trading, and custom game interactions.
  4. Automated Subscription Payments: ERC-6900 enables automated recurring payments for services without manual intervention.
  5. Secure Medical Records: Medical institutions can securely manage medical records, with plugins handling access controls, record updates, and patient consent.

Enhanced Features and User Experience

  1. Gas Fee Support: Transactions can be made without ETH, using ERC-20 tokens or third-party sponsorship through Paymaster plugins.
  2. Social Recovery: Users can designate trusted accounts or guardians to help recover access if private keys are lost.
  3. Customizability: The modular architecture allows for adding or removing plugins for functionalities like spending limits and enhanced authentication methods.

DeFi Integrations

  1. Seamless Integration: ERC-6900's modular accounts integrate easily with DeFi protocols for complex financial operations.
  2. Cross-Platform Functionality: Plugins interact with multiple DeFi platforms, providing a wide range of financial services without switching wallets.
  3. Automated Financial Strategies: Users can automate recurring investments, portfolio rebalancing, and complex trading strategies through modular plugins.

What Does the Future Hold for ERC-6900?

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Active Community Engagement

  • Contributions from Alchemy and Rhinestone.
  • Enhancements for gas efficiency and modularity.

Security Concerns

  • Rigorous management of plugins.
  • Strict validation for structures like Diamond Proxy.

Complexity and Interoperability

  • Ensuring compatibility between different plugins.
  • Standardized interfaces to avoid fragmentation.

Gas Efficiency and Contract Size

  • Optimizing interactions to reduce gas costs.
  • Managing contract size within Ethereum’s limits.

Future Roadmap

  • Refinement of ERC-6900 based on community feedback.
  • Tools like PluginStorageLib for easier plugin management.
  • Continuous security audits and testing.


ERC-6900 revolutionizes smart contract accounts, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. This standard enhances the Ethereum ecosystem by streamlining interactions and boosting scalability. It promises a new era of decentralized applications with improved performance, security, and user experience, marking a significant leap forward in blockchain technology.


What is ERC-6900? 

ERC-6900 is a modular framework for smart contract accounts that separates account ownership from smart contract logic, allowing for flexible and upgradeable smart accounts.

How does ERC-6900 improve user experience? 

ERC-6900 enhances user experience through features like gasless transactions and social recovery, allowing users to execute transactions without ETH and recover accounts through trusted parties.

What are some real-world applications of ERC-6900? 

Real-world applications include personalized banking solutions, automated investment strategies, in-game asset management, automated subscription payments, and secure medical records management.

How does ERC-6900 ensure security and efficiency? 

ERC-6900 ensures security through thorough validation checks, strict access control, and modular design that allows for efficient updates. It optimizes gas usage by minimizing redundant computations.

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