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News/ERC20 Token Management Reimagined: The ERC-7660 Approach

ERC20 Token Management Reimagined: The ERC-7660 Approach

Van Thanh Le

Jun 3 2024

2 months ago3 minutes read
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ERC-7660: Revolutionizing ERC20 Token Management

ERC-7660 is revolutionizing the management of ERC20 tokens by introducing automated linear release and advanced security features. This new blockchain protocol promises enhanced efficiency, security, and broad adoption, supported by the Ethereum Foundation. Discover how ERC-7660 is setting new standards in the crypto landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • ERC-7660: A new standard improving ERC20 tokens through automated linear release.
  • Key Features: Includes token locking, sorter algorithm, low-cost transactions, and fee collection.
  • Impact: Enhances efficiency and security in token management, supported by Ethereum Foundation.

What is ERC-7660 and Why is it Important?

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ERC-7660 is an innovative blockchain protocol designed to enhance ERC20 tokens by automating their linear release through predefined periods via smart contracts. Key features include online balance viewing, token locking, a sorter algorithm, low-cost transactions, and fee collection. 

This standard is crucial as it improves token management efficiency and security. Its support for controlled distribution, especially for memecoins like $DICK, and endorsement by the Ethereum Foundation highlight its potential for broad adoption in the crypto landscape.

How Does ERC-7660 Improve ERC20 Token Management?

Linear Release Functionality

ERC-7660 introduces a linear release function that automatically releases tokens at predefined intervals, ensuring a gradual and predictable unlocking process without manual intervention. This functionality operates within a passive consensus period, enhancing the predictability of token availability.

Lock-Up Functionality

The protocol also offers a locking function that allows token holders to lock their tokens for a specified period, preventing arbitrary transfers. This feature enhances security and control, maintaining token stability and integrity during critical periods by ensuring tokens remain securely held until the lock period expires.

What Are the Key Algorithms in ERC-7660?

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Sorter Algorithm

The Sorter Algorithm improves transaction efficiency by optimizing the order and handling of transactions, resulting in faster processing and execution. This algorithm automates token transfers, including claim releases and updating vesting information, contributing to smoother and quicker transaction processing.

Low-Cost Swap Algorithm

The Low-Cost Swap Algorithm reduces transaction fees by implementing a cost-efficient mechanism for token swaps. It minimizes the computational resources required for each transaction, thereby lowering costs. This functionality includes automatic updates to token balances during swaps, decreasing the need for extensive computational operations and further reducing fees.

How is ERC-7660 Implemented in Real-World Applications?

Predefined Periods Controlled by Smart Contracts

ERC-7660 employs smart contracts to control the linear release and lock-up functions. Tokens are released automatically at predetermined intervals, eliminating the need for manual intervention. These contracts can lock tokens for specific periods, preventing transfers and enhancing security. Additionally, algorithms like the Sorter and low-cost swap improve transaction processing speed and reduce fees.

Infrastructure Support and First Memecoin Application

Benchmark Labs supports ERC-7660 with infrastructure like dashboards for monitoring, automated deployment systems, and launchpads for new projects. Cross-chain bridges enhance interoperability between blockchain networks. 

The first memecoin utilizing ERC-7660, DICK, was set for an airdrop, demonstrating the protocol's practical application. Continuous updates and community engagement are integral to maintaining and improving the ERC-7660 ecosystem.

What are the Future Prospects and Community Involvement for ERC-7660?

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Ongoing Improvements by Benchmark Labs

Benchmark Labs continuously updates the ERC-7660 repository, enhancing its features like the Sorter and low-cost transaction algorithms. These improvements, along with the development of supporting infrastructure such as the Benchmark App and cross-chain bridges, aim to refine the protocol's efficiency and predictability.

Community Building and Future Implications

Community standards development and broader impact on the Ethereum ecosystem are central to ERC-7660's future. The protocol has received pre-review approval from the Ethereum Foundation, indicating strong community and institutional support. Ongoing engagement through platforms like Ethereum Magicians helps refine ERC standards. The first meme token based on ERC-7660, $DICK, is being airdropped, showcasing the protocol's community-driven initiatives and real-world application.

Conclusion: How ERC-7660 Sets a New Standard in Crypto

ERC-7660 is a groundbreaking standard that significantly enhances ERC20 token management through automation, security features, and cost-efficiency. Its support from the Ethereum Foundation and real-world applications underscore its potential for broad adoption and lasting impact on the blockchain ecosystem. As it evolves, ERC-7660 is set to become a cornerstone of crypto innovation, setting new standards for token management and blockchain protocols.


1. What is ERC-7660?

ERC-7660 is a blockchain protocol enhancing ERC20 tokens by automating their linear release and improving security features. It supports functionalities like token locking and fee reduction.

2. How does ERC-7660 enhance security?

It introduces a locking function allowing token holders to lock their tokens for a specified period, preventing unauthorized transfers and maintaining stability during critical periods.

3. What makes the Sorter Algorithm significant?

The Sorter Algorithm improves transaction efficiency by optimizing the order and handling of transactions, reducing processing time, and enhancing overall transaction execution.

4. Why is ERC-7660 important for memecoins?

ERC-7660 supports controlled distribution and is already used by the first memecoin, $DICK, demonstrating its practical application and potential for broader adoption in the crypto ecosystem.

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