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News/Crypto Heats Up in Hong Kong: Floki Inu Bans Users, Insurance Mandates Soar

Crypto Heats Up in Hong Kong: Floki Inu Bans Users, Insurance Mandates Soar

Van Thanh Le

Jan 30 2024

4 months ago4 minutes read
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Hong Kong Regulator Cautions on Floki Inu's Staking Yields, Team Responds with User Protections

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) issued a warning to investors regarding the high returns offered by Floki Inu's staking program, exceeding 30% annualized percentage yield (APY). The regulator urged investors to tread carefully around offers that might appear too lucrative to be true.

Reacting swiftly, Floki Inu rolled out several actions aimed at addressing the regulator's concerns. They decisively cut off access for Hong Kong users to their staking programs and introduced warning notices on both their and TokenFi's websites. These notices are designed to inform users from Hong Kong about the eligibility criteria. Additionally, in a move to curb local participation, Floki Inu paused its offline marketing campaigns within the region.

The heart of the issue lies in Floki Inu's staking program's generous annualized percentage yield (APY). This high APY, a source of skepticism for the SFC, is maintained through a distinctive reward mechanism. It leverages $TOKEN from TokenFi, employs a market-responsive APY, and relies on a decentralized and community-focused allocation strategy. Importantly, it steers clear of funding from venture capitalists or presales. Floki Inu also made it clear that their yields are subject to market fluctuations, with rewards potentially varying in line with the token's market value.

On a broader scale, global regulatory bodies, including the SFC, are intensifying their watch over cryptocurrency yield offerings. This case underscores the lingering uncertainties in staking programs and the diverse regulatory approaches by different jurisdictions. Back in December 2022, the SFC issued a caution regarding virtual asset platforms. They highlighted the high-risk and unregulated nature of services offering deposit, saving, or staking options, warning of substantial losses due to the lack of regulatory safeguards, unlike traditional bank deposits.

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In a nod to their community-focused ethos, Floki Inu reaffirmed its commitment to safeguarding its users, particularly stressing its obligation to prevent Hong Kong participants from joining the staking program until regulatory clarity is achieved. It's important to note that crypto staking yields have generally been declining over the past year due to rising global interest rates. However, some niche protocols continue to offer high returns through complex strategies like leverage, further highlighting the need for careful investor education and regulatory oversight in this evolving landscape.

Hong Kong Heats Up Crypto Scene with Insurance Mandates and OTC Crackdown

Hong Kong's crypto space is buzzing with activity, fueled by new insurance mandates and regulatory advancements. The city's regulatory body, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), is setting a new precedent by requiring licensed crypto exchanges to insure at least 50% of customer assets. This move underscores Hong Kong's commitment to securing digital investments.

Leading the charge in this innovative landscape are OSL Exchange and HashKey Exchange, both holding exclusive virtual asset trading licenses in Hong Kong. OSL Exchange has taken a significant step forward, partnering with Canopius, under the prestigious underwriter Lloyds of London, to secure a policy covering an impressive 95% of user assets. Meanwhile, HashKey Exchange is expanding its safety net through an agreement with OneInfinity, potentially covering server downtime and data backup issues, a critical aspect in the digital realm.

The scope of these insurance policies is vast, ranging from $50 million to a staggering $400 million, safeguarding user assets against unforeseen risks. Currently, OSL and HashKey are the sole bearers of these licenses in Hong Kong, with a queue of 13 entities eagerly waiting for approval. Obtaining a license is no small feat, demanding thorough due diligence, including traditional financial audits, with Web3 firms investing as much as $25 million in the application process, channeling funds into product development and team expansion.

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But Hong Kong's approach to cryptocurrency goes beyond exchanges. The city is also tightening its grip on over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading, aiming to shield investors from the volatile nature of virtual assets. This move is particularly significant given the rising interest from mainland investors who view Hong Kong as a gateway for crypto investments. 

In a striking contrast to mainland China’s stringent crypto trading bans, Hong Kong is gradually positioning itself as a crypto-friendly hub, recently outlining norms for spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a bold step towards integrating cryptocurrency into the mainstream financial landscape.

Venture Smart Financial Holdings Ltd. (VSFG) is gearing up to apply for a spot Ethereum ETF in Q2, contingent on the successful launch of its spot Bitcoin ETF in Q1. VSFG's Chairman, Lawrence Chu, highlighted that the application submission is in its final phase, with regulatory discussions preceding the process. This move is part of a broader trend in Hong Kong, where about 10 fund companies, including Harvest Fund Management, are exploring spot crypto ETFs. 

Harvest Fund recently applied for a spot Bitcoin ETF, aiming to launch Hong Kong's first such ETF post the Lunar New Year. Additionally, several firms, including Harvest, are in talks with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority about stablecoin trials, indicating a growing interest in this area. These developments suggest a competitive and dynamic market for crypto ETFs in Hong Kong, with potential implications for fee structures among asset managers.


Hong Kong's stance on cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, balancing innovation with investor protection. The Floki Inu ban highlights the regulatory complexities surrounding staking programs, while insurance mandates and OTC trading crackdowns paint a broader picture of cautious optimism. As global regulations converge, navigating this dynamic landscape requires staying informed and making informed investment decisions.


1. Why did Hong Kong ban Floki Inu's staking program?

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) expressed concerns about the program's high annualized percentage yield (APY), exceeding 30%, considering it potentially too lucrative and risky for investors.

2. Does this ban apply to all crypto staking in Hong Kong?

No, the ban specifically targets Floki Inu's program due to its unique APY structure. Other staking programs may operate as long as they comply with existing regulations.

3. Are there any benefits to the Hong Kong crypto regulations?

Proponents argue that mandatory insurance for exchanges enhances user protection, and the OTC trading crackdown aims to curb potential market manipulation. These measures suggest a commitment to responsible crypto adoption.

4. What does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's approach signals a cautious but progressive stance towards crypto. While regulatory hurdles exist, initiatives like Bitcoin ETF approvals indicate potential for measured integration with mainstream finance. The future remains dynamic, but Hong Kong is likely to play a significant role in shaping the global crypto landscape.

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