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News/FTX Bankruptcy Recovery Delivers Full Creditor Compensation

FTX Bankruptcy Recovery Delivers Full Creditor Compensation

Van Thanh Le

May 8 2024

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FTX Creditors Recoup Losses, $15B Payout Defies Bankruptcy Odds

FTX, following its collapse in November 2022, has now secured sufficient funds to settle all creditor claims in full, plus interest. The announcement on May 7 revealed that the crypto exchange managed to accumulate between $14.5 billion and $16.3 billion. This amount exceeds what was needed to cover the losses, setting the stage for the repayment process to begin within 60 days after asset sales are completed and court approval is granted.

The planned repayment will average 118% of the original claims for most creditors, with those holding smaller claims under $50,000 potentially receiving up to 142% due to favorable market conditions and effective asset liquidation strategies. The recovery fund was bolstered by the sale of valuable assets, including significant cryptocurrency holdings such as Solana and Avalanche, as well as equity in companies like AI startup Anthropic.

 Information sourced from FTX's updated reimbursement plan figures.

The secondary market has responded to FTX's recovery plan by trading creditor claims at values exceeding their original amounts. However, the updated recovery plan stipulates that there will be no residual funds available for equity stakeholders, impacting major investors like Sequoia Capital, Thoma Bravo, and celebrities such as Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen.

In terms of operations and legal strategy, FTX’s restructuring advisors have proposed reallocating funds that might otherwise be directed to government regulators to pay some creditors. An anticipated agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice may redirect more than $1.2 billion in forfeiture proceeds to the creditor compensation pool.

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FTX surged while other cryptos went down, thanks to the news.

While creditors are positioned to recover their investments fully, equity holders are expected to receive no payouts. This is a significant shift from the immediate aftermath of the bankruptcy, when creditor claims were trading for as little as three cents on the dollar. FTX’s CEO John J. Ray III, who assumed leadership after the collapse, remarked on the substantial progress made in recovering the losses, considering it a notable outcome in the context of bankruptcy recoveries.

Dissenting Voices and Bitcoin's Potential Windfall: FTX's Road Ahead

While FTX's ambitious compensation plan has sparked optimism, not all parties are convinced of its fairness. On May 8, Sunil Kavuri, representing the largest group of FTX creditors, voiced significant opposition, arguing that the proposed payouts fail to reflect the true market values lost due to the bankruptcy, effectively undercompensating creditors. 

He highlighted past missteps in asset management, notably the undervalued sale of Sui token warrants, which soared in value shortly after their disposal from $96 million to $935 million, demonstrating, in his view, a significant failure in preserving creditor assets.

Kavuri also brought legal concerns to the forefront, particularly criticizing a contentious exculpation clause within the compensation plan. This clause aims to shield FTX management and related parties from litigation concerning their handling of the exchange's operations and its downfall.

On another note, the recovery strategy distinctly excludes holders of FTX's native token, FTT, declaring their claims as "canceled or released," thus denying them any compensation. However, there's a silver lining for individuals with NFTs trapped on the FTX platform; they are on track to regain their digital assets, including high-profile NFTs linked to events and celebrities like Coachella, Tomorrowland, Steph Curry’s 2974 collection, and Formula One-themed NFTs from Mercedes-AMG Petronas.

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Amid these recovery efforts, Adam Back, a notable cryptocurrency advocate and an early Bitcoin proponent, has forecasted a significant investment shift following the asset distributions. He anticipates that a considerable portion of the roughly $15 billion expected to be disbursed could funnel back into Bitcoin, potentially escalating its demand and price further. 

This prediction aligns with Bitcoin's recent trajectory, which saw it reach an all-time high of $74,000 this year, up from $15,600 at the end of 2022. The anticipated influx from former FTX creditors could amplify this upward trend, positioning Bitcoin as a compelling and enduring investment in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


Despite legal challenges and criticism over asset sales, FTX secured enough funds to fully compensate most creditors, exceeding expectations. This windfall could significantly boost Bitcoin's price as investors seek stable investments.


Q: How much will creditors receive?

Most creditors will get back 118% of their original claims, with some receiving up to 142%. This is because FTX's recovery plan exceeded initial expectations.

Q: What about equity holders and FTT token holders?

Equity holders and FTT token holders will receive nothing under the current plan. The focus is on compensating creditors who lost money in the FTX collapse.

Q: Are there any legal challenges to the plan?

Some creditors argue the payouts are too low and criticize the sale of certain assets. They also object to a clause protecting FTX management from lawsuits.

Q: How will this impact Bitcoin?

Bitcoin could see a price surge as FTX creditors, having recovered their funds, look for new investments. Adam Back, a crypto expert, predicts a significant portion of the recovered funds could flow into Bitcoin.

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