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News/Explosive Testimony Reveals SBF's Billion-Dollar Betrayal and FTX's Russian Money Trail

Explosive Testimony Reveals SBF's Billion-Dollar Betrayal and FTX's Russian Money Trail

Van Thanh Le

Oct 13 2023

9 months ago4 minutes read
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The Revelation of Alameda Research’s Former CEO - FTX’s Financial Misconduct

The FTX saga unraveled with a bang when Caroline Ellison, the former CEO of Alameda Research, announced that the company's prominent figure, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), had misused $1 billion in customer deposits to buy out Binance's equity stake in FTX. This revelation, equivalent to a bomb detonation in the highly volatile crypto world, was only the first of a series of shocking disclosures.

Ellison alleged that FTX tried to recover $1 billion in frozen funds from the Chinese government by using accounts registered to Thai prostitutes. These accounts were discovered by Sam Trabucco, former co-CEO of Alameda. Ellison also claims that when efforts to unfreeze the funds failed, around $150 million in crypto assets were sent to wallets believed to belong to Chinese officials. 

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She threw light on SBF's covert plan meticulously designed to trigger regulators against Binance, one of FTX’s competitors. The strategy was not merely a competitive move, but a perilous attempt to undermine the competitive standing of Binance. As part of this elaborate scheme, Alameda was shown to be borrowing user funds from FTX for illiquid investments, which shockingly included stakes in FTX and FTX US equity.

Pushing the boundaries, Ellison highlighted remarks made during a company meeting in Hong Kong on Nov 9, 2022. She explicitly stated that, "Alameda was kind of borrowing a bunch of money via open-term loans and using that to make various illiquid investments.” The expose made it clear that Alameda brazenly used user funds to back investments that lacked liquidity.

Christian Drappi, a former Alameda software engineer, could hardly contain his shock as he came to terms with the interconnected relationship between FTX and Alameda. According to his testimony, Drappi was so “stunned” that he resigned the very next day.

Ellison’s testimony dug deeper into the financial misconduct involving frequent recalls on Alameda’s loans.  As a result of attempts to meet these recalls, FTX user funds experienced a shortfall. 

The fallout of this damaging financial conduct was further amplified when an Alameda Research whistleblower revealed losses amounting to an inconceivable $190 million. These losses were not disclosed to the public or the investors, deepening the aura of deceit surrounding FTX.

On the Treadmill of Legal Troubles - FTX Founder Faces Criminal Charges

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Bankman-Fried now grapples a series of legal challenges as he faces 13 charges, leaving his reputation in tatters. The severity of these charges includes fraud, money laundering, and bribing officials. Amidst this legal quagmire, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York gave the go-ahead for a $175 million settlement between FTX and Genesis Global Holdco.

This settlement was significantly lower than FTX debtors' initial request of around $3.9 billion, filed in May 2023. The claims were a mixed bag, including approximately $1.8 billion from Alameda's alleged loan repayments to Genesis and $1.6 billion of the assets allegedly withdrawn by Genesis from FTX. Adding salt to the wound, Judge Sean Lane of New York's bankruptcy court dismissed multiple claims launched by FTX debtors against Genesis.

Ellison's explosive testimony suggested potential Bitcoin price manipulation, revealing that SBF advised her to "keep selling BTC if it's over $20k." Her allegations leveled against SBF dashed further hopes of FTX's recovery.

Unraveling the Hacking Fiasco and Layers of Asset Laundering

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Further adding to FTX’s woes was a grand-scale hack, leading to a loss of over $475 million. Alarmingly, $74 million out of the stolen funds was funneled through RenBridge, an associate of FTX’s sister entity, Alameda Research. 

The stolen funds took a murky path, converted from ether to bitcoins through RenBridge, and went on to pass through mixers, primarily ChipMixer. This trail ultimately led to the funds being mixed in with assets connected to Russian criminal networks. Such networks are notorious for their association with ransomware culprits and darknet marketplaces, as confirmed by the financial crime analysis firm, Elliptic.

Elliptic analysts shared the chilling findings stating, "A Russia-linked actor is likely. Upon tracing the stolen assets through ChipMixer, we found significant amounts mingled with funds from Russian-affiliated criminal entities." The laundered assets were found to be linked to Russian criminals, adding a new dimension of complexity to the FTX scandal.

Market Impact and Repercussions Echoing Across the Crypto Industry

The FTX scandal unfolded like a catastrophic storm in the crypto world, leaving adverse impacts in its wake. Solana (SOL), a once-favorite asset of FTX, experienced a dip in its value as soon as SBF’s trial commenced. 

Current metrics show that the crypto price of SOL was down at $21.19, once constituting a 3% drop during the day and over a 7% dip over the previous week. The company's financial records reveal that even while engulfed in a crisis, FTX still holds onto $1.16 billion worth of SOL, accounting for over one-third of the company's $3.4 billion in liquid digital assets.


The bankruptcy of FTX in November 2022 rippled across the entire crypto domain. It severely impacted other firms, especially those like Genesis, a crypto lending company. As a result of the collapse, Genesis lost access to approximately $175 million worth of crypto assets that used to reside comfortably in an FTX trading account. The constant references to Solana during SBF's trial seem to have led to a corresponding decrease in Solana's market performance.

The Morality Tale - Key Takeaway from the FTX Scandal

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The FTX scandal, a twisted plot of financial misconduct, legal battles, hacking events, and tremors in the market, pierces through the importance of regulatory oversight and ethical governance in the crypto industry. It serves as an eye-opener for all stakeholders, ranging from investors to regulators, underlining the critical vulnerabilities and ethical transgressions that can plague even the biggest players in the crypto world.

The event stands as a stern reminder that picking up the ashes of a tarnished reputation and a downtrodden market value is much harder than building robust security measures and ethical business practices in the first place. Stakeholders are left grappling with the bitter truth, necessitating an introspective reevaluation of their potential risks and safety measures.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What were the financial misdeeds at FTX?

Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly misappropriated $1 billion in customer deposits to secure Binance's equity stake in FTX and make illiquid investments. 

2. What legal troubles does SBF face currently? 

SBF is facing 13 criminal charges, including fraud, money laundering, and bribing officials over his alleged mismanagement at FTX.

3. How was the hacking incident linked to asset laundering? 

Stolen funds from the FTX hack were converted to bitcoins through RenBridge and reportedly mingled with assets connected to Russian-based criminal networks.

4. How has the FTX scandal impacted other companies? 

Companies like Genesis lost access to approximately $175 million worth of crypto assets held in an FTX trading account following the FTX bankruptcy incident.

5. What is a key takeaway from this FTX scandal?

The FTX saga highlights the need for better regulatory oversight and ethical governance in the crypto industry. Stakeholders need to actively work to safeguard the sector from such failures.

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