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News/Is the Moon Playing Games? The Impact of Lunar Eclipses on the Crypto Market

Is the Moon Playing Games? The Impact of Lunar Eclipses on the Crypto Market

Van Thanh Le

Oct 23 2023

8 months ago4 minutes read
Robot tossing crypto coins during lunar eclipse, questioning if lunar eclipse causes crypto market crash

Table of Contents

SectionKey Points
What's the Buzz About Lunar Eclipses and Crypto?      - Crypto market's volatility during lunar eclipses
     - Raises the question: Is the moon's phase affecting the crypto market?    
The Moon-Crypto Connection: Fact or Fiction?      - Mixed opinions: Some traders swear by the "moon effect," skeptics dismiss it
     - Data shows a 50/50 split in crypto crashes coinciding with lunar eclipses
     - Questions the reliability of existing studies    
The Recent Trends: A Closer Look      - Recent lunar eclipses have coincided with crypto market crashes
     - Case studies: Nov 8, 2022, and May 16, 2022, crashes
     - Correlation doesn't imply causation; other variables like regulations and investor sentiment    
The Real-World Consequences      - Traders affected psychologically by lunar theories
     - Ripple effect through the crypto ecosystem
     - Importance of risk management and regulatory impacts    
The Skeptic's Corner      - Skeptics argue no scientific backing for moon-crypto connection
     - Confirmation bias may play a role
     - Expert opinions are divided    

What's the Buzz About Lunar Eclipses and Crypto?

chart (1).webp

Ever noticed how the crypto market seems to dance to the moon's tune? Take November 8, 2022, for instance—a night lit by a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. Just as stargazers were in awe, crypto traders were in shock. Why? FTX's FTT token plummeted by a jaw-dropping 80% due to liquidity concerns. 

This cosmic coincidence has traders and investors wondering about the real impact of lunar eclipses on the crypto market. Is it just celestial theatrics, or should you brace for financial turbulence? Let's dig in.

The Moon-Crypto Connection: Fact or Fiction?

Impact of lunar eclipse on crypto market depicted by falling coins from a mystical moon.webp

Is There Really a Connection?

Let's cut to the chase: does the moon really mess with your crypto portfolio? The chatter around lunar eclipses impacting the crypto market isn't new. Some traders swear by the "moon effect," convinced that a full moon eclipsed spells disaster for their digital assets. But let's not forget the skeptics. They argue that linking celestial events to market trends is as absurd as blaming your bad day on Mercury being in retrograde. 

What Does Data Say?

So, what's the real deal? Let's talk numbers. Between 2014 and 2022, we've seen a 50/50 split when it comes to lunar eclipses coinciding with crypto crashes. Check this out:

Lunar Eclipse DateCrypto Crash (Yes/No)
Apr 15, 2014Yes
Oct 8, 2014No
Apr 4, 2015No
Sep 28, 2015No
Jan 31, 2018Yes
Jul 27, 2018No
Jan 21, 2019No
May 26, 2021Yes
May 16, 2022Yes
Nov 8, 2022Yes

This data, sourced from Wikipedia's eclipse calendar and Coin360's Bitcoin cryptocurrency charts, shows a balanced game of chance. 


How Reliable is This Data?

Why should you care? Well, crypto trading isn't a game of darts; it's a game of data. If you're not making data-driven decisions, you're basically gambling. And let's be real, the crypto market is volatile enough without adding lunar lunacy to the mix.

Before you start consulting moon phases for your next trade, consider the credibility of these studies. While the data is intriguing, it's not exactly a smoking gun. The studies often cited, like those from Altcoin Investor and, offer more speculation than hard evidence. So, take it with a grain of cosmic dust.

The Recent Trends: A Closer Look

Futuristic robot playfully tossing crypto coins, represents the rapid advancements of the digital age.webp

What's Changed Recently? Is This a Coincidence?

Let's cut to the chase: lunar eclipses and crypto crashes have been eerily in sync lately. In 2021 and 2022, we witnessed three total lunar eclipses, and guess what? Each one coincided with a crypto market nosedive. It's like the moon's shadow cast a dark spell on crypto wallets too. 

You might think, "Hey, it's just a cosmic coincidence!" But is it, really? When you look at the numbers, the pattern becomes hard to dismiss. However, correlation doesn't mean causation. There are tons of variables in the crypto market, from regulatory shifts to investor sentiment. So, while it's tempting to blame it on the moon, the jury's still out on statistical significance.

The Nov 8, 2022 Crash: A Case Study

November 8, 2022, was not just another day in crypto; it was a bloodbath. A blood moon and a total lunar eclipse set the stage for Bitcoin to plummet 20% within the month. The real kicker? The collapse of, a top-five crypto exchange. 

FTX's liquidity crisis sent shockwaves through the market, dragging Bitcoin down to a two-year low of $15,680. The FTX token itself tanked by 80%, thanks to liquidity concerns fueled by a Binance tweet.

nov 8 2022.webp

The May 2022 Crash: The Fall of LUNA and UST

Rewind to May 16, 2022. Another lunar eclipse, another crypto calamity. Bitcoin dipped below $26,000, and Ether fell under $2,000. But the real story was the implosion of Terra Classic USD (USTC), a stablecoin that lost its footing. 

The market lost over $200 billion in a day, and investor confidence in decentralized finance (DeFi) took a hit. The Luna Foundation's hoarding of Bitcoin to back UST raised more red flags, adding fuel to the fire.

chart (2).webp

Any Other Notable Crashes?

While the May 2021 crash didn't precisely align with the lunar eclipse, it was close enough to raise eyebrows. The market was already shaky due to China's crypto ban and Elon Musk's U-turn on Bitcoin. The eclipse seemed to be the final straw, pushing Bitcoin further down the spiral.

So, whether you're a skeptic or a believer, these lunar-linked trends are worth keeping an eye on. After all, in the crypto universe, even celestial events can shake up your portfolio.

The Real-World Consequences

Seesaw balancing moon and crypto coins, illustrating crypto market crash and lunar eclipse.webp

How Are Traders Affected?

The crypto market is a rollercoaster, and lunar eclipses add another loop to the ride. Take Maren Altman, a TikTok astrologist, who stirred the pot by linking market dips to lunar events. The buzz was all about the blood moon eclipse potentially tanking the market. 

While this is more starry-eyed speculation than Wall Street analysis, it does mess with traders' heads. The takeaway? If you're swayed by lunar theories, maybe sit out trading during an eclipse. And always, always have a rock-solid risk management strategy to dodge financial potholes.

What's the Ripple Effect?

When the crypto market sneezes during a lunar eclipse, the whole ecosystem catches a cold. Crashes like the ones we've dissected aren't solo acts; they ripple through the crypto world. Investor confidence wanes, and suddenly everyone's talking about regulations. It's like a domino effect but with digital coins.

Is There a Way Out?

If you're trading crypto, you've got to have an escape plan. Rule number one: set a stop loss and a take profit. Don't gamble more than 1% of your account on a single trade—that's the 1% rule. Other lifelines include following reliable trading signals and using margin cautiously. It's all about balancing risk and reward, folks.

What About Regulatory Impacts?

Regulations are the crypto world's ever-changing rulebook. With every market hiccup, there's a regulatory reflex. Take the EU's upcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), set to roll out in 2023. It's the first of its kind and a sign that regulators are catching up with the crypto game.

In a nutshell, lunar eclipses might be the universe's way of adding a plot twist to the crypto saga. Whether you're a trader or a bystander, these celestial events serve as a reminder to stay agile and informed. Keep an eye on the crypto price, but also on the moon—it's a wild ride.

The Skeptic's Corner

Trader stressed during lunar eclipse crypto market downturn.webp

What Do Skeptics Say?

Let's cut to the chase: the idea that lunar eclipses shake up the crypto market is, well, not backed by science. Sure, the crypto space is a rollercoaster, but pinning market swings on celestial events is like blaming your bad hair day on Mercury being in retrograde. The scientific community has pretty much given the thumbs down to the notion that lunar cycles mess with human behavior, let alone markets.

Is It All Confirmation Bias?

Ever heard of confirmation bias? It's that sneaky mental shortcut that makes you cherry-pick facts that fit your beliefs while turning a blind eye to anything that doesn't. 

So, if you're convinced that a lunar eclipse is the crypto market's kryptonite, you'll likely spot patterns that back up your theory and conveniently ignore the ones that don't. It's like seeing faces in clouds; they're not really there, but you believe they are.

What Do Experts Think?

When it comes to expert opinions, the consensus is not quite clear. There’s a Bitcoinist article by Tony "The Bull" Severino that explored the potential link between astrological events, like the Super Flower Blood Moon and crypto market fluctuations. The article presented charts showing a correlation between moon phases and crypto prices, hinting at a possible connection, though it's not definitively proven.

While some traders, like Maren Altman, support the theory, others remain skeptical. It's important for investors to stay informed about potential market shifts and be prepared for the unexpected.

FAQs About Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Crypto Market

1. Do Lunar Eclipses Really Affect the Crypto Market?

While there's no definitive proof, some data suggests a correlation between lunar eclipses and crypto market fluctuations. However, correlation doesn't imply causation, so it's crucial to maintain a balanced view.

2. How Can Traders Prepare for Market Fluctuations During Lunar Eclipses?

Traders should diversify their strategies, incorporating both data-driven analytics and a consideration for astrological events. Being prepared for market volatility is key, regardless of its origin.

3. Is There Scientific Evidence Supporting the Moon-Crypto Connection?

The scientific community is divided on this. While some studies hint at a possible connection, there's no conclusive evidence to fully support the moon's impact on financial markets, including crypto.

4. What Are the Risks of Trading Based Solely on Lunar Events?

Relying solely on lunar events can be risky and may result in financial losses. It's essential to have a diversified trading strategy that considers multiple factors, not just astrological ones.

5. What's the Best Way to Stay Updated on Upcoming Lunar Eclipses?

There are various astronomical calendars and apps that can alert you to upcoming lunar events. However, always cross-reference this information with reliable market analysis for a well-rounded trading strategy.


So, what's the final word on the impact of lunar eclipses on the crypto market? While it's tempting to get swept up in the celestial drama, the savvy trader stays neutral. Yes, the moon and other astrological events could sway the market, but they're just one piece of a complex puzzle. The real game-changer? Being prepared for any market shake-ups, whether they're written in the stars or on the crypto coin prices.

Looking ahead, consider both data-driven analytics and the cosmic calendar. In a market as volatile as crypto, covering all your bases isn't just smart—it's essential. Mark your calendars for the next total lunar eclipses on March 14, 2025; September 7, 2025; and March 3, 2026, to put this moon-crypto theory to the ultimate test!

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