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News/Japan Boosts Crypto Appeal with Tax Relief for Token Issuers

Japan Boosts Crypto Appeal with Tax Relief for Token Issuers

Jun 26 2023

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Revised corporate tax regulations may attract more innovation and investment in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

Written by Van

The Land of the Rising Sun Sets Its Sights on Crypto

A recent move by Japan's National Tax Agency (NTA) could lead to a surge in innovation and investment in the country's burgeoning crypto market. Token issuers in Japan have been granted crucial tax relief, as the NTA updated its corporate tax regulations, effectually excluding unrealized gains from crypto assets issued by companies from the current 30% corporate tax. The revisions in the regulations are anticipated to make Japan an attractive prospect for crypto firms.

Understanding the Tax Relief for Crypto Issuers in Japan

Under the new rules, to benefit from the tax exemption, a company must continuously hold the coins after issuance, with the crypto asset itself being subject to transfer restrictions. Prior to this, Japanese companies had to pay a flat 30% corporate tax rate on holdings even if they hadn't realized a profit through a sale.

These rules burdened crypto companies and impeded blockchain innovation in the country, with some opting to relocate overseas. For instance, Web3 infrastructure developer Stake Technologies moved from Japan to Singapore in 2020. However, CEO Sota Watanabe stated that he would consider relocating back to Japan should the corporate tax rules change.

The Broader Implications of Japan's Corporate Tax Revision

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This tax relief isn't just about keeping Japanese crypto companies from leaving—experts believe it can also attract talent and investment to the country. With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) increasing regulatory pressure on the crypto industry, Japan sees an opportunity to fill the void and become a hub for blockchain and crypto activity.

As Noriyuki Hirosue, CEO of Tokyo-based crypto exchange Bitbank, noted, “The U.S. regulators are increasingly tightening controls, but that doesn’t mean the same things will happen in Japan.”

Japan's Progressive Stance on Stablecoins

Japan's revised Payment Services Act has implemented a distinct legal framework addressing stablecoins, allowing for the use of registered stablecoins as a means of payment and providing a clear regulatory environment. This move sets Japan apart from other countries in terms of stablecoin regulations, as Noritaka Okabe, CEO of Tokyo-based stablecoin issuer JPYC, pointed out.

Japan's Stringent Crypto Regulations and Future Prospects

Japan already has some of the strictest crypto regulations in the world, with over 20 registered cryptocurrency exchanges. While this has led to delays in establishing new exchanges due to rigorous regulatory thresholds, it has also resulted in a more secure environment for the industry.

Furthermore, Japan is currently enforcing stricter anti-money laundering measures and remains in talks with global crypto companies about issuing stablecoins. Observers expect Japan to compete with countries like Singapore and Hong Kong to become a hub for blockchain technology in the future.

FAQ about Japan's New Tax Exemption Policy

Q: What are the new tax exemptions for crypto issuers in Japan?

A: Under the revised corporate tax regulations, unrealized gains from crypto assets issued by companies will no longer be subject to the current 30% corporate tax, provided certain conditions are met.

Q: Who can benefit from the tax relief?

A: Companies that continuously hold the coins after issuance and whose crypto assets are subject to transfer restrictions are eligible for this tax exemption.

Q: How does this move benefit the Japanese crypto industry?

A: The tax relief reduces the financial burden on crypto companies, encourages innovation in the blockchain sector, and fosters investment and talent acquisition.

Q: How does Japan's regulatory stance on stablecoins differ from other countries?

A: Japan has implemented a specific legal framework addressing stablecoins, allowing registered stablecoins to be used as a means of payment and providing a clear regulatory environment.

Q: What are the future prospects for Japan's crypto and blockchain industries?

A: With early crypto adoption and rigorous regulatory oversight, Japan is expected to compete with countries like Singapore and Hong Kong in becoming a hub for blockchain technology.

Conclusion: A Fresh Start for Japan's Crypto Landscape

Japan's new tax relief for token issuers marks a significant step forward in the country's endeavor to boost its crypto and blockchain sectors. By removing the burden of the 30% corporate tax on unrealized gains, the revised regulations make Japan a more appealing destination for crypto firms and developers. With progressive legislation for stablecoins, and continued efforts to establish a secure environment for the industry, Japan is positioning itself as a global leader in the rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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