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News/MicroStrategy Buys Up $615M in BTC in 26 Days, Reaching 0.7% Ownership

MicroStrategy Buys Up $615M in BTC in 26 Days, Reaching 0.7% Ownership

Van Thanh Le

Dec 27 2023

7 months ago3 minutes read
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MicroStrategy's $615M Bitcoin Spree Shakes Up Crypto

MicroStrategy, a business intelligence company, has been making strategic moves to accumulate Bitcoin, attracting attention in the cryptocurrency world. Between November 30 and December 26, 2023, MicroStrategy and its subsidiaries acquired approximately 14,620 Bitcoin, amounting to an impressive $615.7 million. 

This massive purchase was later validated by an official Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) form release. The acquisition price averaged around $42,110 per Bitcoin, inclusive of fees and expenses, as indicated on Michael Saylor's-twitter, the owner of MicroStrategy.

This recent acquisition brings the total Bitcoin holdings of MicroStrategy to a staggering 189,150 BTC, all acquired at an average cost of $31,168 per Bitcoin. Put into perspective, the total investment in Bitcoin by MicroStrategy falls at about $5.9 billion. 

With this hefty investment, it's evident that MicroStrategy is inching closer to owning 1% of the total Bitcoin supply. As it stands, the $5.9 billion value equals about 0.7% of Bitcoin's total market capitalization.

Michael Saylor, the mind behind these strategic acquisitions, is a well-known Bitcoin optimist. He envisions Bitcoin as a future currency and holds a confident perspective on its price trajectory. Bitcoin initially increased from $43,000 to $43,200, then fell back to its level before the news.


Despite Saylor's enthusiasm, not everyone shares his optimism. Recently, industry experts and analysts have expressed concerns about the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

One vocal critic of this development is Josef Tetek from Trezor. Tetek argues that the existence of spot Bitcoin ETFs might sway people from self-custody, introducing unwanted systemic risks. 

Moreover, he argues that the issuance of "paper Bitcoin" through ETFs, which are not backed by real Bitcoin, could cause market distortions and depreciate the value of actual Bitcoin. This potential scenario is starkly against Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision of decentralized finance. 

Understanding these concerns demands an institutional vs. retail perspective. While institutions may lack the option of self-custody, retail investors are advised to hold Bitcoin directly. Mati Greenspan, a prominent figure from Quantum Economics, explains that there are no advantages but numerous disadvantages for retail investors when it comes to holding Bitcoin ETFs.

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Nevertheless, MicroStrategy's massive Bitcoin holdings and continuous investment speak of a strong institutional belief in the long-term value of Bitcoin. Their activity significantly influences market sentiment and investment trends, reinforcing the critical role they play in the cryptocurrency market. 

This action by MicroStrategy underscores the increasing role of institutional investors in shaping the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Undoubtedly, such moves will continue to have profound impacts on Bitcoin's market dynamics moving forward.

Key Takeaway

MicroStrategy's significant Bitcoin acquisition in late 2023 underscores its deep commitment to cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. The company's strategy of accumulating Bitcoin aligns with Michael Saylor's vision of Bitcoin as a future currency. 

However, the growing discussion around spot Bitcoin ETFs introduces a complex dynamic, balancing institutional interest with concerns over market distortion and the essence of decentralized finance.


1. How much Bitcoin did MicroStrategy buy recently?

They gobbled up a whopping 14,620 Bitcoin, worth a cool $615.7 million, between November and December 2023. This adds to their already impressive stash of 189,150 Bitcoin!

2. Why is MicroStrategy so gung-ho about Bitcoin?

Their CEO, Michael Saylor, is a Bitcoin believer! He envisions it as the future of money and expects its price to skyrocket. Plus, they already own a decent chunk, so why not double down?

3. But aren't there concerns about Bitcoin ETFs impacting the market?

Some experts like Josef Tetek worry that easy access through ETFs might take Bitcoin away from individual investors and distort its value. It's like handing out "paper Bitcoin" that doesn't actually own the real deal.

4. So, should I ditch my own Bitcoin and buy an ETF instead?

Not necessarily! Experts like Mati Greenspan say holding your own Bitcoin gives you more control and avoids potential ETF drawbacks. Unless you're an institution stuck in the ETF world, stick to self-custody.

5. Where does this leave Bitcoin's future?

MicroStrategy's massive investment signals growing institutional interest, which could significantly impact Bitcoin's price and market dynamics. Whether it's a smooth sail or a rocky ride, buckle up - it's gonna be a wild journey!

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