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News/Binance Halts Naira Service as Nigeria Flexes Regulatory Muscle

Binance Halts Naira Service as Nigeria Flexes Regulatory Muscle

Van Thanh Le

Mar 6 2024

5 months ago3 minutes read
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Binance Halts Nigerian Naira Services Amidst Regulatory Standoff

Trouble is brewing for cryptocurrency giant Binance in Nigeria, as the exchange pulled the plug on its Nigerian Naira (NGN) services. This abrupt halt comes in the wake of the Nigerian government's veiled threats of hefty fines and potential arrests, casting a long shadow over Binance's operations in the country. From March 5, the platform waved goodbye to naira deposits and, by the end of the week, stopped NGN withdrawals. Binance nudged its users towards withdrawing their naira, swapping NGN holdings for crypto, or converting them to USDT (Tether) to avoid the impending service suspension.

The catalyst for this drastic step was the intensified glare from Nigerian regulators. Just last Friday, whispers of the government mulling over a staggering $10 billion fine against Binance sent ripples through the financial community. Though Binance was quick to deny these rumors, the official who sparked the controversy later backpedaled, admitting his comments were taken out of context and that such a fine was not on the table.

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Adding to Binance's regulatory woes, Nigerian lawmakers have called upon CEO Richard Teng to testify before the House of Representatives concerning accusations of currency manipulation, tax dodging, and unauthorized operations. Adding fuel to the fire, reports emerged of two Binance executives being detained, a claim later downplayed by a company spokesperson.

Olayemi Cardoso, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, didn't mince words when he accused Binance of facilitating transactions totaling $26 billion in Nigeria, spotlighting the exchange during a press conference at February's end. Despite repeated attempts to reach out, Binance has kept silent on these allegations, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over its future in Nigeria.

Nigeria Cracks Down on Binance Over Alleged Financial Crimes

Nigeria is taking a firm stand against what it perceives as rampant money laundering and terrorist financing within the crypto sector. At the heart of this bold initiative is none other than Binance, the global crypto exchange behemoth, whose CEO, Richard Teng, finds himself under the glaring spotlight. The Nigerian House of Representatives Committee on Financial Crimes, in an unprecedented step, has handed down a seven-day ultimatum to Teng and his company. This move is not just a call to action but a loud message about the severity with which Nigeria is addressing these allegations.

Chairman Ginger Onwusibe, spearheading the Financial Crimes Committee, voiced serious trepidation over Binance's alleged stonewalling in past inquiries. This standoff has now reached a critical juncture, with the committee threatening to exercise its full constitutional powers if Binance fails to respond. The charges laid out against the crypto giant are grave, ranging from funding terrorism to tax evasion, underscoring a determined push by the committee to ensure foreign entities like Binance are held to stringent standards of operation and transparency within Nigeria.

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The stakes are high, with Nigeria's economic well-being and investor protection at the forefront of this crusade. The committee's firm stance reflects a broader mission to shield the nation's economy from the shadows of illicit dealings and to establish a safe haven for Nigerian investors against exploitative practices. In a dramatic twist to the saga, Binance recently faced a staggering $10 billion fine, a punitive measure that speaks volumes about the government's resolve to clamp down on financial malpractices contributing to the national currency's devaluation.

Despite these tumultuous developments, Binance Coin (BNB) continues its steady ascent in the market, a testament to the exchange's unwavering position in the face of adversity. 


Meanwhile, Binance alerted users about upcoming significant Bitcoin transfers due to routine wallet maintenance. This announcement came at a crucial time as Bitcoin is nearing its all-time high value. Binance emphasized that these transfers were part of internal operations and not indicative of outward fund movement. Such large-scale BTC movements in the volatile cryptocurrency ecosystem can trigger market dynamics, and Binance's proactive communication seeks to stabilize the situation. 


he escalating conflict between Nigeria and Binance casts a shadow over the future of crypto operations in the country. While Binance maintains its innocence, the Nigerian government demands accountability and seeks to establish stricter regulations for the cryptocurrency sector. This dramatic showdown paves the way for a potential landmark case that could influence global crypto regulations and investor protection measures.


1. Why did Binance halt its Nigerian Naira services?

Fearing hefty fines and potential legal issues arising from accusations of financial crimes, Binance suspended Naira deposits and withdrawals in early March 2024.

2. What are the allegations against Binance in Nigeria?

Nigerian authorities suspect Binance of facilitating illegal activities like money laundering and tax evasion, jeopardizing the country's financial stability.

3. How has Binance responded to these accusations?

Binance has denied all wrongdoing and downplayed reports of executive detentions. However, their silence on specific allegations like enabling $26 billion in transactions raises concerns.

4. What are the potential consequences of this situation?

The outcome of this clash could set a precedent for global crypto regulations. A hefty fine against Binance could cripple its operations, while stricter regulations might impact the entire Nigerian crypto market.

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