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News/Poly Network Hit With Billions in Crypto Breach Again

Poly Network Hit With Billions in Crypto Breach Again

Jul 3 2023

12 months ago3 minutes read

Poly Network Suffers Another Crypto Labyrinth

Written by Van

Poly Network - a widely recognized multi-chain interoperability protocol - fell victim to a malicious cryptosystem breach over the weekend. The heart of the nefarious operation materialized the unprecedented creation of billions of crypto tokens from an intangible source.

Directed towards Poly Network's cross-chain bridge tool, the aggressor manipulated a latent flaw, facilitating the underserved generation of massive quantities of counterfeit tokens. These tokens, consequentially, inflated the actual digital currency capacity, drawing inferences of illicit malpractices.

Behind The Scenes: Keys To The Vault


The blockchain securities firm, Dedaub, threw light on the matter, affirming the plausible theory of compromised private keys. This revelation, coupled with perceived frailties in the platform's multisig protocol, painted a vivid picture of the factors leading to the security breach. 

Poly Network: Response and Aftermath


Despite the swift exploitation by the perpetrator, Poly Network's response was a seven-hour delayed counter-operation. An immediate suspension of platform service followed, catering to the assessment of the attack's scope and the magnitude of the compromised assets.

In an attempt to mitigate the damages, Poly Network functionaries initiated critical communication channels with centralized exchanges and law enforcement institutions. Moreover, projects caught in the crossfire were granted counsel to retract liquidity from decentralized exchanges.

Similarly, users were motivated to unlock affected assets and claim their liquidity pool tokens back.

Appeal to The Attacker: Legality and Ethics

Setting a precedent in blockchain security discourse, the Poly Network team appealed for the return of user assets. This plea was accompanied by the subtle undertone of dissuading the attacker from any potential legal implications consequent to the unrecovered assets.

Interestingly, the hacker's digital repository reflected an astonishing on-paper cryptocurrency value. The total worth fluctuated between $34 billion to $43 billion after the unforeseen malfeasance.

Extent of The Exploit: A Multichain Impact

The scale of the attack ominously extended to the intruders awarding themselves close to 100 million BNB and a staggering $10 billion BUSD navigating via the layer 2 network Metis. The extensive array of affected assets wasn't spared from the attack, including promising altcoins like Shiba Inu.

Consequently, no less than 57 crypto assets mapped across ten blockchains - Ethereum, BNB Chain, PolygonAvalanche, Heco, OKX, and Metis - were ensnared by the exploit.

Source: Poly Network/ Twitter

Restrictions and Roadblocks: The Liquidity Challenge

Despite the attacker's monumental infiltration, the conversion of a considerable portion of the minted tokens into tangible value presented a hurdle. Estimates presented a mere conversion of $400,000 worth of the inflated crypto tokens.

Specific figures encapsulating the total stolen amount remain undisclosed. However, initial insights by PeckShield revealed a minimum of $5 million worth of crypto having been transferred out.

Another eminent blockchain security firm, SlowMist, supported this claim, estimating over $4 million worth of digitally pilfered assets from the hack had been converted to cash. Furthermore, Beosin spotlighted an anonymous assailant responsible for plundering $10 million worth of Ether during the Poly Network attack. 

Source: DeBank

A Stark Reminder: History Repeats Itself

Warding off public panic, Binance, a prominent crypto exchange, clarified that it remained unsusceptible to the exploit and denied support for deposits from Poly Network. This incident, however, bore uncomfortable similarities to a previous major attack on Poly Network.

In 2021, the platform underwent a historic crypto breach, losing a prodigious amount of funds - approximately $600 million across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Post the disaster, the same hacker had returned $342 million worth of the misappropriated crypto, followed by Poly Network's commitment to reimburse users for the lost funds. 

This recent heist, nonetheless, puts the platform’s security measures and the potential return of the stolen digital currency into a worrisome perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Poly Network and how does it operate?

A: In a nutshell, the Poly Network is a multi-chain interoperability protocol. It facilitates the transfer of various cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains, eliminating the traditional need for third-party intermediaries.

Q: How can attackers exploit a blockchain protocol to generate tokens out of thin air?

A: Cybercriminals can exploit weaknesses in blockchain protocol or in this case, the cross-chain bridge tool. By hacking private keys or exploiting multisig protocol vulnerabilities, they can operate within the system to create tokens that didn't exist before.

Q: What measures are taken when such an attack occurs?

A: Typically, services are suspended to assess the extent of the attack and the damaged assets. Centralized exchanges and law enforcement are contacted for assistance, and affected projects are advised to withdraw liquidity from decentralized exchanges. Users with impacted assets are urged to claim back their liquidity pool tokens.

Q: What is the potential legal outcome after such an incident?

A: If attackers return stolen assets, they may potentially avoid legal action, as seen in the previous attack on Poly Network. However, the legality depends on the jurisdiction, the specifics of the attack, and whether the attacker can be identified and located.

Q: Does the Poly Network attack threaten blockchain security and cryptocurrency reliability?

A: While the Poly Network attack did expose potential vulnerabilities, it doesn't compromise the overall security of blockchains. These networks prioritize security measures and are committed to constant updates for the safeguarding of user assets.

Nevertheless, it is imperative for all blockchain platforms to fortify their security mechanisms, and for users to exercise caution, emphasizing the shared responsibility within the digital financial ecosystem.


The Poly Network incident serves as a stark reminder of the constant reality of security risks in the world of cryptocurrencies. While disruptors may seek to exploit vulnerabilities, the strength of the cryptocurrency community lies in their collective response and commitment to security.

This incident underscores the importance of swift action, user alertness, and continuous strengthening of safety measures. As the crypto landscape continuously evolves, such situations demand the utmost vigilance and resilience from users and platform providers alike.

The future of this erstwhile burgeoning sector calls for an amalgamation of proactive defensive infrastructure, strategic legal recourse, and a cohesive international framework to counter the malicious and scurrilous actions of ill-intended hackers.

The road to a prosperous and guarded crypto-domain confronts us all, providing a stern test of our determination and adaptability.

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