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News/Ripple's Legal Odyssey Ends in Triumph: How SEC's Retreat Shakes Up Crypto Law

Ripple's Legal Odyssey Ends in Triumph: How SEC's Retreat Shakes Up Crypto Law

Van Thanh Le

Oct 20 2023

9 months ago3 minutes read
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Ripple's Legal Labyrinth: A Chronology of Triumphs

Stocked with twists, turns, and suspense, Ripple's legal saga paints a compelling narrative. The climax unfurled dramatically on October 19, 2023, when the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) retracted its legal claws. The regulatory power withdrew all charges against Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple's CEO, and Chris Larsen, its Chairman, signaling a seismic shift in the crypto-legal landscape.

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This notable decision etched the third successive legal victory for Ripple, kickstarting a remarkable winning streak. It all began with a potent summary judgment on an unusually sultry July afternoon in 2023, stating unequivocally, "XRP is not, in and of itself, a security," a proclamation that resonated powerfully throughout the crypto-verse.

The legal tide swerved favorably for Ripple in October, when the SEC's fervent plea for an interlocutory appeal was turned down, much to their chagrin. Further solidifying Ripple's legal position was the unexpected withdrawal of charges by the SEC, labeled a "surrender" than a settlement by Stuart Alderoty, Ripple's Chief Legal Officer - replica of a David-Goliath clash.

Oracular Statements and Echoing Voices

Garlinghouse's vociferous reaction to the legal developments unleashed a torrent of emotions. "For nearly three years, Chris and I have been the subject of baseless allegations from a rogue regulator with a political agenda," said the beleaguered CEO. Desiring closure, he continued, "We look forward to the day this chapter is closed once and for all."

Remarking on the SEC's retreat, Alderoty emphasized via popular social media channels, "The SEC made a serious mistake going after Brad & Chris personally – and now, they've capitulated, dismissing all charges against our executives. This is not a settlement. This is a surrender by the SEC."

Market Oscillations: The XRP Flight

Post the announcement, the financial arena reverberated with oscillations as XRP recorded a nearly 7% hike in value within a mere 24-hour window. The price, initially stationed at $0.49, soared, reaching a peak of $0.53, then finally established equilibrium at $0.515. This sharp upward curve etched July 13, 2023, in XRP's ledger as the date witnessing the highest single-day percentage rise in its price history.


Adding to the intrigue was the complementary elevation in the Cumulative Volume Delta (CVD) in spot exchanges, signaling a net inflow of XRP trading. Consequently, this wave culminated in XRP's market cap expanding, reaching a staggering zenith of $27 billion, an affirmative nod to the positive investor sentiment enveloping the currency.

Mixed Tidings: The Crypto-Community and Industry Lens

Ripple's legal joust sparked contrasting emotions within the crypto community, especially with glaring lights highlighting the contrasting fortunes between Ripple and the beleaguered blockchain platform LBRY - both victims of the SEC’s restrictive clutches.

Pitted against Ripple's formidable $27 billion market cap, LBRY's paltry $5.5 million worth underlined the financial disparity in tackling legal fighting arenas. Ripple's celebration was sobered by the vocal concerns of community influencers like Ashley Prosper, reminding the crypto world not to overlook the SEC-driven wreckage other projects like LBRY endured during this grueling legal standoff.

The Legal Maze: Future Hurdles and Complexities

Despite the euphoria surrounding Ripple's dismissal, all is not plain sailing yet. The looming emergency of potential litigation hovers, especially concerning Ripple's controversial $700M+ institutional sales - a stark reminder of the uncertainties in the crypto world.

Eleanor Terrett, a renowned FOX Business journalist, highlighted this imminent battle for negotiating a substantial penalty down the SEC's lane, partly perceived as a symbolic victory for the beleaguered regulatory body. Ironically, the SEC retains the power to challenge specific decisions, potentially adding another leaf to an already intricate legal saga.

With November 9, 2023, earmarked for the submission of a briefing schedule pertaining to Ripple's alleged violations related to XRP's institutional sales to Judge Torres, complexity abounds. Legal experts associating with the XRP community are mulling over the SEC's decision, questioning if this is a tactical retreat devised to accelerate the appeal process concerning the pivotal summary judgment.

Ripple's Legal Milestones: Key Insights

Ripple's legal victory over SEC charges goes beyond a mere courtroom win. It sparks a transformative shift in crypto-legal dynamics and fosters future legal strategies for the cryptosphere. Despite a bullish market response to Ripple's prosperity, the intricate legal maze is far from over, raising potential questions on industry readiness to tackle such litigation. 

Garlinghouse and Larsen celebrating.webp

Ripple's precedent is a stern reminder of the stark resource gaps in navigating such scenarios. The legal trajectory Ripple treads upon, steeped in potential lawsuits and appeals, reshapes the future of crypto regulation. Ripple's tale embeds pivotal lessons for the crypto-legal evolutionary path.


1. What led to the rise in Ripple’s market price?

Ripple's legal victories against the SEC significantly boosted investor confidence, reflecting in the increase in XRP price and market cap.

2. Why is this case important in the realm of cryptocurrency?

Ripple's case forms a landmark in defining the extent of SEC's jurisdiction over cryptos. It could set an influential precedent for future litigations.

3. What stood out in Ripple's legal approach?

Persistence, strategic appeals, and resource allocation maximized Ripple's legal triumph against SEC, conveying a message on the importance of legal strategies in crypto-legal circles.

4. What's next for Ripple following the dismissal?

Despite the celebrations, Ripple faces further litigation in relation to its $700M+ institutional sales. Additionally, the SEC retains the option to appeal certain decisions.

5. What are the implications for smaller blockchain projects?

Ripple's case highlights the vast disparity in resources required to fight high-profile legal battles. Stricter regulations pose serious challenges for smaller crypto companies. For them, Ripple's case serves as a cautionary tale.

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