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News/Saxo Bank Told to Dispose Crypto Assets by Denmark's FSA

Saxo Bank Told to Dispose Crypto Assets by Denmark's FSA

Jul 5 2023

11 months ago2 minutes read

From Copenhagen to Crypto: Saxo Bank's Forced Surrender 

Written by Van

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has issued a proclamation: Saxo Bank, a Copenhagen-based institution deemed vital to the nation's financial health, must release its cryptocurrency holdings.

The FSA, Denmark's stalwart line of financial defense, has decreed that banks may no longer utilize cryptocurrencies for risk mitigation, sparking ripples in the local economy. 

Financial Fortress Face-off

The FSA and Saxo Bank went head-to-head when the regulator flagged the bank's crypto activity as extralegal, citing the Financial Business Act's Section 24. This regulation means that Saxo Bank's crypto trading engagement was outside the purview of a legitimate fiscal institution's arena. 

Saxo Bank is not an outsider to the crypto market. The bank provides its customers a platform for trading multiple crypto products. The FSA revealed that Saxo Bank also offers an array of cryptocurrency-linked Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) to its customer portfolio. 

Risk Reduction Redux 

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To counterbalance the speculation on crypto assets, Saxo Bank had included a diverse portfolio of its cryptocurrency assets. This move, seemingly prudent, was an endeavor to counteract the market risks associated with their crypto products. 

However, according to Annex 1 of The Financial Business Act, trading in crypto assets is not encapsulated within the legal business domain of Denmark's financial institutions. Thus, Saxo Bank was ordered to dispose of its cache of crypto assets. 

Regulatory Road Ahead 

The FSA remarked on Europe's Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation. The complete enforcement of MiCA regulations will only be in play from December 2024. "The area thus remains unregulated for the time being,” stated the regulator.

Impact Illuminated 

Lasse Lilholt, Saxo's communication head, reassured that the FSA proclamation doesn't purge crypto offerings from Saxo Bank. He stated cryptically: 

“We naturally take the decision of the Financial Supervisory Authority into account. Saxo Bank customers do not own the underlying cryptocurrency but instead buy a financial product tracking the price of the cryptocurrency."

He reinforced that Saxo's crypto holdings are minimal, employed solely to hedge a minor division of risk associated with crypto asset facilitation. Hence, the FSA's decision would bear a marginal impact on Saxo Bank's operations, and customers would see no significant shift. 

Crypto Close

Unswerving legal sources highlight that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin do not fit into any financial services category in Denmark and thereby fall outside the DFSA's jurisdiction. Amid this climate of uncertainty, the DFSA authorized Danish start-up Januar to operate in 30 European Economic Area markets in 2023.

In a landmark decision, Denmark's Supreme Court made two judgments concerning the taxability of Bitcoin sales under certain circumstances in March.


1. Why was Saxo Bank in Denmark asked to sell off its cryptocurrency holdings?

The FSA found Saxo Bank's activities of holding cryptocurrency to hedge against the market risk associated with its own crypto products outside of the legal business scope for financial institutions in Denmark.

2. Will this decision impact crypto trading for Saxo Bank's customers?

According to Saxo's communication head, Lasse Lilholt, customers will not see any significant changes as they do not directly own the underlying cryptocurrency but buy financial products that track the currency's price.

3. Does this decision mean Denmark is against cryptocurrency trading?

Not exactly. While the DFSA has ordered Saxo Bank to dispose of its crypto holdings, it previously authorized the Danish crypto-related startup Januar to operate in 30 European Economic Area markets.

4. What is the overall impact of this decision on Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank has stated that their cryptocurrency portfolio was very limited and was maintained solely for hedging purposes, making the FSA's decision's impact on its business minimal.

5. What regulations govern crypto trading in Denmark?

Currently, Denmark's crypto market sector remains largely unregulated. However, Europe's MiCA regulations, set to take effect entirely by December 2024, may impact future cryptocurrency operations.

Closing Thoughts

This landmark development marks a critical turning point in Denmark's crypto landscape. While the FSA's decision has minor implications for Saxo Bank's immediate operations, it sets an intriguing precedent for the country's crypto-maneuvering financial institutions.

As crypto remains a nebulous domain with potentially game-changing MiCA regulations on the horizon, the future of cryptocurrency in Denmark, and the impact on its financial institutions, remains captivatingly uncertain.

One thing is clear - Saxo Bank's crypto saga underscores the evolving interplay between traditional banking systems and the brave new world of digital assets.

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