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News/Solana Climbs to New Heights: Tales Behind the Unstoppable Momentum

Solana Climbs to New Heights: Tales Behind the Unstoppable Momentum

Van Thanh Le

Nov 3 2023

7 months ago4 minutes read
Exciting scene of Solana's growth with a cute cubic robot in vibrant greens and reds

Solana Soars Past $40 Crowned by Robust Momentum

The first days of November have undeniably been a wonderful time for Solana, a pivotal blockchain platform for decentralized applications. Armed with momentum likened to a powerhouse in overdrive, Solana's thrilling climb to its 14-month high of over $40 led to many market observers and investors pausing, captivated by the unfolding growth parade. 


A Thirty-day Price Rally

In a grand display of robust health, Solana's price point, accessible through the lens provided by crypto coin prices, experienced an inflation of a staggering 70% over a short span of 30 days, adding over $6 billion to its market capitalization

This stellar performance gleamed in the neon lights of the cryptocurrency market, emerging victorious from the tussle against the array of crypto coin prices competing for growth in the same timeframe.

Rise of Institutional Adoption: A Growth Catalyst

The undercurrent propelling Solana's impressive climb centres around the marked rise in institutional interest in the blockchain platform. Representing a glowing testimony to this would be the 260% year-to-date price growth, creating an emblematic picture of an escalating institutional bullish sentiment. 

An unprecedented dovetailing of institutional interest could be observed concerning Solana-based investment products. As per CCData, October came as a dawn of victory for these products, attracting a 74.1% growth spurt, nudging the total assets under management to peak at $140 million, an immensely promising bearing for the future propensity of investor interest.

Solana investment products experienced a 74.1% increase in assets under management in October.png
Solana investment products experienced a 74.1% increase in AUM in October. Source: CCData

Google Cloud's BigQuery Integrates Solana

Google Cloud's BigQuery has also integrated Solana into its data analytics platform. This integration allows users to access Solana-based data and gain insights into the blockchain's archival data and analytics. 

NFT app Floor is one of the first to leverage this integration, sending data on Solana NFT sales and listings to the BigQuery platform. The integration also has implications for advancing web3 adoption and enabling more advanced research for web3 developers. 

A Phoenix Rising: FTX Collapse and the Restoration of Investor Confidence

Like the mythological Phoenix rising from the embers, Solana's comeback journey post the FTX collapse has been equally exemplary. Staging a resilient comeback from the collapse, which saw the crypto coin's price stoop to a record low of $11, Solana remains a vivid emblem of blockchain resilience.

chart (1).webp The market tremors initially caused by the FTX's former CEO's involvement in diverse projects within Solana's ecosystem, indeed rattled investor confidence. Yet, the subsequent recovery witnessed in the market demonstrates the robust investor trust in Solana's potential, thereby painting an optimistic canvas for its future trajectory.

The Game-Changer: GameShift Unveiled

Meanwhile, acting as fresh fuel added to Solana's growth engine, Solana Labs pulled the curtains on GameShift, a revolutionary platform designed to uncomplicate the creation terrain for crypto games. 

By extending a unified API capable of manoeuvring the daunting intricacies of the blockchain, GameShift assures developers a friendly environment where they can channel their creative energies towards the artistic accents, sans the stifling interruption of the technicalities. 

Moreover, with its Web2-friendly user interface, the platform aims to tackle the complexities related to Web3, thereby streamlining user engagement and acquisition.

Vibrant depiction of blockchain gaming evolution with a developer at work, highlighting Solana's GameShift impact.webp

Simplified Blockchain Gaming: The GameShift Gift

Embedded within the heart of GameShift's vision lies a marvel - the elimination of the technical barriers obstructing blockchain gaming adoption. By cultivating a fertile ground for more accessible and enticing gaming experiences, GameShift signals a golden dawn in blockchain gaming history. 

Besides, the platform encourages digital asset listings, effectively paves the path for in-game asset trading, and authorizes in-game purchases in USD via credit card transactions. This structured assistance defines Solana Labs' intent to streamline and enrich the world of blockchain gaming.

Ecosystem Friends: GameShift Backers

The developmental journey of GameShift has not been a solitary one. Lending their weighty support in this exciting venture are ecosystem partners who include heavyweights like Crossmint, Coinflow, and Metakeep. Their active participation attests to the collaborative spirit that is fast becoming the hallmark of the blockchain ecosystem.

Caution Amid Optimism: Analyst's Warning and the Road Ahead

Despite Solana's radiant momentum, and despite the positive rhythm pulsating through its pace, trading analysts warn of potential storm clouds on the horizon. Investors are presented with a warning to brace for a possible price correction, backed by technical indicators pointing at Solana's entry into an overbought zone, the most notable being the TD Sequential indicator. 

While Solana’s RSI currently basks on 77, these cautionary signs could hint at a cooling of sorts with potential downfall prices speculated to hover around the $37.97 mark if it breaches the $39.70 support level. 

However, these predictions should not perhaps eclipse the gleaming long-term price predictions painted by market analysts. Front running this optimism train is investment giant, VanEck, whose bullish forecasts queue alongside its peers. 

Since the end of October, the firm has predicted a potential quantum leap of Solana's price, with speculations eyeing a remarkable 10,600% increase by the 2030 horizon. This potentially places Solana's projected price at a mind-boggling peak of $3,211.

Emerging Shadows: Alameda's SOL Offloading 

Following the guilty verdict on seven counts of fraud and conspiracy awarded to Sam Bankman-Fried, head of FTX and Alameda Research, cryptocurrency wallets linked to the entities reflected turbulent behaviour. In just ten days following the judgment, the wallets offloaded an astonishing $200 million in various cryptocurrencies. 

The spotlight fell noticeably on Solana, bearing witness to an exchange deposit of 2.69 million SOL, equating to approximately $99.2 million since October 24. The latest transactions recorded were three large deposits totaling 800,000 SOL, valued at around $32.7 million, sent to Binance and Kraken on November 2. These deposits were made at an average price of $40.9 per SOL token.
Source: SpotOnChain

Solana's Bright Spot 

Despite the significant offloading, FTX and Alameda still retain a hefty treasure of 4.26 million SOL, valued at $164 million, with 3.96 million SOL, equating to $152 million, still staked. This temporarily illiquid SOL, although presenting a potential sell-off risk upon redemption, serves as a bright flicker of hope, as spotlighted by Solana's trading volume. 

Bearing Witness to Waves 

With fortune favouring Solana's side, both the spot and derivatives trading volumes have experienced an encouraging surge amidst the overall bullish trend in the layer-1 web3 blockchain. Even though SOL's price encountered a minor hit, slumping by over 12% to $38.89, the resilience showcased through a prompt recovery to $40, is nothing short of commendable. 


Whale Waves: Coins in Motion 

Highlighted by Whale Alert, Solana whales have been on the move, transferring large portions to Binance. Notable transactions include transfers of 256,652 SOL ($11.3 million), 249,999 SOL ($10.8 million), and 282,695 SOL ($12 million), suggesting that these underwater giants could be priming for a sell-off. The negligible transaction fee of 0.000005 SOL underscores Solana's cost-effective transfer capabilities.
Source: Whale Alert

Timing the Tides 

The mammoth transfers by Solana whales coincided intriguingly with a notable price rally for SOL, displaying an impressive 34% increase over the past week. This leads to speculation that whales could be capitalizing on the profit-taking opportunity offered by the rally. Another noteworthy transaction involved a transfer of SOL valued at $66.2 million between two unknown wallets, the purpose of which remains speculative. 

Scaling Peaks Amidst Shifts 

Though Solana had to navigate through sizeable transfers, its price continued its upward trajectory, recently piercing through the $43 mark, a milestone not encountered in over a year. Despite residual tremors from the market turbulence triggered by large transactions, SOL recorded a 19% increase over the past week and a 66% surge over the month, bolstering investor optimism. 

Key Takeaways

All threads considered, there is an inescapable conclusion that Solana, backed by a 74% month-on-month surge, powerful institutional interest, a robust healing curve from the FTX collapse, and an innovative ally in the form of GameShift. 

It demonstrates a formidable resilience and potential. Despite cautionary signs for the short-term, the cryptocurrency remains a hot-bed of long-term prospects earmarking it as a noteworthy player in the cryptocurrency space.

The ripples created by Solana should perhaps serve as a wake-up call to market observers and investors alike, reminding us that disruption often comes from unexpected quarters. If Solana's trajectory serves as any reminder, it's a testimony to the exciting and unpredictable world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that continues to unfold before our eyes.


1. How has Solana's price performed over the past 30 days?

Over the past 30 days, Solana has seen a surge of around 70% in its value, outpacing the broader cryptocurrency market's growth.

2. What is GameShift, and how will it benefit developers?

GameShift is a platform launched by Solana Labs, designed to simplify the development process for crypto games. It provides a unified API to manage blockchain complexities, allowing developers to focus on the game's creative aspects. 

3. Has Solana recovered from the impact of the FTX collapse?

Yes, Solana has shown robust resilience and is on a recovery path after the FTX collapse. Signs of increasing investor confidence are apparent in the market.

4. Is Solana experiencing any institutional interest?

The institutional interest in Solana is on the rise. Its price has experienced a 260% growth year-to-date, and Solana-based investment products have seen their assets under management increase by 74.1% in October. 

5. Does technical analysis suggest a possible price correction for Solana?

Despite the positive momentum, specific technical indicators such as the TD Sequential suggest that Solana might be on the verge of a price correction. However, long-term price predictions remain bullish.

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