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News/Top 10 Must-Try DEX and Bridge Aggregators for Easy Crypto Trading

Top 10 Must-Try DEX and Bridge Aggregators for Easy Crypto Trading

Apr 27 2023

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Written by Van - Perfected by ChatGPT


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As a crypto investor, you’re likely familiar with the benefits of decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), as well as the growing importance of DEX and bridge aggregators. These platforms help you find the best prices, reduce slippage, and enable cross chain swaps. In this review, we’ll look into the top DEX and bridge aggregators, sharing real-life experiences and rating their features to help you make informed decisions.


DEX Aggregators: Simplifying Decentralized Trading

DEX aggregators streamline your trading experience by sourcing the best rates and liquidity from multiple exchanges. Let’s explore the top contenders in the space.

DeFiLlama Meta-Aggregator

  • DeFiLlama Meta-Aggregator offers a simple interface, extensive data on various DEX platforms, and an impressive selection of 20 supported chains.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Smart search: You can type the name of your desired token into the search bar. The system will automatically look for possible results for them to be imported in one click.Screenshot_10.webp
    • Privacy: Allows you to hide your IP.
    • LlamaZip: A router optimized for layer 2 chains. It minimizes call data costs in an environment where gas fees are high, allowing for trading with 10x lower gas costs.Screenshot_11.webp
  • Rating: 4.85


  • 1inch offers a user-friendly interface and extended features like limit orders and P2P trading. It supports Ethereum and 10 other EVM chains.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Pathfinder: 1inch’s API to find the best token swap paths across multiple exchanges, optimizing exchange rate and gas fees.
    • Advanced settings: Offers partial fill for multi-route swaps, Fusion mode for fast execution, front-running protection and routing presets, and more.Screenshot_12.webp
  • Rating: 4.75

Open Ocean

  • Open Ocean supports spot trading, limit orders, and cross chain swap on 23 chains, including non-EVM networks like Solana.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Fiat on-ramp using Banxa, reasonable rates.Screenshot_13.webp
    • Additional features: Gas refund for OOE stakers, ETH liquid staking aggregator, etc.
  • Possible drawback: Slow response on the website.
  • Rating: 4.55


  • Matcha is a decentralized crypto exchange aggregator with limit orders, low fees, and fast trades. It supports 8 blockchains.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Gasless Trading: Allows users to trade tokens without incurring gas fees and the associated risks of MEV attacks and slippage. To do so, you can turn on the 0x Protocol (Gasless) option in Advanced Settings.Screenshot_15.webpScreenshot_16.webp
    • A new and improved version is expected to come, as the Matcha team opened the form for beta testing.
  • Possible drawbacks: Slow response, limited support for different blockchains, limit order function is available on Ethereum only.
  • Rating: 45


  • Paraswap is a decentralized crypto exchange aggregator that offers fast and secure trading on 7 blockchains, with OTC and limit order functions.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Incentives: Paraswap offers a gas refund and ParaBoost mechanism to reduce transaction costs, as well as distribute protocol fees for users who stake PSP tokens.623863c59d3f5e9069970257_ParaSwap screenshot@2x.png
  • Possible drawbacks: Limited support for different blockchains.
  • Rating: 4.35

DEX + Bridge Aggregators: Uniting the Crypto Ecosystem

DEX + Bridge aggregators combine the benefits of DEX and bridge services, enabling seamless cross chain swaps and enhanced trading opportunities.

Jumper.Exchange (Li.Fi)

  • Jumper Exchange is a multi-chain bridging and swapping platform powered by, with support for 17 networks.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Smart classification: Divide the available routes into different categories for users to pick their favorite one.
    • Smart gas refuel function: You can choose to refill gas on your destination chain using any asset from your original chain.Screenshot_17.webp
    • Support for multiple assets with insurance option.Screenshot_18.webp
  • Possible drawbacks: Lack of support for new blockchains like zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM.
  • Rating: 4.65

Bungee Exchange

  • Bungee Exchange enables integration with various decentralized crypto exchanges and bridges across 11 blockchain networks.
  • Outstanding features:
    • All-in-one step: Allows bridging, swapping, and refueling gas in one transaction.Screenshot_23.webp
    • Gas refuel function: You can choose to refill gas on your destination chain using the gas token from your original chain.
  • Possible drawbacks: Rates are not always ideal.Screenshot_21.webp
  • Rating: 4.55

Rango Exchange

  • Rango Exchange supports decentralized crypto exchanges and bridges via 50 blockchains, including non-EVM ones like Cosmos.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Wide integration: Allows assets to be swapped and transferred between a wide range of blockchains.Screenshot_25.webp
    • Low fees, high speed.
  • Possible drawbacks: Only one route is chosen for each swap.
  • Rating: 4.85


  • ChainHop is a protocol that enables trustless asset transfers across 7 blockchain networks.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Low fees, high speed.
    • Smart route classification: Different routes are divided into two groups and compared to each other to help users find the best option.Screenshot_27.webp
  • Possible drawbacks: Limited support for different blockchains. Lack of integration for new blockchains like zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM.
  • Rating: 4.65


  • Rubic Exchange is a DEX that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens across 63 networks in a fast, secure, and user-friendly manner.
  • Outstanding features:
    • Fiat on-ramp: Allows users to buy crypto using USD or EUR.
    • Wide integration: Allows assets to be swapped and transferred between a wide range of blockchains.
    • Fees reduction: Some specific routes will require 0 Protocol fee/Network fee, or both.Screenshot_3.webp
  • Possible drawbacks: It needs more time to search for available routes and determine the best one.
  • Rating: 4.75

Comparison and Contrast: DEX and Bridge Aggregators

DEX Aggregators

While the top DEX aggregators differ in terms of interface, supported tokens, and fees, they all aim to provide users with the best possible rates and liquidity. Your choice will depend on factors such as token variety, user experience, and gas fees.

Bridge Aggregators

Bridge aggregators vary in their cross chain support, fees, and transaction speeds. Your ideal choice will depend on the specific tokens and chains you trade, as well as your desired level of convenience and support.

FAQs About DEX and Bridge Aggregators

Q: How do DEX + Bridge aggregators differ from DEX aggregators?

A: DEX + Bridge aggregators combine the benefits of DEX and bridge services, enabling cross chain swaps and seamless trading between different blockchains.

Q: Are DEX and bridge aggregators safe to use?

A: While most platforms prioritize security, always look for factors like smart contract audits, transparent team information, and user reviews to gauge their trustworthiness.

Q: How do I choose the best aggregator for my needs?

A: Consider factors like fees, supported tokens, user experience, and liquidity when selecting an aggregator. Your ideal choice will depend on your trading preferences and priorities.  

Q: Can I use DEX and bridge aggregators on mobile devices?

A: Some platforms offer mobile-friendly interfaces or dedicated mobile apps, while others may have limited functionality on mobile devices. Check the platform’s website or app store listing to determine mobile compatibility and features.  

Q: Do DEX and bridge aggregators charge fees for their services?

A: Yes, most aggregators charge fees for their services, although these fees can vary between platforms. Be sure to research each platform’s fee structure before making a decision.

Q: Are DEX and bridge aggregators suitable for beginners?

A: While some platforms may have a steeper learning curve than others, many DEX and bridge aggregators offer user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive resources to help beginners get started.

Q: Do I need a separate wallet to use DEX and bridge aggregators?

A: Most DEX and bridge aggregators allow you to connect your existing wallet, such as MetaMask, Ledger, or Trezor, to their platforms for seamless trading.


In summary, the top DEX and bridge aggregators each offer unique benefits and drawbacks. As a crypto investor, it’s important to conduct your research and stay up-to-date on the rapidly evolving landscape. Choose the platform that best aligns with your trading needs and priorities, and always remain vigilant about security and trustworthiness.

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