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News/Visa Chooses Solana to Supercharge USDC Payments

Visa Chooses Solana to Supercharge USDC Payments

Sep 5 2023

9 months ago2 minutes read
Robot dynamically transferring USDC coins between Ethereum and Solana symbols against a futuristic financial backdrop

Visa's Dive into Stablecoins: A Detailed Exposition 

Written by Van

Visa, the financial giant, has significantly expanded its stablecoin settlement capabilities. Its recent focus? USDC tokens on the Solana blockchain. The company is currently spearheading pilots that move millions of USDC between Ethereum and Solana. 

This move signals Visa's deep dive into the crypto market, following its initial experiments with USDC settlements in 2021 with, a strategy that could influence crypto coin prices.

The Ties That Matter: Visa's Key Partnerships

Visa's foray into crypto isn't a solitary journey. The company has integrated its services with key payment processors Worldpay and Nuvei. They can now process USDC payments directly for the merchants. 

This move brings Visa's traditional fiat systems closer to the growing world of stablecoins and wider cryptocurrency field. Worldpay's head of crypto, Nabil Manji, describes this as a crucial step towards offering clients quicker and cheaper consumer payment settlements.

The Market's Reaction: Solana Achieves a Boost


Following the announcement, Solana's token, SOL, surged by over 5% to $20.50, a shift clearly reflected in cryptocurrency charts. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, remained stable, leaving the Ethereum market cap largely unaffected. Solana's year-to-date gain stands at a remarkable 101%, marking it as a leading performer in the crypto market this year.

The Stablecoin Future: A Financial Forecast

Berstein, a prominent market analysis firm, projects a bright future for stablecoins. They anticipate the market could expand to an impressive $3 trillion in just five years. 

Bernstein also expects major financial platforms to issue co-branded stablecoins, potentially giving the market a total cap of $2.8 trillion, spearheaded by regulated, onshore stablecoins.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Driving Innovation 

Globe with international flags connected by beams of light to a central point labeled Visa, symbolizing global crypto partnerships (1) (1).webp

Visa isn't settling with just stablecoin integration. The company is exploring advanced solutions for off-chain gas fee settlements for Ethereum, employing Paymaster smart contracts. These unique contracts could execute complex logic for various transaction capabilities, offering a potential game changer for payments and commerce.

Conclusion: A Milestone in Financial Evolution 

Visa's innovative integration of USDC settlements on Solana is a significant evolution in the finance world, validating stable coins like USDC and showcasing Solana as a substantial Ethereum rival. Both immediate and long-term market impacts suggest a promising future for stablecoins, making Visa's strategy a potential roadmap for other legacy financial institutions moving towards blockchain technology.


1. What does Visa’s strategy mean for Solana and stablecoins?

Visa's move into USDC settlements validates stable coins and highlights Solana as a robust rival to Ethereum. It also indicates a positive future for stablecoins.

2. How will Visa’s integration impact the cryptocurrency market? 

The collaboration caused an immediate rise in Solana's value and signals a promising future, particularly for stablecoins.

3. What are the financial projections for stablecoins based on Bernstein’s analysis?  

According to Bernstein, the stablecoin market could swell to nearly $3 trillion over the next five years.

4. How is Visa advancing off-chain gas fee settlements for Ethereum?  

Visa is exploring advanced solutions in this area by utilizing Paymaster smart contracts, which can execute complex transaction logic.

5. What is Visa's long-term goal in the cryptocurrency landscape?  

Visa aims to bridge traditional fiat-based systems with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, a move that could be a game-changer for crypto price stability.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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