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News/Cash or Crypto? Visa Empowers Users to Pay Gas Fees with Cards

Cash or Crypto? Visa Empowers Users to Pay Gas Fees with Cards

Aug 11 2023

10 months ago2 minutes read
Robot learning to pay on-chain gas fees using Visa cards

Visa's Solution for Simplifying Crypto Gas Fee Payments

Written by Van

Breaking barriers in the volatile world of digital currencies, financial giant, Visa, is fine-tuning a novel mechanism that enables customers to pay on-chain gas fees through their Visa cards.

Gas fees — the charge for conducting transactions on the Ethereum blockchain — can be an obstacle for both experienced and novice crypto enthusiasts.

Mustafa Bedawala, a dedicated product manager at Visa, stressed the challenges users tackle when keeping track of Ether balances solely for gas fee coverage in their cryptocurrency wallets.

Typically, users have to follow a complex process, buying Ethereum (ETH) and subsequently transferring it to a virtual wallet to cover gas fees, which could be daunting for brand-new users and an inconvenience for seasoned crypto-wallet owners.

The Dawn of Visa's Solution

Robot getting Paymaster cover its gas fee (1).webp

Visa's pioneering solution uses the ERC-4337 standard of Ethereum and a smart contract known as the "Paymaster". This innovative combination paves the way for off-chain gas fee settlements.

Allowing us to delve into their clever mechanics, the process begins with a user initiating an Ethereum transaction through their wallet. The gas fee is then calculated and directly charged to the user's Visa card. Instead of using ETH from the wallet, the fee is sent to Visa through Cybersource.

Once a digital signature is validated and attached by the wallet, it is sent to the Ethereum network where the Paymaster covers the gas fee.

Eliminating Complexity

This proficient system eradicates the need for users to keep ETH specifically for fee payments, smoothing out potential friction points for blockchain users. By this, Visa ensures a seamless transaction process for its tech-savvy clientele.

To ensure its feasibility, Visa tried this unique concept on the Ethereum Goerli testnet, successfully waving off the necessity for ETH through the Paymaster.

Widening Opportunities

Visa's approach not only streamlines transactions; it opens avenues for merchants and decentralized applications, thereby enhancing customer experiences. It also introduces possibilities for gas fee payments via Visa cards.

This year, Visa initiated trials of converting digital assets into fiat payments on the Ethereum blockchain, with a goal to mirror its current foreign currency exchange procedures. This falls in line with its broader ambition to excel in worldwide settlements involving both traditional and digital currencies.


1. What are gas fees in cryptocurrency context?

Gas fees are payments needed to process transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Visa’s solution aims to simplify this process by allowing these fees to be paid directly through a Visa card.

2. How is Visa's solution simplifying the payment of gas fees?

Visa's method allows users to pay gas fees directly from their Visa card, eliminating the need to maintain Ether balances in their cryptocurrency wallets solely for covering these fees.

3. What role does the Paymaster play in Visa’s solution?

In Visa's solution, the Paymaster is a smart contract on the Ethereum network that covers the gas fee once the transaction is authorized.

4. What does Visa's solution testing on the Ethereum Goerli testnet imply?

By testing on the Ethereum Goerli testnet, Visa ensures the feasibility of its solution before implementing it on the main Ethereum network.

5. How does Visa's solution influence both merchants and decentralized applications?

Visa's solution simplifies the payment process, paving the way for improved user experience and additional payment options, thereby benefiting individual merchants and decentralized applications.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Visa's exploration into seamlessly integrating traditional financial systems with the ever-evolving universe of digital currencies sets a new benchmark. By architecting an advanced solution to simplify on-chain gas fee payments, it enhances user experiences and mollifies the seemingly daunting process.

Embracing the Ethereum ERC-4337 standard and the sterling magic of Paymaster smart contracts, Visa opens new corridors for mass crypto adoption, amplifying its potential for global settlements. This breakthrough underlines Visa's acuity for innovation, cementing its reputation as a stalwart in both traditional and contemporary financial landscapes.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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