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Van Thanh Le

Feb 5 2024

9.16 / 10


Surfshark VPN shines for crypto trading with top-speed, RAM-only servers for privacy, and budget-friendly plans. Features like Clean Web, MultiHop, and Camouflage Mode enhance security. Pay anonymously with crypto and enjoy a no-logs policy. However, occasional connectivity issues and customer support delays were noted.



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Surfshark VPN: Best Choice for Secure and Anonymous Crypto Trading  

If you have been looking for a suitable VPN for crypto trading, you've probably heard about Surfshark. It's one of the most popular VPN services that has somehow managed to earn the trust of 99% of its customers. I wanted to see what the hype is all about it, so I gave it a test run. 

First of all, I'll admit Surfshark lives up to its name. I couldn't decide what I loved most about between the excellent speed and top-notch security features. Or is it the fact that it's a budget-friendly VPN for crypto trading?

The VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands which was a big plus as this jurisdiction is known for its strict privacy laws. Also, unlike most VPNs, Surfshark uses RAM-only servers. That means all your data gets wiped as soon as you turn the VPN off. 

But before I get too carried away, let's look at some features that make it stand out the most. After that, I'll share what I love the most about it and the downsides so you can decide if this VPN is for you. Without further ado, let's dive in! 

Surfshark VPN for Crypto Trading-Top Features 

Surfshark is a VPN service that was launched in 2018. Despite being in the market for only six years, it has set up over 3,200 servers in over 100 countries. And the best part is that all these servers are RAM-only. 

That means you don't have to worry about any information lingering after you end your session. Besides that, according to our in-house VPN testing tool, it has proven to be one of the fastest VPN services in 2023. This VPN delivers top-notch performance regardless of the country you're connecting from. 

All in all, here are some of the great features it offers: 

  • Clean Web Antimalware Tool

SurfShark has an ad-blocking browser extension. This was one of the features I loved the most. It worked perfectly as an ad and tracking blocker, and as a plus, it effectively detected malware and phishing attempts. This is crucial for you as a crypto trader, as you are guaranteed that your personal information is safe. I also noticed that Clean Web also helped to increase my browsing speed. After all, loading all those aggressive ads sometimes takes a toll on your internet speed. 

  • Bypasser 

Surfshark's Bypasser is a feature that most other VPNs call 'Split Tunneling.' It helps you choose apps you'd like to function outside the VPN tunnel. I found this feature particularly helpful when you want to protect some activities while running others at full speed. For instance, I used it to protect my trading activities without masking the IP when accessing Netflix on my smart TV.

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections 

Unlike most other VPNs I have tested, Surfshark is compatible with desktop and mobile apps. VPNs often tend to limit use based on the number of simultaneous connections you have. 

But what I saw with this feature is that you can run all your devices with Surfshark VPN without worrying about limits. So, if you need to connect multiple devices simultaneously, Surfshark has got you covered on that front. 

  • Kill Switch 

Every VPN that claims to be secure and reliable should have a Kill Switch. Surfshark has one, too, making it a good choice for anyone looking for water-tight privacy. The Kill switch automatically deactivates your internet connection if there's an unexpected drop in your connectivity. 

  • MultiHop

Surfshark server also offers a double VPN known as MultiHop. This very impressive feature allows you to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. It worked just as well as marketed. Thanks to the double encryption, I got much higher security. 

I found this quite helpful when connecting to my crypto hot wallets. But as good as this feature is, I have one complaint. It made my internet considerably slower, so I wouldn't recommend using MultiHop for day-to-day surfing needs. 

  • Camouflage and No Borders Mode 

Just as the name suggests, Camouflage mode disguises your VPN traffic. In that, it makes your traffic look like it's coming from a regular connection. This is a handy feature, as sometimes I've noticed some websites tend to block VPNs.

Also, some countries have laws that restrict the use of VPNs. As for the No Borders mode, it unlocks every online source- including geo-blocked content or anything that the government has banned. The fact that it's so good at scrambling your traffic, it's impossible to detect where your traffic is coming from, even with Deep Packet Inspection. 

What I Liked

  • Surfshark implements state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption. This is what military uses, meaning it’s impenetrable. Even if you try to break it, it will take you thousands of years.
  • Surfshark has an ID leak protection feature for added privacy. It routinely scans leaked databases and notifies you if your email or passwords appear anywhere. 
  • Unlike most VPNs, Surfshark allows you to make a purchase anonymously. You can pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto available on CoinGate. 
  • The VPN has an IP rotator that automatically switches between IP addresses every minute or hour for additional online security. 
  • Being based in the Netherlands, Surfshark is held to high privacy standards. Therefore, it has an independently-audited no-logs policy. 
  • I also loved that Surfshark is very transparent with its data collection policy. Their Privacy and Policy section is written in easy-to-understand plain English. You don't have to get lost in legal jargon. 

What I Didn't Like 

  • Although Surfshark has fast browsing speed and stable network connectivity, for the most part, I experienced connectivity issues from time to time. 
  • When I contacted the customer support team to help me set up Surfshark on Linux, they took more than 48 hours to respond. Considering it was on a weekday, I expected a faster response. 
  • Unfortunately, Surfshark has no free version. Although they have a 7-day trial period, it's only available via Google or App Store. Plus, to cancel your subscription, you have to schedule with customer support in advance. 

Verdict: What Makes Surfshark VPN a Great Choice for Crypto Trading? 

Surfshark ticks all the boxes, especially for a crypto trader. So, I can confidently say that you won't regret it if you pick this VPN for your trading activities. They have done well in terms of security, privacy, and jurisdiction. 

And we can all agree that rarely do you see a VPN service with an anonymous sign-up process and option to pay in crypto. So the fact that Surfshark already has these two, it's way ahead of the competition. 

Even more mind-blowing is that you get all these features at an amicable price. That's what makes it the most economical and secure VPN for cryptocurrency trading in the market right now!  Read more about how it stands up against it's competitors here!

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