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Reviews/Banana Gun

Banana Gun

Van Thanh Le

Apr 16 2024

banana gun

8.5 / 10

banana gun


Tired of missing hot crypto launches? Automate your trades with Banana Gun bot! This review unveils its features, fees, and everything you need to know.



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Robust Security Measures



Transaction Efficiency Concerns


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Performance & Reliability


Introduction to Banana Gun

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a crypto-trading sharpshooter, picking off the hottest new tokens as they launch? Well, Banana Gun might just be the Telegram bot for you. This platform rose to prominence with its focus on automated sniping and trading within the Telegram space. 

While not the absolute leader (it currently sits at #3 in terms of total trading volume according to Dune's Dex Trading Bot Wars dashboard), Banana Gun offers a glimpse into the world of automated crypto strategies accessible directly through Telegram. Intrigued? Let's delve deeper and see if Banana Gun can live up to its explosive-sounding name.


Key Takeaways

If you're scouring the landscape for a robust crypto trading bot, the lowdown on Banana Gun could steer your decision. Here's what the sharp analysis of its capabilities reveals:

  • Automated Trading: Supports advanced trading strategies with multiple profit-taking and loss-prevention settings.

  • Security and Safety: Touts a substantial 85% effectiveness in anti-rug measures and MEV-resistant swaps, enhancing trade security.

  • User Interface: Operates via Telegram, enhancing accessibility and providing real-time transaction visibility.

  • Unique Features: Offers auto-sniping for new tokens and innovative first-block trading techniques, improving success rates in volatile launches.

  • Future Promises: Plans to introduce copy trading and a web application to broaden its utility and user engagement.

  • Ease of Setup: Straightforward setup, particularly user-friendly for those already familiar with crypto wallets.

  • Cost Efficiency: No subscription fees; operates on a modest transaction tip system (1% for snipes and 0.5% for other trades).

  • Performance Metrics: Commands a significant presence with $3.36 billion in trading volume and $23.81 million in generated fees, reflecting its efficacy and user trust.

  • Community and Support: Active community with responsive support, although some users report occasional transaction delays.

  • Security Concerns: Recent security breaches call for improved protective measures and transparency in security protocols.


Banana Gun’s Pros and Cons


  • Offers robust automated trading features, including multiple profit-taking and stop-loss options.

  • Incorporates advanced security measures such as MEV-resistant swaps and anti-rug systems.

  • User-friendly interface on Telegram facilitates quick trades and real-time profit tracking, with a two-bot design that streamlines the buying and selling process compared to single-bot systems.

  • Provides unique features like auto-sniping and transfer on blacklist, enhancing user engagement and safety.

  • Revenue sharing with BANANA token.


  • Reported occasional slow or failed transactions, which could affect trading efficiency.

1. Key Features of Banana Gun Bot

Banana Gun's Telegram bot is a powerful crypto trading tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features to help users navigate the dynamic crypto markets. As a trader, I've thoroughly explored the bot's capabilities and found it to be a compelling solution for both novice and seasoned traders.

Feature CategoryFeature Description
Automated TradingSupports automated trading with options for multiple take-profit, stop-loss, and trailing stop-loss levels.
Security MeasuresIncludes MEV-resistant swaps, 85% effective anti-rug system, and reorg protection. Features scam and honeypot protection via built-in simulations.
User InterfaceTelegram-based bot interface allowing for faster trades and real-time profit tracking.
Unique Features      
  • Auto Sniping: Manages tax, maxTx, methodID, and detects the first safe block for new token launches.
  • First Bundle or Fail (FoF): Leverages collective user strength for higher snipe success in the first block.
  • Transfer on Blacklist: Auto-transfers tokens to a safe "transfer wallet" if blacklisted.
  • Integration:'s Solana integration by Banana Gun offers automated token purchases, revolutionizing memecoin trading.
Upcoming Features      
  • Copy Trading: Allows users to mimic the trades of successful traders.
  • Web Application: Extended features including portfolio management and customizable dashboards.

2. Ease of Use and Setup Process

Banana Gun shines with its user-friendliness, especially for those familiar with crypto wallets. While newbies might need a brief moment to adjust, the core functionality is refreshingly straightforward. My experience? I bypassed the tutorials altogether and had things set up in a flash.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  1. Registration: A breeze via the Banana Gun Register Bot on Telegram.
  2. Wallet: Choose to generate a new one within the bot (remember to safeguard your private key!) or import an existing wallet using its private key. I opted for the latter, seamlessly integrating my pre-existing wallets.
  3. Funding: Ensure your wallet holds at least 0.1 ETH on Ethereum chain or the equivalent in your chosen network's currency (e.g., SOL for Solana). In my case, I started with around $100 worth of SOL and ETH (on Base).
  4. Verification: A one-time process for the sell bot. Simple and swift.
  5. Trading Time!

Another noteworthy feature is the separation of buy and sell bots for EVM-compatible chains. This setup helps to mitigate the risk of mistakes that can occur with a combined buy/sell-in-one bot, as it requires fewer steps and less time-consuming confirmations. However, the Solana version currently has a single bot for both buying and selling, which may be less optimal for those seeking a more streamlined sniping experience. 

3. Pricing and Subscription Options

Banana Gun's Telegram bot stands out for its transparent and user-friendly pricing structure. Unlike many other crypto trading bots, Banana Gun does not require any paid subscription or tiered pricing plans. Instead, the bot is completely free to use, with users only needing to pay a small tip for each transaction.

The tip structure is as follows:

  • Ethereum: 1% for sniping, 0.5% for manual trading and limit orders
  • Solana, Blast, and Base: 1%

While the 1% fee is equal to Unibot, Maestro, and Bonkbot, the exceptional performance and features offered by Banana Gun make this a fair and reasonable price point. In my experience, the value proposition of the bot far outweighs the modest fees.


Additionally, Banana Gun token holders can claim rewards from the bot's revenue, with 40% of the revenue (after referrals) being distributed to token holders. This incentivizes the community to hold the BANANA token, which is bought back from the market to prevent inflation.

To be eligible for the rewards, users must hold a minimum of 50 BANANA tokens. This creates a sense of loyalty and engagement among the bot's user base, further strengthening the Banana Gun ecosystem.

4. Security and Privacy Features

While the Banana Gun bot prioritizes user control by executing trades directly within your account, questions linger regarding its own security measures. While details are scarce, the platform emphasizes user sovereignty over funds. This is a double-edged sword: it offers transparency but places the onus of security on the user's shoulders.

Here's hoping future updates will shed light on encryption methods and API security protocols. Let's not forget the smart contract exploit back in September 2023 that plagued the BANANA token. While the team deserves credit for addressing the issue and compensating affected users, it underscores the importance of rigorous security audits before launch.

5. Platform Performance and Reliability

Banana Gun boasts impressive stats: #4 in lifetime users (138,635) and #3 in trading volume ($3.36B). However, it takes the #2 position for fees generated ($23.81M), possibly due to its wider chain support for automatic bot trading –  Solana, Base, Ethereum, and even the recent addition of Blast. This gives Banana Gun an edge over competitors like Sol Trading Bot and Trojan, which are limited to Solana.


My personal experience using Banana Gun's Sniper Bot aligns with these positive numbers. The process is refreshingly simple: enter the token contract, specify the amount, and voila! New tokens land in your wallet within seconds. Selling works similarly with the Sell Bot. To ensure smooth performance, Banana Gun offers a handy "green bot" list. If you experience lag, simply choose a green bot from their backup list, and your data will automatically transfer, minimizing downtime.

alternative bots.png

Execution speed is a major highlight. In my experience, Banana Gun is one of the fastest, allowing for quick token grabs with fewer failed transactions compared to other bots even with basic settings. However, a concern arises with the upcoming copytrading mode. Here, a time delay can occur between the trader's and copier's transactions. This means the copier might end up buying at a higher price, potentially leading to reduced profits or even losses. Banana Gun will need to address this latency issue to ensure a seamless copytrading experience.

6. User Reviews and Community Feedback

As someone who loves trading memecoins (admit it, they're funny!), I'm stoked about's Solana integration launched by Banana Gun on April 19. For those who are new to the platform,'s bonding curve approach ensures safe, structured memecoin launches - a refreshing change from overhyped offerings. But the real game-changer is Banana Gun's Solana bot allowing automated token purchases during all launch phases. No more click fatigue!

I have to say that this integration unlocks crazy potential for memecoin trades. Friends, if you encounter any issues using this exciting new feature (like failed transactions), reference the tips below:

pump fun.png

Banana Gun's Telegram group bustles with activity, showcasing a dedicated user base. Reviews highlight the bot's responsive support team, addressing questions and troubleshooting issues promptly, often via direct message to avoid cluttering the chat. 

Questions are answered in detail.

While some users report encountering occasional slow or failed transactions, the supportive community rallies around them, with moderators and fellow members offering assistance when possible. This strong sense of community can be a valuable asset, especially for new users navigating the complexities of crypto trading.

Final Recommendations

Banana Gun bot offers powerful automation, security features, and a supportive community for crypto traders. While user custody and some security details raise concerns, the transparent fees, strong performance, and beginner-friendliness make it a compelling option for those considering a crypto trading bot. New users, however, should prioritize crypto security education before using Banana Gun or any crypto bot!

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