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Van Thanh Le

Mar 5 2024

8.1 / 10

Summary review: Earn DeFi rewards on staked Ethereum (ETH) with low risk. Keep control of your keys and unlock more DeFi opportunities.



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DeFi Integration


Automated Restaking


Global Validator Node



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Performance and Returns




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User Support and Engagement


An In-Depth Review of emerges as a pivotal player in the Liquid Restaking landscape, revolutionizing DeFi by allowing ETH staking for eETH rewards. With a hefty $23 million Series A boost and a bold $600 million Ether pledge to the Omni Network, it underscores a burgeoning sector's dynamism and potential. As keen observers of the DeFi space, are you excited to see how continues to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities for crypto users?


Key Takeways

Exploring, we find a standout platform for Ethereum enthusiasts in the crypto world. Here's the essence of what makes it shine or dim:

  • Diverse Staking Options: Offers multiple staking formats (eETH, stETH, RS-stETH, and more) catering to a broad audience.
  • Revolutionary eETH and Integration: Introduces eETH for simplified staking and integrates with EigenLayer for enhanced returns.
  • Global Validator Nodes: Promotes decentralization through global validator node deployment, reinforcing Ethereum's security.
  • Easy Start with Various Entry Levels: From as little as .001 ETH for eETH minting to full 32 ETH for the complete validator experience, making it accessible to both novices and pros.
  • Impressive Performance: Boasts a 4.02% APR, $2.02B in total value locked, and 541K ETH staked, showing substantial market trust and adoption.
  • Community-focused Rewards: Implements a unique loyalty points system and community allocation base, promoting user engagement and decentralized governance.
  • High Security Standards: Prioritizes user-controlled staking and collaborates with top security firms for audits, planning a bug bounty program for further safety.
  • User-Centric Experience and Support: Offers an intuitive interface and partners with leading node operators for a secure and streamlined user experience.
ether fi.webp’s Pros

  • Supports multi-token staking with a range of Ethereum-based tokens, catering to both Ethereum holders and DeFi enthusiasts.
  • Integrates with EigenLayer for enhanced returns through revolutionary eETH, facilitating automatic restaking.
  • Commits to decentralization by globally launching validator nodes, thus fortifying Ethereum's security.
  • Expands utility through DeFi protocol integration, boosting the value of eETH and promoting wider DeFi adoption.’s Cons

  • Complexity varies based on engagement type, from easy to advanced, which may deter less experienced users.

1. Core Features of stands out as a beacon in the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm, particularly for enthusiasts drawn towards Ethereum staking. The core of its allure lies in its decentralized, non-custodial liquid staking platform, a haven for those seeking to earn rewards without relinquishing control of their assets. Let me dive into the crux of what makes not just another staking platform, but a pioneering force.

  • Multi-Token Staking: welcomes a diverse crowd with support for ETH, stETH, RS-stETH, cbETH, RS-cbETH, WBETH, and RS-WBETH, catering to both Ethereum holders and DeFi enthusiasts.
  • Revolutionary eETH: This native Liquid Staking Token (LST) simplifies staking. Deposit ETH, earn rewards, and enjoy automatic restaking on EigenLayer for amplified returns.
  • EigenLayer Integration: Their partnership signifies a commitment to innovation. Users benefit from cutting-edge solutions and potentially higher rewards.
  • Operation Solo Staker: champions decentralization by launching validator nodes globally, fortifying Ethereum's security.
  • Future-Proof DeFi: Integration with DeFi protocols expands eETH's utility, boosting its value and promoting wider DeFi adoption.

Ether.Fi is also poised to unveil its latest innovation, the ETHERFI token, on the renowned Binance Launchpool platform next week. Binance will be the first to list the highly anticipated ETHFI token.

For those who are not familiar with Binance, its Launchpool empowers users to stake existing crypto assets and earn coveted new tokens upon their release, fostering early project participation and rewarding opportunities. In the case of ETHERFI, users can stake BNB and FDUSD into separate pools to farm the new tokens over a four-day period, commencing from March 14, 00:00 UTC.

Upon the successful completion of the Launchpool event, ETHFI will make its debut on Binance at 12:00 UTC on March 18, with trading pairs available in ETHFI versus BTC, USDT, and BNB, among others. The maximum token supply for ETHFI is set at an impressive 1 billion, with Launchpool token rewards accounting for 20 million, a significant 2% of the maximum supply.

At the time of listing, the initial circulating supply of ETHFI will be 115.2 million, constituting an impressive 11.5% of the maximum supply, ensuring a robust and liquid market from the outset. This strategic move caters to the growing demand from crypto traders seeking liquid restaking protocols for the extra yield opportunities and the potential rewards such as points or airdropped tokens.

Mike Silagadze, the visionary CEO of Ether.Fi, emphasizes the profound importance of this innovation in utilizing Ethereum's blockchain for securing other networks, enhancing the ecosystem's efficiency and utility. 

2. How to Get Started with opens the door to Ethereum staking for everyone, from crypto novices to seasoned veterans. Let's explore your options and get you started!

OptionsPermission TypeComplexityKey ManagementStaking min.
Mint eETHPermissionlessEasyRelies on security of other stakers.001
Operation Solo StakerPermissioned (Until Q1 2024)Intermediate to advancedDVT for key management0
Bond 2 ETH for BNFTPermissionlessComplexOwn your keys2 ETH
Stake full 32 ETHPermissionlessComplexOwn your keys32 ETH

Here's a streamlined guide to kickstart your journey on, breaking it down into manageable, bite-sized steps.

  • Mint eETH: This is your go-to option if you're looking for the easiest route. Simply visit the app, navigate to the eETH tab, and connect your wallet. You can stake as little as .001 ETH to receive eETH, which relies on the collective security of other stakers.
  • Operation Solo Staker: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach and have an intermediate to advanced understanding of Ethereum, becoming a Solo Staker might be up your alley. You'll need to submit an application on, and wait for approval. This option is permissioned until Q1 2024 but requires no minimum stake.
  • Bond 2 ETH for BNFT: For a more complex involvement, bonding 2 ETH for BNFT grants you permissionless engagement with your own keys. This method is ideal for users comfortable with managing their security and willing to invest a bit more into the system.
  • Stake full 32 ETH: The most complex and investment-heavy option, staking a full 32 ETH, offers you the full validator experience on Ethereum. This is permissionless and allows you to own your keys, representing a significant commitment to the network.

For a detailed tutorial on bonding 2 ETH for BNFT or staking a full 32 ETH,'s official guide is an invaluable resource.


3. Performance and Returns's journey in the digital finance space is an intriguing one, showcasing a robust performance and offering a unique value proposition through its loyalty points and staking rewards system. With an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4.02%, not only incentivizes its users through competitive yield rates but also enriches their engagement through the accumulation of loyalty points. These points, earned by staking eETH/weETH and through engagement in ecosystem pathways, serve dual purposes: facilitating decentralized governance and enhancing user commitment.

As of March 5, 2024, has impressively amassed $2.02B in total value locked (TVL), with 541K ETH staked, marking a remarkable 81.1% increase in just one month. This positions it as the premier liquid restaking platform on the Ethereum network in terms of TVL and market share, according to the latest data from Dune. This performance not only speaks to the platform's growing popularity but also to its capability in securing significant trust and investment from its user base.


A standout feature of's model is its community allocation base, starting at 8% and increasing by 0.25% for every additional 50k eETH staked over two-week periods, up to a cap of 10%. This mechanism ensures that 50% of the top-up benefits existing eETH stakers while the remaining 50% is allocated to new stakers. Furthermore, around 40% of's total supply is earmarked for community distribution over time, underscoring the platform's commitment to rewarding its users and fostering a sense of ownership and participation.  

5. Security and Trustworthiness takes security seriously, aiming to minimize counterparty risk through a user-controlled staking model. Unlike custodial services, users hold the keys to their staked assets, reducing reliance on potentially vulnerable node operators.

Further bolstering trust, leverages reputable security firms. The Early Adopter Pool benefited from audits by Certik and Zellic, while the core Protocol underwent rigorous scrutiny by Nethermind, Omniscia, and Solidified. This multi-pronged approach helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities.


Looking ahead, plans to implement a bug bounty program, incentivizing the security community to discover and report issues. This fosters a collaborative environment that prioritizes the platform's long-term resilience.

6. User Experience and Support prioritizes a secure and user-friendly experience. Their interface simplifies validator monitoring with clear notifications and alerts, a feature I find particularly helpful as a crypto enthusiast (dabbling in staking myself!). This focus on user experience extends to their unique approach to liquid staking. 


Unlike traditional methods, empowers users to retain control of their staked ETH keys, minimizing risks – a point heavily praised by the community. This community-centric approach is further evidenced by their partnerships with leading node operators like Kiln, Finoa, DSRV, and Allnodes, solidifying's collaborative stance within the staking market.

Conclusion: Should You Stake with unlocks a world of opportunity for crypto users of all levels. From easy eETH minting to advanced solo staking, it caters to diverse needs. Competitive returns, a strong community focus, and a commitment to security make a compelling option for your Ethereum staking journey. Is the key to unlocking your DeFi potential?

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