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Van Thanh Le

Feb 28 2024

8 / 10


Considering GMX for your crypto trading? This comprehensive review unveils the potential of GMX, exploring its key features, fees, security, and user experience. Discover if GMX aligns with your trading goals and helps you navigate the exciting world of DeFi.



User-friendly interface


Competitive Fees


Advanced Oracles


High Leverage Gains



Blockchain Limitations

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Technology and Performance




User Experience and Accessibility




Features and Functionalities




Security and Trustworthiness




Fees and Costs




Community and Support


Why GMX Stands Out

Tired of login hassles and limited options? GMX is your gateway to a world of DeFi trading freedom. Dive into spot and perpetual futures, all without an account. With over $130 billion in volume and soaring fees, GMX is where power meets simplicity. Ready to explore the future of trading? Let's go!


Key Takeaways 

Diving into the world of GMX DEX, here's the essence boiled down to make your decision clearer:

  • GMX shines with its no-account, high-flexibility trading model, offering a seamless entry into DeFi for both spot and perpetual futures trading.
  • Not your average DEX: Utilizes a unique liquidity provider token (GLP), with a massive $640 million in crypto assets under management, ranking it 5th in DeFi TVL.
  • Leverage & liquidity: Up to 50x leverage, supported by a $400+ million GLP pool, with Chainlink Oracles ensuring precise, real-time pricing.
  • A trader's haven: Offers protection against liquidations, minimal spread, and zero price impact on orders, leveraging a user-friendly interface across multiple chains (Arbitrum and Avalanche).
  • Rewards & ecosystem: Incentivizes liquidity provision and staking, offering passive income streams and rewarding GMX token holders with a share of platform fees.
  • User accessibility: Prioritizes ease of use and accessibility, removing barriers to entry for newcomers without compromising on advanced features for seasoned traders.
  • Fee structure: Competitive fees for opening/closing positions and swaps, with a clear, direct collateral system for long positions.
  • Security first: A robust $5 million bug bounty program and comprehensive audits underline GMX's commitment to user safety.
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GMX’s Pros and Cons


  • Leverages advanced oracles for precise and secure trading conditions.
  • Offers high leverage options, enabling significant potential returns.
  • Designed for both novice and experienced traders with its user-friendly interface.
  • Operates across multiple chains, ensuring low transaction fees and broad accessibility.


  • High leverage trading can amplify risks, especially for inexperienced traders.
  • Limited to specific blockchains, which may restrict access for users on other networks.

1. How Does GMX Work?

Diving straight into the heart of GMX, this decentralized exchange (DEX) is revolutionizing how we trade crypto. Unlike the typical DEX landscape dominated by Automated Market Makers (AMM), GMX stands out with its unique approach—enter GLP, GMX's liquidity provider token. 

This shared liquidity pool is the engine behind the platform, supporting both spot and perpetual futures trading, with a hefty leverage of up to 50x. Imagine having nearly $640 million in crypto assets at your disposal, making GMX a powerhouse with its position as the 5th largest DeFi protocol in Total Value Locked (TVL).

GMX's position on DefiLlama.

Here's the kicker: GMX leans on Chainlink Oracles for razor-sharp, real-time price feeds, pulling data from bustling crypto exchanges. This ensures traders are dealing with the most accurate prices, a critical factor when leverage is in play. The GLP pool, holding over $400 million, is where the magic happens, allowing for trading across a spectrum of assets against stablecoins and major cryptos like UNI and LINK.

For those of us providing liquidity, it's more than just parking assets; it's about earning rewards while mitigating risks like impermanent loss. The platform curates prices from leading exchanges, ensuring we're insulated from market volatility. Trading on GMX doesn't just mean access to perpetual futures without expiry dates; it's about independence, maintaining custody of our assets through self-custodial wallets. A blend of technology, trust, and trader empowerment, GMX is reshaping our crypto trading narrative.

2. Key Features and Offerings

GMX boasts a diverse array of features designed to cater to various user needs, fostering a dynamic and user-friendly trading experience. Let's delve into its core functionalities:

Leverage TradingUp to 50x leverage on a variety of pairs with comprehensive order types including market, limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.Enables flexible trading strategies and significant potential returns.
Protection Against LiquidationsUtilizes advanced price oracles to protect traders from sudden price wicks.Enhances trader security and confidence in the platform.
Cost-EffectivenessMinimal spread and zero price impact on orders.Maximizes trader returns by reducing costs.
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplifies the trading experience, making it accessible for all skill levels.Removes the intimidation factor from complex trading operations.
Multi-Chain PresenceAvailable on Arbitrum and Avalanche, offering low transaction fees.Expands accessibility and choice for users.
Liquidity Provision & FarmingGLP token represents a share in a multi-asset pool, earning fees from various activities.Offers a passive income stream through market making, swap fees, and more.
StakingStake GMX tokens to receive 30% of the platform's fees in various rewards.Provides an additional layer of earning potential for token holders.
Token EcosystemThree tokens (GMX, GM, GLP) each serving different functions within the ecosystem.Facilitates a robust and versatile platform economy.

3. User Experience and Accessibility

GMX prioritizes a user-friendly interface, steering clear of technical jargon and focusing on intuitive design. This makes it approachable for newcomers to the crypto trading world, unlike competitors who might overwhelm users with complex terminology.

But there's more. GMX brings to the table leverage up to a whopping 50x, coupled with advanced protection against those dreaded scam wicks through smart use of price oracles. This isn't just about amplifying your trading power; it's about adding a safety net, making each trade less of a tightrope walk over a perilous drop.


And let's not overlook the decentralized trading protocol essence. While the asset variety might not mirror the vastness of centralized exchanges, the freedom to trade without the usual KYC or professional investor checks democratizes access, breaking down barriers left, right, and center.

In my journey across the crypto trading platforms, GMX's blend of ease, protection, and accessibility shines. It's like finding that rare spot where you can both unleash your trading prowess and feel like someone's got your back.

4. Understanding Fees and Costs

When diving into the world of trading, especially in the crypto realm, getting a handle on the fees and costs is crucial. It's like knowing the price of admission and the cost of snacks before you enter the movie theater. Let's break it down:

  • Opening/Closing a Position: You're looking at a 0.1% fee off the bat, whether you're stepping into the ring or tagging out. If you're going long on ETH, you'll back it up with ETH itself. Fancy betting against? Your stablecoins like USDC or USDT are your ticket in.
  • Swap Fees: Sometimes, you need to swap tokens to get your trade going. This could cost you between 0.2% to 0.8%, depending on whether your swap is making the liquidity pool smile or frown.
  • Execution Fee: Here's where the blockchain flexes its muscles. There are two steps: you signal your move, and then the keepers (think of them as the backstage crew) get things rolling. The fee for their hustle? It pops up in the confirmation box as the "Execution Fee", covering the blockchain's network costs.
gmx data.png
Fees that GMX has generated in the past few months (only on Arbitrum V1).

Comparing this structure with the industry, these rates are pretty competitive. They ensure both traders and liquidity providers can engage effectively, keeping the ecosystem healthy. For instance, the direct collateral system simplifies the process for long positions, and the clear breakdown of fees makes financial planning straightforward.

5. Security Protocols and Trust Factor

At the heart of GMX's commitment to safety is a robust $5 million bug bounty program, designed to shield users from theft, frozen funds, insolvency, and price manipulation of GLP. Their proactive stance on security is further bolstered by a comprehensive audit conducted by ABDK Consulting. 

This detailed review, accessible here, offers transparency and reassurance, laying out the groundwork of trust and reliability. Known previously as Gambit, the project's evolution to GMX has not only seen a name change but a reinforced dedication to securing user assets through meticulous attention to security measures and governance.

Our Verdict: Making an Informed Decision

GMX offers a compelling blend of power and ease, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers. Leverage up to 50x, protection against liquidations, and a user-friendly interface make it an attractive option. However, weigh the potential downsides like limited asset variety compared to centralized exchanges and the inherent risks of leverage trading before diving in.

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