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Reviews/Puffer Finance

Puffer Finance

Van Thanh Le

Mar 6 2024

7.7 / 10


Rethink ETH restaking with Puffer Finance! Earn high APYs & unlock DeFi opportunities. But is it safe? Our review reveals all.



Robust Security Measures


Innovative Token Design


Exceptional Growth


Engaging User Experience



Limited DeFi Integration


Newness in Market

Puffer Finance Review Scores







Feature Set and Innovation




Security Measures




Performance and Returns




User Experience and Interface




Ecosystem Integration




User Support and Engagement


An In-Depth Review of Puffer Finance

Puffer Finance redefines Ethereum restaking with its cutting-edge liquid restaking protocol on EigenLayer, leveraging anti-slashing tech and a permissionless validator setup. With a solid backing from Binance Labs and an impressive funding journey—$120K Ethereum Grant, $650K Pre-Seed, and $5.5M from Binance Labs—Puffer Finance ascends as the leader in the ETH restaking arena. 

Its unique blend of security, simplicity, and profitability, not to mention significant financial endorsements, marks it as a game-changer. Let's dissect Puffer Finance in more detail and see if it lives up to the hype.


Key Takeways

Exploring Puffer Finance unveils exciting innovations and opportunities in Ethereum restaking. Here are the nuggets of wisdom to guide your exploration:

  • Unique Offering: Puffer Finance introduces a pioneering approach with its liquid restaking protocol on EigenLayer, equipped with anti-slashing technology and a permissionless validator setup, backed by significant financial investments including Binance Labs.
  • Core Features: Offers stETH depositors pufETH tokens, a yield-earning asset. Stakers can join with any amount of ETH, while Node Operators need just 1 ETH plus Validator Tickets to manage a 32 ETH validator, pocketing 100% of PoS rewards.
  • DeFi Integration: Limited currently, but expanding. Stakers can provide liquidity for pufETH on selected platforms.
  • Performance and Returns: Impressive growth with $1.394 billion TVL and a unique earning potential through both PoS and restaking rewards. The "Puffy's Crunchy Carrot Quest" showcases a potential APY exceeding 3.3%.
  • Security Measures: Incorporates anti-slashing hardware and collateral locking, alongside a security counsel to mitigate risks. Proactive risk management through diversification across Eigenlayer AVSs.
  • User Experience: Friendly, cartoonish interface making staking accessible. Extensive support through FAQs, guides, and an active Discord community.
  • Cautions: Despite its attractive features, the platform's newness in the market and limited DeFi integration suggest a careful approach is warranted. 

Puffer Finance’s Pros and Cons


  • Innovative token design enhances earning potential by combining PoS and restaking rewards, fostering increased returns for stakers.
  • Exceptional growth demonstrated by a significant increase in Total Value Locked (TVL), indicating robust platform adoption and trust among users.
  • Strong security measures, including anti-slashing technology and a permissionless validator setup, mitigate risks and ensure the safety of assets.
  • Engaging user experience with comprehensive support resources and an active community for assistance and guidance.


  • Limited DeFi integration restricts users' ability to engage in various DeFi activities like borrowing and lending, potentially limiting the platform's utility.
  • Newness in the market might require users to conduct thorough research to fully understand the platform's stability and long-term viability.

1. Core Features of Puffer Finance

Puffer Finance stands out in the DeFi space with its unique approach to Ethereum staking. Here's a breakdown of its core features:

  • Supported Tokens: For the stETH aficionados, you deposit stETH and receive pufETH in return. This isn't just any token; it's a yield-earning machine, thanks to its footing in both ETH staking and restaking activities.
  • Staking Options:
    • Stakers: Throw in any amount of ETH, and you're part of creating 32 ETH validators, masterfully managed by Node Operators (NoOps). Your reward? The pufETH token, growing in value as the protocol churns out validator tickets and rakes in restaking rewards.
    • Node Operators (NoOps): With a mere 1 ETH and Validator Tickets as your ticket in, you command a 32 ETH validator. The kicker? You pocket 100% of the Proof of Stake rewards, with an option to join restaking modules for extra commission.
  • DeFi Integration: Currently, you can only add liquidity for pufETH on a limited number of DeFi platforms, and can’t perform other actions such as borrowing or lending, but this may change as the team integrates with more platforms.   
stake 1.png

2. How to Get Started with Puffer Finance

Here's a quick guide to get your first stake rolling in Puffer’s Crunchy Carrot Quest:

  • Chapter 1: Connect your Twitter and join the quest to bag an easy 1,000 Puffer Points. My entry into this world began with this simple step, reminding me of the early days of crypto explorations—exciting and filled with unknown treasures.
  • Chapter 2: Deposit your stETH on Curve to earn a whopping 10,000 Puffer Points per stETH. Most users may still remember the rush of making their deposit before February 9, securing not just Puffer Points but also EigenLayer Points, adding a layer of thrill to the anticipation of rewards.
  • Chapter 3 (the current launching chapter): Now, you're in the realm of active participation. For each stETH staked, you instantly earn 1,000 Puffer Points. Holding pufETH in your wallet fattens your points by 30 hourly. Opting to provide liquidity? That’s where the real game is; liquidity providers in the pufETH-wstETH Curve pool enjoy an accelerated rate of 60 points per hour. 
stake 2.png

Remember, to keep accumulating EigenLayer Points, maintain those pufETH in the same wallet. 

Why stETH? It’s about reshaping the LST space, aiming to decentralize Ethereum further and prevent potential risks to the ecosystem. The commitment to convert all stETH deposits into ETH with the mainnet launch added a reassuring layer of trust and anticipation for me.

For those ready to dive in, head to Curve Finance’s pufETH/wstETH pool to start providing liquidity.

3. Performance and Returns

Puffer Finance boasts an impressive track record. They soared to the number two spot amongst liquid re-staking protocols on Ethereum within a short timeframe, currently capturing a whopping $1.394 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL). That's a staggering 128.3% growth in just one month! This rapid rise can likely be attributed to their innovative pufETH token.


Unlike traditional liquid staking tokens (LSTs) that solely accrue Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards, pufETH offers a double dose of earning potential. It accumulates both PoS rewards and restaking rewards, significantly boosting returns for stakers without the need for complex DeFi maneuvers. The kicker? pufETH remains a fully liquid token, seamlessly integrating with DeFi for those seeking composability.

This unique design offers another enticing advantage. Instead of the slow burn of waiting for PoS rewards to trickle in, pufETH holders see rewards granted every time validator tickets are minted. This dynamic heavily favors early adopters, as pufETH can rapidly appreciate in value due to all future minted validator tickets, even in a scenario with extreme congestion on the beacon chain's validator queue.


For those seeking a glimpse into potential returns, Puffer Finance's "Puffy's Crunchy Carrot Quest" provides a compelling example. This initiative, which locked a substantial 366.20K ETH, boasts a projected APY (Annual Percentage Yield) exceeding 3.3%. That's not all – participants can also expect to earn a hefty sum of Puffer Points (7.06 billion) and Eigenlayer Points (227.82 million).

4. Security and Trustworthiness

Puffer Finance amps up security with its NoOps strategy, using anti-slashing hardware and collateral locking to mitigate slashing risks. Its security counsel and strict rules for AVSs and operators strengthen its defense.

Despite this, evaluating its audit history and addressing past incidents is crucial for trust. Diversifying ETH across Eigenlayer AVSs shows a proactive risk management approach.  

5. User Experience and Support

Puffer Finance takes a deep dive into user-friendliness. Their platform boasts a whimsical, under-the-sea cartoon interface that feels inviting and approachable, even for crypto newbies. Staking and navigating through the platform are designed to be a smooth process.


While Puffer prioritizes clear communication, it's important to DYOR (do your own research) before diving in. Their comprehensive website resources, including FAQs and in-depth guides, are a great starting point.  But the real gem lies in their active Discord community.  My experience?  Questions are often met with speedy responses from both moderators and helpful community members, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Conclusion: Should You Stake with Puffer Finance?

Puffer Finance offers a compelling option for crypto users seeking high returns and a user-friendly experience. With its innovative pufETH token and impressive growth, it stands out in the DeFi space. However, the lack of extensive DeFi integration and its young age in the market warrant further research before diving in. DYOR and consider your risk tolerance – Puffer Finance might be a great fit for adventurous DeFi explorers.

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