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Reviews/Synapse Bridge

Synapse Bridge

Van Thanh Le

Mar 19 2024

8 / 10


Confused about cross-chain swaps? Synapse Bridge review unveils the secrets to secure & effortless crypto transfers.



Competitive Fees & Speed


EVM & Non-EVM Support


User-friendly interface


Robust Security Measures



Selective Asset Support

Synapse Bridge Review Scores







Technology and Interoperability




Security and Trustworthiness




User Experience




Transaction Fees and Efficiency




Supported Networks and Assets




Community and Support


Introduction: Synapse Bridge Review

Synapse Bridge has become a familiar name in the crypto sphere, rising in popularity alongside the ever-growing need for seamless token transfers across blockchains. As a reviewer who has dabbled in various DeFi protocols, I've always found fragmented ecosystems frustrating. Synapse Bridge, however, stands out as a well-rounded solution, promising smooth and secure interoperability. Let's dive deeper and see if it lives up to the hype.


Key Takeaways

Jumping into the world of crypto bridges, Synapse Bridge caught my eye for its ambitious attempt to connect the fragmented blockchain ecosystem. Here's the scoop on whether it's the bridge you've been looking for:

  • Cross-chain Mastery: Synapse Bridge is a powerhouse, connecting 21 blockchains and facilitating over 55 cryptocurrency transfers. It stands out for its extensive network support, including both popular and emerging Layer 2 solutions.
  • Innovative Bridging Methods: It employs three bridging techniques—Canonical Token Bridging, Liquidity-based Bridging, and RFQ Bridging—backed by AMM technology and stable swap algorithms for efficient cross-chain transactions.
  • Liquidity Pools and Yields: At its core, liquidity pools enable asset transfers, providing up to 23% APY in staking yields for stablecoin and ETH pools. This makes it not just a bridge but also an investment platform.
  • User Experience: The platform scores high on usability with an intuitive interface that simplifies asset swapping. The search bar and "Activity" tab enhance navigation, making it a breeze for both newbies and pros.
  • Security Measures: Despite an attempted hack in November 2021, Synapse's unique security model, involving Guards and Notaries staking collateral, has proven effective in protecting user assets.
  • Speed and Fees: It excels in efficiency, often returning more assets than sent due to its unique fee structure and covering destination chain gas fees. With $17.33B transferred through 2.39M transactions, it's both popular and cost-effective.
  • Community and Support: A vibrant Discord community and comprehensive FAQ section offer robust support, fostering a sense of belonging and assistance for users.

Synapse Bridge’s Pros and Cons


  • Extensive support for 21 blockchains and 55 cryptocurrencies for cross-chain transactions.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient search capabilities.
  • Emphasis on security through innovative mechanisms like Guards and Notaries.
  • Competitive fees and operational efficiency, including covering destination chain gas fees.


  • Limited support for specific networks and asset types, potentially restricting altcoin interoperability.  

1. How Does Synapse Bridge Work? 

Synapse Bridge is a game-changer in the crypto world, acting as a bridge between isolated blockchains. It leverages a powerful cross-chain communication network to enable seamless transfers of your digital assets. But how exactly does it work?

Synapse Bridge leverages a cross-chain communication network to enable seamless transactions across blockchains. It employs three main types of bridging: Canonical Token Bridging for wrapped assets, Liquidity-based Bridging through cross-chain stableswap pools, and RFQ Bridging for faster confirmations and competitive quotes. Additionally, its Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology and stable swap algorithms facilitate the conversion of tokens to the native tokens of the destination blockchain, ensuring optimal exchange rates.


Crucially, liquidity pools serve as the foundation, allowing for the efficient transfer of assets between blockchains by swapping a user’s cryptocurrency with an equivalent asset in the destination blockchain’s pool. This system not only simplifies asset transfers but also supports the development of cross-chain applications, including yield aggregators, lending protocols, and more.

For users and investors, Synapse Bridge offers attractive staking yields of up to 23% APY in stablecoin and ETH pools, making it a powerful tool for improving blockchain interoperability and facilitating the growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

2. Supported Networks and Assets 

Synapse Bridge boasts extensive support for cross-chain asset transfers, encompassing a whopping 21 blockchains and over 55 cryptocurrencies. This positions it favorably compared to bridges with limited network and asset compatibility.

A key highlight is its facilitation of stablecoin movements, although the variety of altcoins is somewhat restricted, which might leave some users searching for more options.

What sets Synapse Bridge apart is its embrace of emerging Layer 2 solutions like Base and Blast, alongside popular non-EVM chains such as Solana. This demonstrates a robust commitment to broadening blockchain accessibility and usability. However, the absence of Cosmos-based chain support marks a noticeable gap in its network coverage.

non evm.png

Moreover, the bridge's transaction data shines in transparency and accessibility through the Synapse Explorer. This feature not only enriches the user experience by offering clear insights into bridge activities but also serves as a vital tool for developers aiming to monitor and debug processes seamlessly. 

Despite the limited Solana bridge functionality—relying on Debridge’s solution for Ethereum-Solana swaps, which might not align with everyone's needs due to Ethereum's high fees—Synapse Bridge remains a competitive player in the field of blockchain interoperability.

3. User Experience and Tools 

Diving into the Synapse Bridge, I found its user experience delightfully straightforward. Even for crypto newbies, the intuitive design with minimal buttons feels refreshing. No more deciphering complex menus! Swapping is as easy as searching for your desired token or chain – forget scrolling through endless asset lists. 


The search bar, cleverly positioned next to the "Portfolio" tab, saves valuable time. And for those who crave control, the "Activity" tab meticulously tracks your transactions, letting you stay on top of your bridges.

4. Security and Trustworthiness

Synapse Bridge prioritizes user security with a multifaceted approach. They utilize a unique system of Guards and Notaries who secure the network by staking collateral. This "skin in the game" approach discourages malicious actors, as any attempt to manipulate the bridge would risk their staked assets.

While Synapse has a strong track record, it's important to remember that no system is foolproof. In November 2021, a hacker attempted to exploit the bridge for over $8 million in tokens. Thankfully, due to a misstep during the transfer, the bridge's validators were able to identify and reject the fraudulent transaction, safeguarding user funds. 

This incident, while concerning, highlights the effectiveness of Synapse's security measures. The swift response by the validators demonstrates their commitment to protecting user assets. 

5. Fees and Speed 

Synapse Bridge stands out for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. While the exact fee structure isn't readily available on the UI, my experience suggests it's generally cheaper than other bridges. Here's what makes Synapse a compelling option:

Picture this: bridging 100 ETH might net you an unexpected bonus, landing you 100.3 ETH on the other side—a rare sight in the bridge world where fees typically nibble at your funds.


The platform's efficiency isn't just in preserving your assets; it goes the extra mile by covering gas fees on the destination chain. This thoughtful feature saves you from the dreaded asset freeze due to insufficient gas. With $17.33B already zipping across its network through 2.39M transactions, Synapse has not only facilitated significant liquidity but also raked in $23.02M in fees, proving its prowess and popularity.

What sticks out to me is Synapse's blend of speed and generosity, offering a bridge experience that’s hard to beat, especially when you're on the lookout for efficiency and a little extra bang for your buck.

6. Community and Support 

Synapse Bridge offers a multi-layered support system for its users. While their documentation includes a Transaction Support FAQ section for quick troubleshooting, more in-depth assistance can be found through their Discord server. This vibrant community is the go-to place for technical questions, tutorials, and discussions.



Synapse Bridge shines for users seeking a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective cross-chain solution. Its strength lies in broad network and asset support, along with innovative features like covered gas fees. However, the bridge may not cater to all altcoin needs. Choosing the right bridge requires understanding individual priorities - security, functionality, and fees. Remember, the ideal bridge seamlessly integrates into your overall crypto strategy.

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