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Van Thanh Le

Apr 25 2024


8.2 / 10



Unlock the fast-paced world of Solana crypto with Trojan's automated trading bot. Our review reveals everything you need to know.



Advanced Trading Features


Robust Security Measures


High Volume & Engagement


User Support



Limited Customization


Occasional Transaction Failures

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Pricing & Subscription




Security & Privacy




User Support & Community




Performance & Reliability


Introduction to Trojan

Heard of making lightning-fast memecoin trades on Solana with minimal fees? Look no further than Trojan, a game-changing crypto trading bot designed specifically for the Solana blockchain. Formerly part of the Unibot team, Trojan emerged as an independent project led by Reethmos, the mastermind behind Unibot's thriving community. 

This innovative bot promises a revolutionary trading experience, boasting ultra-low Solana fees and an intuitive interface accessible directly through Telegram. Intrigued by the prospect of seamless memecoin trading with a user-friendly twist? Dive deeper into this review to discover if Trojan is your key to unlocking the fast-paced world of Solana crypto!


Key Takeaways

Here’s a sharp look at what Trojan Trading Bot offers, cutting straight to the chase with solid data and user experiences.

  • Volume and User Base: Trojan has handled a lifetime volume of $1.90 billion and has 145,026 users on the Solana network, ranking it #4 in these metrics. It boasts a market share of 18.2% in weekly volume, second only to BONKbot.

  • Fees and Earnings: The bot has generated $18.55 million in fees. Users typically pay a 1% transaction fee, which can drop to 0.9% if referred by another user.

  • Performance: Over the past 24 hours, Trojan facilitated over $20.5 million in trading volume, executed around 185,000 trades, and served 17,197 users, demonstrating robust performance and high trading activity.

  • Special Features: Integration with allows users to buy into new token launches before they hit decentralized exchanges, a feature not commonly found in other bots.

  • User Interface and Experience: While the bot is praised for its interface and execution speed, some users noted occasional failed transactions due to network congestion or token slippage, and a desire for more comprehensive features like an expanded 'New Pairs' section.

  • Community and Support: Trojan is highlighted for its responsive community moderators who provide valuable support, crucial for both new and experienced users navigating the complex landscape of crypto trading bots.

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Trojan’s Pros and Cons


  • High Volume and User Engagement: This platform ranks highly in lifetime volume and daily users, indicating robust engagement and trust among its user base.

  • Advanced Trading Features: It includes innovative trading options such as automated trading, copy trading, and access to new token launches, enhancing trading efficiency and opportunities.

  • User Support and Community Engagement: Responsive community moderators and comprehensive tutorials enhance user experience, especially beneficial for newcomers.

  • Security Measures: Features like MEV protection mitigate common trading risks, providing users with safer transaction options.


  • Limited Customization: Users have expressed a need for more extensive customization options in tools like the token discovery feature to enhance trading strategies.

  • Occasional Transaction Failures: Despite overall reliability, some users experience failed transactions, which can be a point of frustration.

1. Key Features of Trojan's Telegram Bot

Trojan's Telegram bot boasts a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower both novice and experienced crypto traders. Here's a closer look at what Trojan brings to the table:

Feature CategoryDescription
Automated Trading      
  • Buy & Sell tokens in seconds
  • Limit Orders: Automatically execute trades at specific market levels, with options for take profit/stop loss strategies
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Orders: Automate investment strategies by regularly purchasing a specified amount of a token
Copy TradingAllows users to copy-trade any Solana wallet
New Pairs and Token Discovery      Press this button to view and analyze 5 newly launched tokens. Includes links for due diligence and warnings on potential risks. Features an 'Upcoming Launches' mode for advanced access to new tokens.    
BOLT PROLightning-fast swaps with virtually zero failed transactions, no additional fees. Available for high-volume users or those with +50 SOL in their wallets.
Pump Fun Direct TradingTrade directly on Pumpfun pools with access to real-time price feeds and zero-second delay on orders.
Backup Bots      Secondary bots available in case of issues with the primary bot, offering lower lag due to reduced user load.    
Position AnalysisProvides detailed analysis of orders, profit and loss, and token information.
ETH-SOL BridgeFacilitates fund transfers between Ethereum and Solana blockchains by enabling bridging.
Upcoming FeaturesSniper Tools: Enables users to mirror successful traders and scout new token releases and liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

2. Ease of Use and Setup Process

Trojan prides itself on being beginner-friendly, and rightfully so. I was up and running in no time, thanks to their intuitive interface and clear instructions. 

Exporting and Handling Private Keys:

  • Navigate to settings from the main menu and select "Export Private Keys".
  • Acknowledge the security disclaimer to proceed with making your keys visible.
  • Your private keys can then be imported to any wallet provider of your choice.

Buying Tokens:

  • Click on the "Buy" button in the main menu.
  • Enter the ticker or the contract address of the token and set the amount.
  • Confirm your purchase by reviewing the swap summary and then click "Buy".

Selling Tokens:

  • Select "Sell" from the main menu.
  • Choose the token and the percentage of your holdings you wish to sell.
  • Confirm by clicking the "Sell" button to complete the transaction.
My example of Auto Sell setting for the bot.

Withdrawing Tokens:

  • Access the withdraw function from the main menu.
  • Choose the network (e.g., Solana) and the token.
  • Enter the percentage of tokens to withdraw and specify the withdrawal address.
  • Confirm to complete the withdrawal.

Tutorials and Support:

  • Comprehensive tutorials are available on Trojan’s YouTube page, which guide you through each step of setup and trading.
  • These resources ensure a smooth experience even for those without prior knowledge of crypto bots.

3. Pricing and Subscription Options

Unlike many crypto trading bots, Trojan operates with a transparent, commission-based fee structure. You won't find any confusing subscription tiers or hidden costs here. Instead, they take a 1% cut of each transaction you execute through the bot. This fee drops to a very competitive 0.9% if you were referred by another user – a great incentive for both new and existing users to spread the word!

While the difference between a 1% and 0.9% fee might seem negligible at first glance, it can add up quickly for high-volume traders or those making frequent trades. In my experience, even a small percentage difference in trading fees can significantly impact your overall profitability.

4. Security and Privacy Features

Trojan emphasizes user security, offering features to mitigate common crypto trading pitfalls. While it allows for convenient Telegram integration, Trojan acknowledges the inherent risks of external platforms and advises users to exercise caution with private key storage.

One key strength is MEV protection. MEV (Miner Extractable Value) refers to a strategy where miners prioritize transactions that benefit them over user trades. Trojan combats this by enabling users to send transactions privately, preventing them from getting "frontrun" or "sandwiched" by MEV bots. 

Default MEV setting.

This protection comes at a cost, with an optional MEV Tip paid to Jito validators for successful obfuscation. Users can configure the MEV Tip for buys and sells independently, allowing for a strategic approach to transaction security.

5. Platform Performance and Reliability

Trojan's Telegram Bot has proven itself as a reliable and high-performing crypto trading platform. With a lifetime volume of $1.90B and 145,026 users on the Solana network alone, it ranks #4 in terms of lifetime volume and users. Additionally, the bot has generated an impressive $18.55M in fees, securing the #3 spot in this category. 

Trojan's latest stats. Source: Dune

Trojan's dominance extends to weekly volume, where it ranks #2 with an 18.2% market share, second only to BONKbot. In the past 24 hours, the platform has facilitated over $20.5M in trading volume, executed approximately 185,000 trades, and served 17,197 users, showcasing its ability to handle high trading activity efficiently. 

6. User Reviews and Community Feedback

After a while of trading, I can confidently say that Trojan's Telegram Bot stands out from the crowd. One aspect that immediately caught my attention was the integration with Being able to buy into new token launches before they hit decentralized exchanges is a game-changer, and it's something that most other bots simply don't offer.

While Trojan's user interface and execution speed are definitely impressive, I can't help but feel that the platform is still missing some key features that I've come to expect from top-tier trading bots. 

The ability to set custom fees and slippage is a nice touch, but I've encountered my fair share of failed transactions, which can be frustrating, even if the root cause lies with network congestion or token slippage.

One feature that shows a lot of promise is the "New Pairs" section, but in its current state, it feels a bit limited. As an avid token hunter, I would love to see the developers expand this into a dedicated bot or channel, with a more comprehensive and frequently updated list of upcoming launches. Five tokens per update just doesn't cut it for someone like me, who's always on the lookout for the next big thing.

That said, I have to give props to Trojan's community moderators. They've consistently impressed me with their responsiveness and ability to provide clear explanations, even for complex topics. This level of support is invaluable, especially for newcomers trying to navigate the intricate world of crypto trading bots and blockchain technology.


Final Recommendations

Trojan offers a user-friendly Telegram bot for automated crypto trading on Solana with features like DCA, copy trading, and MEV protection. While it boasts impressive volume and a supportive community, limitations like fixed fees and a basic token discovery tool may hinder experienced users. Trojan is a good fit for beginners or those seeking a user-friendly Solana trading bot with basic automation features.

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