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Van Thanh Le

Apr 24 2024


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Thinking about using Unibot for your crypto trades? We break down this feature-rich Telegram bot, analyzing its strengths (automated trading!), weaknesses (limited copy trading), and ideal users. Click to discover if Unibot fits your crypto trading needs!



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Introduction to Unibot

Tired of missing out on lightning-fast crypto trades? Unibot might be the solution you've been looking for. This innovative Telegram bot seamlessly integrates with Uniswap V3, allowing you to execute trades directly from your Telegram app. But Unibot goes beyond basic swapping. Available on EthereumSolana, Base, and Arbitrum, it boasts a wide user base and impressive trading volumes, making it a hot property in the crypto trading bot scene.  

Intrigued by the potential for frictionless trades and the chance to share in the success (through their UNIBOT token), I delved deeper to explore what Unibot offers and whether it lives up to the hype. Buckle up, as we navigate the features, fees, and functionalities of this feature-rich Telegram bot.


Key Takeaways

As someone who's constantly trying to find the best tools in the crypto trading sphere, my dive into Unibot's offerings was quite the revelation. Here’s what stood out from my exploration:

  • Automated Trading Tools: Unibot excels with features like basic buy/sell limit orders, DCA orders, and advanced options like Token Sniper and Auto Sniper, enhancing early access to tokens.

  • Multi-Chain Trading: It supports trading across Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base blockchains, boosting liquidity and trading options.

  • User Interface: The platform offers real-time token graphs, instant scans, a Watchlist, and integrated social media for improved interaction.

  • Setup Ease: Setting up and starting to trade with Unibot is straightforward, taking only a few minutes to get running via Telegram.

  • Trading Fees: Charges a 1% fee on Ethereum and 0.8% on Solana (sell-only), which is competitive but varies by activity and chain.

  • Security: Employs strong encryption for private keys, with user-exclusive access, enhancing fund security.

  • Performance Metrics: Though not reaching $1 billion, Unibot has handled $810 million in transactions, ranking fifth in fee generation and serving over 31,632 users.

  • User Feedback: Execution speed is highly rated, although the Fail Guard feature and Copy Trading have received mixed reviews, with some limitations noted in real-time trade adjustments.

Part of Unibot's latest stats. Source: Dune

Unibot’s Pros and Cons


  • Automated trading and orders facilitate efficient management of crypto investments.

  • Cross-chain functionality enhances liquidity access across multiple blockchains.

  • Advanced trading tools help in early acquisition of new tokens and reduce trade execution errors.

  • User-friendly interface includes tools for real-time tracking and interaction enhancements.


  • The fail guard feature does not consistently reduce transaction failures, impacting reliability.

  • Limitations in copy trading restrict financial strategy, forcing synchronization with a single trader’s actions.

1. Key Features of Unibot's Telegram Bot

Unibot's Telegram bot boasts a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your crypto trading experience. Here's a closer look at some of its highlights:

Feature CategoryDescription
Automated Trading and OrdersSupports basic buy/sell, limit, and DCA orders to automate trading strategies and manage investments efficiently.
Cross-Chain FunctionalityFeatures the ETH-ARB/BASE bridge for trading across Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base blockchains, enhancing liquidity access.
Advanced Trading ToolsIncludes Token Sniper and Auto Sniper for early purchasing of new tokens and a fail guard system to reduce trade execution errors.
User Interface and ToolsOffers real-time token graphs, instant token scans, a Watchlist feature, and integrated social media links for enhanced user interaction.
Profit and Loss Tracking and AlertsProvides automated P&L tracking on all positions and real-time alerts for new and trending tokens from major screening tools.
Loyalty ProgramPreviously included a tiered fee reduction system based on trading volume and token holdings, currently being revamped.

Frankly speaking, this platform has everything I need and more. The team keeps adding new features, which I think is a positive sign. It shows that they're working hard to keep current users engaged and to attract new ones.  

2. Ease of Use and Setup Process

Unibot throws out the complexity.  Within minutes, I was up and running after following these simple steps:

  • Access the Bot: Start by accessing Unibot Telegram Bot. Click the 'Start' button or type /start in an already open chat window.
  • Wallet Setup: You can either generate new wallets or import existing ones. Remember, it's crucial not to use your main wallet for this.
  • Fund Your Wallet: Transfer at least 0.02 ETH to your newly set up wallets to begin trading.
  • Start Trading: Continue using the Telegram bot or switch to Unibot X, its web app, for a more comprehensive trading experience.
  • Support: Tutorials and customer support are available, making the process smooth and user-friendly.
My wallet in the first time I deposited funds to start trading.

That's all it takes! Seriously, even a crypto newbie can manage it without a hitch. Unibot offers tutorials within their docs, but the process is so streamlined, I didn't even need them. Plus, if I ever get stuck, there's always customer support to reach out to for an extra hand.  

3. Pricing and Subscription Options

Unibot offers various pricing tiers with different fee structures. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Trading Fees:

  • For EVM chains: Unibot charges a 1% fee for both buying and selling.
  • For Solana: Unibot charges a 0.8% fee for selling only, which can be advantageous for frequent traders compared to platforms charging 1% for both buying and selling on Solana.

Fee Discounts:

  • Unibot previously offered a Loyalty Program that allowed users to reduce their fees by up to 50%. However, this program is currently suspended for revamping.

Fee Deduction Mechanism:

  • When trading through Unibot, your trading wallets interact with the Unibot router contract.
  • If you buy a token, the router contract deducts the fee from your ETH input amount.
  • If you sell a token, the fee is deducted from your ETH output amount. 

4. Security and Privacy Features

When it comes to the security of Unibot, a crypto trading bot telegram, privacy and safety are top priorities. Unibot employs industry-standard encryption methods to secure private keys; crucially, these keys are inaccessible—neither stored on servers nor databases. Users maintain exclusive access to their keys, enhancing the autonomy over their funds. 

Integration with Metamask is seamless, allowing transfers and control via Unibot's trading wallets, treated as hot wallets for immediate access. Future upgrades promise advanced features like automatic ETH transfers, improving security when balances exceed set thresholds. This personal control aligns with Unibot’s commitment to user security.

5. Platform Performance and Reliability

Honestly, I was a bit taken aback when I checked out Unibot's figures on the Dune dashboard. It's managed about $810M in transactions, which really didn't hit the $1B I was expecting—especially considering its buzz. Ranked fifth in terms of cumulative fees generated, Unibot still packs a punch without even counting Solana stats. It’s serving up to 31,632 users across its recorded chains. 


Knowing this, I suspect those numbers might jump if we factor in Solana and Arbitrum. In terms of execution speed and managing the heat during market volatility, Unibot has shown reliable performance with minimal downtime, truly maintaining trader trust.

6. User Reviews and Community Feedback

Unibot via Telegram caught my attention for a few reasons. Its Execution Speed is top-notch—comparable to the elite bots like Maestro, but still a bit behind Banana Gun. It's a real treat when you need swift action, yet it's not without its quirks.

The Fail Guard feature, which promises to cut down on failed transactions by simulating them first, sounds great in theory. But from my experience, and echoed by others, it doesn’t really lessen the failure rate. It feels more like a safety net that doesn’t always catch you, which can be a bit of a letdown.

Talking about letdowns, the Copy Trading feature is a mixed bag. It forces you to sell only when your copied trader sells 100% of their balance. This is a major drawback because if they decide to only skim profits, you’re left not capitalizing on potential gains. It’s quite frustrating and makes you feel out of sync with the market’s pulse, so I won't recommend it to you.


Lastly, a common wish among users, including myself, is better integration with analytical tools like Dexscreener. Currently, the bot directs you to less informative blockchain explorer pages, which doesn’t really help when you’re trying to make informed trading decisions. 

new scanners.png

Final Recommendations

Unibot offers advantages like automated trading, cross-chain functionality, and a user-friendly interface. However, its loyalty program revamp and limitations in copy trading and analytics may be drawbacks. While execution speed is impressive, the fail guard feature might underdeliver. This platform is best suited for those comfortable with some trade-offs in exchange for a convenient and versatile Telegram bot for crypto trading.

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