About us

Coin360 is an interactive cryptocurrency infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating the cryptocurrencies market capitalization, exchange rates and live prices. Each infographic block of the widget has a different size and color, and a cryptocurrency ticker, such as BTC, ETH, XRP. The size and color of each block have their own meaning.

The goal of the cryptocurrency widget is to provide users with a comprehensive view of the current state of the cryptocurrency market data including prices, crypto rates, market cap and volume in a visually engaging and easy to understand format.

Main tools and features of Coin360:

  • The tracker which allows users to check the token or cryptocurrency price movement, follow the size of market cap and get a summary of the currency’s transaction volume.
  • The toggle option which gives users a choice of either cryptocurrency Heat map or Bubbles visualization.
  • The filter tools to set the conditions for sorting and displaying coins on cryptocurrency market widget.

How to use:

  • Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Drag zoomed map to pan it.
  • Click a ticker to display detailed information.
  • Hover mouse cursor over a ticker to see detailed information.

By default, the block size corresponds to the relative size of the market cap of each cryptocurrency, and the color of the chart’s block corresponds to the movement of the cryptocurrency price. Green indicates the price is growing, and red color of the cryptocurrency chart widget indicates it’s falling. Using various settings, the users can display information that interests them. They can choose to display coins or tokens, or follow it all together, or hide something from the widget.