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About COIN360

COIN360 is a cryptocurrency and crypto exchange live data aggregator. Our goal is to deliver vital market data in a visually engaging manner. Whether you are a professional or novice trader, media outlet, or just crypto curious, COIN360 offers indispensable tools to stay updated on the slightest cryptocurrency market movements.

Who We Are

COIN360 features the robust and comprehensive insight of Fintech and IT experts. We are continuously improving both the platform and ourselves in order to bring you the best tools for crypto market monitoring. With the goal of showing complicated things in a simple yet comprehensive manner, we work hard to bring mass adoption closer.

Crypto Market at a Glance

The main page represents a colorful heatmap that consists of interactive blocks. Colors show the market movements of a particular cryptocurrency: green means the price has risen, red stands for the price is in decline, and gray means the price hasn’t changed. Block size corresponds to market share: the larger a cryptocurrency market capitalization is, the bigger the block will be. Each cryptocurrency block reflects essential market data: the price, volume, market capitalization, chart, and exchange rate of a digital asset.

The same logic works for сrypto exchange blocks where colors and sizes depend on the trading volume of respective exchanges. All market data can also be displayed in a table view.


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