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Crypto Glossary/NGMI (Not Gonna Make It)

NGMI (Not Gonna Make It)

Revealing the term NGMI in the world of cryptocurrencies. Decode the nuances of this cryptic crypto lingo in our comprehensive guide to crypto slang.

TLDR - What is NGMI?

Delving into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, you'll bump into a complex ecosystem buzzing with new and intricate jargon wherein the term 'NGMI' occupies a prominent position. 

The acronym stands for 'Not Going to Make It' or ‘Not Gonna Make It,’ a blunt but often valuable appraisal of certain tactics, projects, or investors in the crypto sphere. As the language of crypto enthusiasts, learning terms like NGMI can help newbies integrate into the community and navigate their crypto journeys more adeptly.

The term is often used to categorize crypto investors who don't seem to be on a trajectory toward success – perhaps due to lack of research or poor investment decisions. Over a short period, NGMI has evolved into a widely-used slang term, evolving into an essential aspect of the crypto communication ecosphere.

A. The Origin and Evolution of NGMI

Surprisingly, the term NGMI didn’t hail from crypto communities. It was born by Aziz "Zyzz" Shavershian, an Australian online fitness sensation known for his active presence on and 4chan in the vicinity of 2010.

NGMI found wider acceptance when it was adopted by crypto Twitter and Reddit users. It quickly seeped into mainstream usage, reflecting its relevance in the rapidly shifting crypto environment. 

Over time, the term has evolved, gaining novel interpretations and nuances based on the scope of use. Trending market events, such as crypto bubbles and crashes, played a massive role in shaping NGMI's evolution, underpinning its widespread recognition and acceptance in the crypto community.

B. NGMI in Social Media and Crypto Communities

Today, you'll find NGMI popping up in crypto discussions across various social media platforms. The phrase is a distinctive feature of Crypto Twitter, rife in conversational threads where crypto enthusiasts share predictions, experiences, and market analyses. On Reddit's crypto forums, NGMI is often used in threads discussing investment strategies and sharing cautionary tales. 

The role of NGMI in these communities is powerful; its usage can shape discussions by inciting careful thought, assiduity, and conscientious decision-making. From tweets about certain coins 'going parabolic or NGMI', to Reddit threads urging individuals not to be an 'NGMI investor,' the term has proven to be catalyst, fueling vibrant and engaging discourse in the crypto community. 

NGMI has indeed been a catalyst in fueling vibrant discussions in the crypto community, serving diverse purposes based on the context. Here are several ways the term is used:

1. NGMI as a critique tool

The term "NGMI" is often used to pinpoint questionable investment decisions. For instance, selling a token prematurely due to fear, known as "paper handing," is often branded as NGMI in crypto forums.

2. NGMI for potential assessment

In investor discussions regarding the future prospects of a token, "NGMI" pops up when the token lacks promising growth capacity.

3. NGMI inducing FOMO

Interestingly, "NGMI" acts as a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) booster. Labeling missed investment opportunities as NGMI can stoke urgency, enticing investors towards promising tokens. 

Each context demonstrates how the term can be carefully wielded to shape opinions, promote dialogue, and influence decision-making in the crypto world.

C. NGMI vs GMI: A Comparative Analysis

Just as NGMI has found acceptance in the crypto lexicon, its positive counterpart 'GMI,' standing for 'Going to Make It' or ‘Gonna Make It,’ has also gained momentum. Much like NGMI, GMI also influences dialogues and decision-making in the crypto realm, but with a positive twist.

While NGMI indicates potential pitfalls, GMI champions success, often used to endorse projects or investment strategies that show promise. The tone differs too—NGMI often sounds like a warning bell, while GMI is more like a rally cry of encouragement. Depending on the market circumstances, one might prevail in popularity over the other, adding to the dynamics of crypto communication.

D. The Positive and Negative Impacts of NGMI

On one hand, NGMI can serve as a wake-up call for investors, urging them to conduct rigorous research before stepping into any trade or investment. The term fosters a climate of due diligence in the crypto world, nudging the community to ascend the learning curve, understand market dynamics, and steer clear of potential pitfalls.

Conversely, non-contextual or excessive usage of NGMI could also lead to undue panic or misinformation. Moreover, its subjective nature could incite bias or herd mentality, distorting individual investment paths. Hence, utilizing NGMI judiciously becomes crucial.

E. The Popularity of NGMI and Its Influence

Despite its seemingly negative connotation, NGMI continues to grow in popularity. It's now widely recognized and used among crypto enthusiasts, influencers, and even critics. Such pervasive use of the term suggests how deeply it's embedded in crypto culture. 

NGMI’s widening influence recently led to the creation of a cryptocurrency token of the same name, reflecting its popularity and cultural impact.

F. Investment Advice in the Context of NGMI

NGMI serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of research and risk management in crypto investments. Investors should view NGMI as a framework to understand potential risks and rewards in the market. It's a reminder that crypto investments aren't a sprint, but a marathon requiring patience, understanding, and due diligence.

G. Conclusion: The Future of NGMI

In conclusion, NGMI is more than just an acronym; it's a subtle reminder of the importance of diligence, learning, and risk management in crypto investments. Its popularity, widespread usage, and cultural influence reflect its relevance and importance in the crypto world. 

As the crypto realm continues to evolve and expand, NGMI is likely to retain its significance, serving as an essential phrase in the crypto vocabulary. After all, reminders like NGMI could mean the difference between going to make it and not going to make it in the high-stakes crypto market.


1. What is NGMI?

NGMI is an acronym standing for 'Not Going to Make It'. This term, familiar within crypto communities, is often used to label perceived unsuccessful crypto investments or investment decisions.

2. What is the difference between NGMI and WAGMI?

While NGMI (Not Going to Make It) often refers to seen unsuccessful investment decisions or projects, WAGMI stands for 'We're All Going to Make It,' a more positive phrase that fosters unity and success among members of the crypto community.

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