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News/OKX Exchange Sets Sights on France: Plans to Hire 100 Employees

OKX Exchange Sets Sights on France: Plans to Hire 100 Employees

May 23 2023

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OKX's Leap into France's Crypto Scene

Written by Kasper

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The crypto world is abuzz with the latest development - OKX, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, is targeting France as its regional hub in Europe. This exciting revelation comes with a robust plan to hire approximately 100 people over the next three years, significantly boosting the country's crypto economy.

With a growing reputation as a hub for cryptocurrency exchanges, France has been attracting various crypto companies globally. The OKX exchange is the newest entrant in this league. The Seychelles-based firm has lodged an application to secure the status of a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP). Their intentions? Establishing a considerable physical presence in France and becoming part of the 74 companies that have already gained regulatory approval from the Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

Tim Byun, OKX's head of global government relations, was clear about their aspirations, stating, "We would aspire to hire 100 full-time employees within three years." This ambitious objective will kick off with the forecasted hiring of about 30 colleagues in the first year alone.


France - The Cryptocurrency Haven

It's no secret that France is becoming a preferred destination for crypto exchanges. With a pro-digital currency stance and robust regulatory measures in place, France is transforming into a prime hub for crypto trading in the European Union (EU).

The allure of France's crypto-friendly climate hasn't been lost on Binance either. As the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance also chose France as their EU hub following its DASP registration. It's noteworthy that Binance had brought on board about 150 employees for its Paris office as of September, according to founder Changpeng "CZ" Zhao.

France's journey to become a crypto powerhouse has been facilitated by the DASP registration process, which ensures companies comply with money laundering standards and have credible management.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Applying for DASP registration is just one part of OKX's foray into France. Byun also mentioned that they expect the registration process to take up to six months.

The regulatory landscape seems to be in favor of such bold moves. The EU's Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation, approved unanimously by the 27 member states, should make it easier for crypto firms with approval in one country to operate across the whole bloc.

The AMF has suggested that existing registered firms in France could be fast-tracked to MiCA licensing, which includes stricter rules on governance, consumer protection, and financial stability.


The Bright Future Ahead for OKX in France

The strategic move by OKX to establish a hub in France and hire a significant workforce spells a bright future for both the company and the country's crypto economy. It will not only strengthen OKX's global presence but also fuel France's journey in becoming a leading crypto hub in the EU.

With its DASP application underway, OKX's aspirations are high and the path forward exciting. Let's watch this space for more updates!


The OKX exchange's plans to expand into France are a clear reflection of the country's growing prominence in the world of cryptocurrency. The decision to employ around 100 full-time workers within the next three years illustrates the company's commitment to this new venture and its trust in the strength and promise of the French crypto scene.

As we see the rise of crypto-friendly environments like France, the future of cryptocurrency looks brighter than ever. This development also signifies how digital currencies are becoming more integrated into our economies and daily lives. For France, this move by OKX promises a boost in job creation and economic growth, further cementing its status as a crypto hub.

Ultimately, the unfolding of OKX's aspirations will be a fascinating journey to witness, not just for the crypto enthusiasts but for anyone interested in the dynamics of modern economies and technological advancements. Stay tuned to this space as we keep you updated on OKX's fascinating journey into the heart of France's crypto ecosystem!

FAQ about OKX's Expansion to France

Why is OKX targeting France as its regional hub in Europe?

France's regulatory environment is supportive of cryptocurrency, making it an attractive destination for crypto companies like OKX.

How many people does OKX plan to hire in France?

OKX has plans to hire about 100 full-time employees over the next three years.

What is a DASP registration?

DASP registration is a regulatory measure that verifies that companies comply with anti-money laundering standards and have reputable management.

What is the time frame for OKX's DASP registration?

OKX's head of global government relations, Tim Byun, expects the registration process to take up to six months.

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