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News/Bitcoin Price Faces Turbulence Amid Mt. Gox and Government Movements

Bitcoin Price Faces Turbulence Amid Mt. Gox and Government Movements

Van Thanh Le

Jul 5 2024

2 weeks ago3 minutes read
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Bitcoin Price Swings as Bears Move the Market

July 5, 2024, saw Mt. Gox transferring 47,229 Bitcoin, valued at $2.71 billion, to a new wallet, its first significant move since May. This transfer, originating from “cold storage,” took place at 12:30 am UTC. Later, at 4:15 am UTC, another 1,545 BTC was moved to the hot wallet of Bitbank, a crypto exchange aiding the repayment process. These transactions are part of Mt. Gox's plan to repay creditors, with a total of $8.5 billion in Bitcoin slated for payout. 

Source: Arkham

Market experts are wary of the potential impact of such a large influx of Bitcoin, though some believe only $4.5 billion will actually be sold. Alex Thorn from Galaxy Digital notes that many creditors might hold onto their Bitcoin to avoid capital gains taxes. Previously, on May 28, Mt. Gox moved nearly $7.3 billion worth of Bitcoin, leading to a 2% price dip.

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Source: Mt. Gox

Creditors of Mt. Gox might have to wait up to three months to receive their Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash repayments, depending on the exchanges where they filed claims. The trustee has started disbursing payments to designated exchanges as per the rehabilitation plan, with Kraken taking up to 90 days, Bitstamp up to 60 days, BitGo within 20 days, and both SBI VC Trade and Bitbank within 14 days. Valid account confirmation and agreement subscription are prerequisites for prompt repayment. 

Predictions in Bitcoin Market Amid Major Transactions

Meanwhile, the U.S. government recently transferred 237 Bitcoins worth $13.7 million, flagged by PeckShield, adding to previous notable transactions, including 3,940 Bitcoins ($243 million) moved to Coinbase. The U.S. government, holding over 210,000 BTC worth $13 billion, continues to reduce its crypto assets, mirroring similar moves by the German government, which relocated 3,000 Bitcoin.

On July 4, 2024, Bitcoin's price dropped sharply to $57,226, down 6.9% for the week but still up 35.6% year-to-date. The next day, following the Mt. Gox Bitcoin distribution, prices plunged over 8% to around $54,000, causing nearly $700 million in liquidations, reminiscent of the FTX collapse. 


Bitcoin's derivatives trading saw over $230 million liquidated, while Ethereum accounted for $167 million. Significant liquidations also hit crypto whales, including one using the Compound protocol, who lost over 173K Ethereum worth about $10 million. 

In the past month, Bitcoin miners have sold more than 30K coins worth over $1.8 billion. Analysts foresee continued bearish sentiment, with Bitcoin potentially falling to the $52K support level, and if breached, the next major liquidity range is around $48K. Economic uncertainties, declining demand for US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs, and the US Fed's stance on inflation contribute to the market's cautious outlook.


Bitcoin's recent price turbulence underscores the significant impact of large-scale transfers by entities like Mt. Gox and the US government. As the market reacts to these movements, investors should remain vigilant about potential further fluctuations.


1: Why did Mt. Gox transfer a large amount of Bitcoin?

Mt. Gox transferred 47,229 Bitcoin as part of its scheduled plan to repay creditors, which is set to distribute a total of $8.5 billion in Bitcoin this July.

2: What impact did these Bitcoin transfers have on the market?

The transfers caused Bitcoin prices to drop sharply, plunging over 8% to around $54,000, and led to nearly $700 million in liquidations, reflecting high market volatility.

3: How long will Mt. Gox creditors wait for their repayments?

Creditors might wait up to three months, with Kraken taking up to 90 days, Bitstamp up to 60 days, BitGo within 20 days, and both SBI VC Trade and Bitbank within 14 days.

4: How are government Bitcoin transfers affecting the market?

Government transfers, such as the US moving 237 Bitcoins recently and previously 3,940 Bitcoins, contribute to market instability, echoing similar moves by other governments like Germany.

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