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News/Bitcoin likely to have a green weekend with GDP & Core PCE next week
last week6 mins read

Bitcoin likely to have a green weekend with GDP & Core PCE next week


Bitcoin, along with major cryptocurrencies, dipped slightly after recording modest gains on Thanksgiving day.

The market leader saw a 0.55% drop in the lat 24 hours. However, the number of known addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain holding 1 BTC or more has hit a new ATH at 950,465, suggesting wider adoption.

Since Bitcoin has been able to maintain $16,500 over the last few days, it is potentially ready for a weekend pump before GDP and Core PCE numbers are released towards the end of this month.

Meanwhile, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has reportedly allocated $1 billion to a recovery fund as a fail-safe for the future after what we saw happening with the FTX implosion.

S&P 500 is moving sideways, currently at 4,030, and as long as it maintains above 4,000 today, we should see another leg up. DXY also saw a bounce, taking it to 106.3, but major resistance is waiting at 106.8.

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Top altcoin gainers and losers



Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Bitcoin was able to hold above $16,300 and is currently setting up for a potential squeeze. We can also see buy walls coming in to protect $16,300, and if traditional markets open positively, $17,000 will be very likely and the chances of $17,600 over the weekend will be high as more participants open longs.


Ethereum Technical Analysis

Ethereum has been a bit more volatile over the last few hours but that is not out of the ordinary for an altcoin. It broke below $1,187 which was a key level but moved back up again shortly after. For now, $1,180 is a good level to watch out for and could be the potential area to start a new leg up toward $1,260.


NFT Market Map

Another day when we saw the red and gray dominate the NFT heatmap, with RKL Rookies (216.12%) being the only one in the top 50 to post a three-digit rise in volume.

Except for this collection, only three other NFT projects could see an increase in trading volume — Kryptic Kids (+70.75%), ConiunPass (+22.00%), and (+5.03%).  

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