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News/From Sharing to Tokenizing: How BTT is Revolutionizing the BitTorrent Ecosystem

From Sharing to Tokenizing: How BTT is Revolutionizing the BitTorrent Ecosystem

May 4 2023

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Written by Van

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to expand, BitTorrent (BTT) has emerged as a significant player in the digital asset market. With its innovative technology and promising future, investors are increasingly interested in understanding the factors that drive BTT price and the differences between uTorrent and BitTorrent. In this article, we delve deep into the world of BTT, including its price predictions, distinguishing features, and the potential for the token to reach $1.


The BitTorrent Token (BTT): A Brief Overview

BitTorrent's Origins and Its Founder

BitTorrent Inc. was founded in 2004 by Bram Cohen, an American computer programmer and tech visionary. Frustrated by the slow traditional file-sharing system, Cohen developed BitTorrent as a faster way to download files by breaking them into smaller files known as torrents. In 2018, the BitTorrent protocol merged with TRON at the cost of approximately $140 million. Since then, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON, has led the BitTorrent project.

What is BitTorrent and Its Connection with TRON?

BitTorrent, a renowned peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol, revolutionized the sharing and downloading of large files on the internet through its decentralized network. In 2018, BitTorrent merged with TRON, a significant move that led to the introduction of the BitTorrent token (BTT) in 2019. 

As a TRC-20 utility token built on the TRON blockchain, BTT enhances download speeds, encourages content sharing, and promotes a thriving ecosystem within the BitTorrent network. By integrating blockchain technology, BitTorrent enables users to securely and seamlessly share and store files in a permissionless manner.

BitTorrent's Unique Features

BitTorrent is unique for its decentralized high-speed file downloading through BitTorrent Speed, which rewards users for continued seeding. The platform also offers a decentralized file storage and sharing system called BTFS and a decentralized live streaming experience through DLive.

BTT Token: All You Need to Know


BTT Circulating Supply and Trading Volume

The old BTT tokens, now known as BTTOLD, have a total supply of 990 billion coins. With the launch of the BTTC mainnet, the BTT tokens were upgraded from TRC-10 to TRC-20, and the total supply was raised to 990 trillion. BTT’s current circulating supply is 951 trillion coins with a high trading volume on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Swapping BTTOLD for New BTT Tokens

The BTTOLD tokens can be swapped for the new BTT tokens in a centralized exchange, or at the BTTC official website.

Storing BTT in Secure Wallets

Since BTT is a TRC-20 token, you can store it in TRON-compatible wallets such as TRON Wallet and TRONLink. You can also store it in Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and Math Wallet. Hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor are also secure places to store BTT offline.

BTT Price: Influential Factors and Predictions

Several factors contribute to BTT's price fluctuations, including market sentiment, partnerships, and technological advancements. BTT price predictions can be speculative, but many experts believe that the token has the potential to surge in the coming years. However, investors should always conduct thorough research and consider multiple sources before making decisions.

Market Sentiment and Partnerships

Market sentiment plays a crucial role in determining BTT's price. As more people adopt cryptocurrencies and believe in their potential, the demand for digital assets like BTT increases, driving up the price. Additionally, partnerships with established businesses can significantly impact BTT's value. By collaborating with influential companies, BitTorrent can expand its user base, improve its technology, and enhance its reputation, ultimately leading to price growth.

Technological Advancements

The continual development of BitTorrent's technology also affects BTT price. With innovative features, such as decentralized storage and content sharing, the platform becomes more attractive to users, leading to higher demand for the token. As a result, BTT's value can rise in conjunction with technological progress.

BTT Price Prediction: Can BTT Reach $1?

While predicting the exact future of BTT is impossible, many experts and analysts forecast a bright outlook for the token. Considering the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market and BitTorrent's established presence, the possibility of BTT reaching $1 is not out of the question.

If we calculate the value of BTT by the current performance, we can expect an average price of $5.36 for BTT in 2040 if we calculate through the current market growth. As per our long-term BTT price analysis, it can give handsome returns to its investors in 2040. Our maximum price prediction for BitTorrent Coin is $7.12 in 2040, while the minimum price level can be around $3.67 if the market gets down.

uTorrent vs BitTorrent: What Sets Them Apart?


uTorrent and BitTorrent are both popular P2P file-sharing clients, but they have some key differences. Understanding these distinctions can help users choose the most suitable platform for their needs.

Functionality and Features

While both uTorrent and BitTorrent offer similar functionality, uTorrent is known for its lightweight nature and user-friendly interface. On the other hand, BitTorrent provides additional features, such as streaming capabilities and the integration of BTT, which allows users to earn tokens for seeding files.

Popularity and User Base

Although uTorrent and BitTorrent are both widely used, uTorrent boasts a larger user base. This is primarily due to its minimal system requirements and ease of use, making it an attractive option for a broader audience.

The Role of BTT

The most significant difference between uTorrent and BitTorrent is the integration of the BTT token in the latter. By incorporating BTT into its platform, BitTorrent offers unique incentives for users to seed files and contribute to the network, resulting in faster download speeds and a healthier ecosystem.


In conclusion, BitTorrent (BTT) is a promising digital asset with the potential for significant growth. Factors such as market sentiment, partnerships, and technological advancements can influence BTT's price trajectory, and while predictions are speculative, there is potential for the token to reach $1 in the future. 

When comparing uTorrent and BitTorrent, it's essential to consider the unique features and advantages each platform offers. BitTorrent's integration of the BTT token sets it apart from uTorrent and provides a novel approach to incentivizing content sharing and fostering a robust P2P network.

FAQ about BitTorrent and BTT Price

Q: What makes BTT valuable in the BitTorrent ecosystem?

A: BTT serves as an incentive for users to seed files, which contributes to faster download speeds and a healthier P2P network. By earning BTT tokens, users are rewarded for their contribution to the ecosystem, ensuring the sustainability and growth of the platform.


Q: How does BitTorrent's integration with TRON impact BTT's price?

A: The integration with TRON provides BitTorrent with a robust, scalable blockchain infrastructure, enabling faster transactions and lower fees. This enhances the overall user experience, potentially leading to increased demand for BTT and a subsequent rise in its price.


Q: Can I use BTT tokens on both uTorrent and BitTorrent?

A: While both uTorrent and BitTorrent are owned by the same company, BTT integration is currently exclusive to the BitTorrent platform. However, there may be plans to incorporate BTT functionality into uTorrent in the future.


Q: What is the best way to store BTT tokens?

A: BTT tokens are TRC-20 tokens built on the TRON blockchain. As such, they can be stored in any TRC-20 compatible wallet, such as TRON's native wallet or other reputable third-party wallets that support TRC-20 tokens.


Q: How can I acquire BTT tokens?

A: BTT tokens can be acquired through various methods, including participating in the BitTorrent ecosystem by seeding files, purchasing them on cryptocurrency exchanges, or receiving them as a reward for participating in promotional events or airdrops. Always ensure you are using a reputable platform or exchange when acquiring BTT tokens.

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