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News/Coin360 Crypto Technicals: Daily Market Navigator | May 30th 2023

Coin360 Crypto Technicals: Daily Market Navigator | May 30th 2023

May 30 2023

12 months ago3 minutes read

Coin360 Crypto Technicals: Daily Market Navigator

Written By Kasper

This daily series serves a purpose to educate and give some insight and technical analysis on the current prices of the bigger cryptocurrencies, based on our technical analysis. Today we will be covering BTCETH, OP, WOO, SUI and FTM on both higher and lower time frames. Don't forget to also check out our article on the fundamentals of trading and crypto technical analysis to further enhance your understanding of the market.

Crypto Spotlight

Higher Time Frame | $BTC, $ETH & $OP

Bitcoin | W1

Currently, $BTC has encountered a significant pushback from the resistance zone spanning $30-32k, as depicted in the chart. Our approach remains the same, with the subsequent vital support area situated around $24-25k, though it's unclear if this level will endure. To initiate a genuine bullish reversal, $BTC must surpass the $32k threshold, potentially paving the way for additional gains. In line with this, the Stochastic RSI appears to have reversed course, implying the likelihood of a sustained downtrend, as previously observed. 

btc w1.webp
Bitcoin | W1

Ethereum | D1

In the daily timeframe for Ethereum ($ETH), it is apparent that the cryptocurrency is currently operating within a defined range. However, it is worth noting that the price has encountered challenges in maintaining its position above the upper boundary of this range. As a result, price rejected off the range highs and could be headed towards the midrange, assuming the current trajectory persists. In order to see strong upward movement, it is crucial for the price to remain above the upper limits of the range.

eth d1.webp
Ethereum | D1

Optimism | W1

Upon examining $OP on a weekly time frame, it's clear that the Stochastic RSI is beginning to bottom out. Additionally, it's approaching a significant support area as indicated on the chart. These signals suggest that $OP could possibly reach a bottom around the $1.35 mark, provided it maintains this level.

op w1.webp
Optimism | W1

Lower Time Frame | $BTC, $ETH, $SUI & $WOO

Bitcoin | H4

As we have previously analyzed, if Bitcoin ($BTC) sustains its position above the preceding range highs, we can interpret it as a bullish trend unless proven otherwise. However, if the price plunges back into the previous range, it may potentially instigate a downward trajectory.

btc h4.webp
Bitcoin | H4

Ethereum | H4

Currently, Ethereum ($ETH) on lower time frames is trading midway within a range. If the price manages to hit the range highs, it could present a potential short entry, provided the price does not sustain and remain above these highs. Given recent trends, it's plausible that $ETH will continue to oscillate within the upper bounds of the range.

eth h4.webp
Ethereum | H4

Sui | H4

Since its inception, $SUI has been under a downward sloping trendline. Currently, it appears to be maintaining a sort of support level. Should the price break through and sustain above the trendline, it might signify the beginning of a bullish rally.

sui h4.webp

Woo Network | H4

At present, $WOO has reestablished its previous range. If the price manages to tap liquidity above the range highs but fails to maintain above the lines as depicted in the chart below, it may set the stage for a potential downturn towards the range lows.

woo h4.webp
Woo Network | H4

Prior Analysis Recap

Fantom | H1

Following up on yesterday's analysis, the support area, if breached, would act as a resistance, leading to potential trading towards the range lows. As depicted in the chart below, this scenario has indeed played out for $FTM.

ftm h1 prior.webp
Fantom | H1

Watch List

To effectively monitor the coins discussed in today's analysis, consider creating a watchlist here. This will help you keep track of their price movements and stay informed about potential opportunities. These coins are worth paying attention to, as they exhibit notable market activity and could present promising trading prospects.

Market Wrap-up

In conclusion, the overall trend across various cryptocurrencies remains bearish (on the higher time frames) for the time being, until we see evidence to the contrary. Most of the coins under discussion are navigating within range-bound markets, and their movements are being analyzed on a level-to-level basis. However we might see a bullish temporary rally. This prevailing state of affairs highlights the importance of ongoing vigilance and thorough analysis in this dynamic crypto landscape. 

Disclaimer: Please note that all information, data, and technical analysis provided in this content are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice, financial advice or trading advice.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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