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News/Coin360 Crypto Technicals: Daily Market Navigator | May 9th 2023

Coin360 Crypto Technicals: Daily Market Navigator | May 9th 2023

May 9 2023

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Daily Crypto Analysis: Delving into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Optimism

Written by Kasper

Welcome to our daily cryptocurrency series, where we strive to educate and offer insights and analysis on the current valuations of major digital assets. By utilizing technical analysis, our goal is to help you make well-informed decisions in this dynamic market. In today's issue, we'll be exploring Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Optimism on both higher and lower timeframes. Don't forget to also check out our article on the fundamentals of trading to further enhance your understanding.

Crypto Spotlight


Bitcoin | Weekly Time Frame

Bitcoin's higher timeframe currently displays a downward trajectory, following a recent rejection at the $30.5k range quarter. As it stands, the next significant support level lies around $25k, which could come into play if the price breaks through the $27k range quarter, as depicted on the chart. To witness a more bullish outlook, a secure hold above the mid-range at $28.7k would be essential for the bulls to gain momentum.

btc w1.webp
Bitcoin | W1

Ethereum | Daily Time Frame

On the daily timeframe, Ethereum is currently trading at the range quarters. If the price maintains this level, a bounce could be on the horizon. However, given that this level has been tested repeatedly, substantial liquidity has accumulated beneath it, which may suggest a potential downward move towards the range mid. As illustrated on the chart, this could lead to a price range of $1600-1700.

eth d1.webp
Ethereum | D1

Optimism | Daily Time Frame

Examining Optimism ($OP) on a higher timeframe as a broad range, it is currently trading at the range quarters. At the moment, this level is acting as resistance since the price has experienced a breakdown, implying a possible descent towards the midrange. However, if $OP manages to push up and reclaim the range quarters, a move upward could be expected, as illustrated by the chart.

op d1.webp
Optimism | D1

Optimism / Bitcoin | Daily Time Frame

In concurrence with the $OP chart, $OP/BTC is currently trading within a range on the daily timeframe. Presently, it finds itself in an indecisive zone, appearing to head towards the range mid. Unless the range high is reclaimed, $OP's outlook remains bearish.

opbtc d1.webp
Optimism / Bitcoin | D1

LTF | $BTC, $ETH & $OP

Bitcoin | H4

On the lower timeframe, Bitcoin ($BTC) continues to be range bound, with its current trading price below the midrange. The price seems inclined to retest the range lows; however, if it can regain the mid level, Bitcoin could potentially push higher.

btc h4.webp
Bitcoin | H4

Ethereum |  H4

On the lower timeframe, Ethereum ($ETH) remains range bound and is currently trading at the range lows. If these lows hold, a move higher could be expected. However, since the price has bounced at this level numerous times before, a considerable amount of stop losses and liquidity has built up below this point. This may suggest that the level could struggle to hold. Consequently, a break below the range lows would likely lead to a further downward movement.

eth h4.webp
Ethereum | H4

Optimism | H1

On the lower timeframe, Optimism ($OP) is in a trending environment, and has not established a range for trading, as depicted on the chart. Consistent with the higher timeframe analysis, a reclaim of the horizontal level shown on the chart could potentially drive the price upward. However, at present, this level is acting as resistance since the price has broken through it, and $OP appears to be heading further downward.

op h4.webp
Optimism | H1

Key News

A crucial upcoming news event that may significantly impact volatility and price action in the cryptocurrency market is the release of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Wednesday. This economic indicator typically causes substantial market fluctuations and should be taken into consideration when assessing potential price movements.

Notable Market Movers


WOO Network ($WOO) has experienced a significant downward movement, currently down approximately 25% from its range highs. After deviating and losing its range highs, the price has dropped sharply. Based on current trends, it appears that $WOO is heading towards the range lows once more, as illustrated on the graph.

woo d1.webp
Woo | D1

Market Wrap-up

In summary, our analysis of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Optimism, and WOO Network, highlights the importance of closely monitoring price movements and key support and resistance levels. With an upcoming US CPI release that could impact market volatility, traders must remain vigilant and consider both higher and lower timeframes when making decisions. Remember that the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market requires a well-informed approach and continuous adaptation to new information.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information, data, and technical analysis provided in this content are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice, financial advice or trading advice.

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