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News/FTX Launches Claims Portal Amid Legal Firestorm

FTX Launches Claims Portal Amid Legal Firestorm

Jul 12 2023

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FTX Launches Claim Portal for Creditors

Written by Van

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In the labyrinthine world of cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX derivatives have made a significant move. They've introduced a claims portal for users to pledge and possibly attain their locked funds. The native FTX token, FTT, witnessed a remarkable boost following this step — growth of around 17.27% on July 11, peaking at $1.79.


The launch of this claims portal symbolizes a rejuvenation drive in the vein of a potential FTX 2.0 reboot, as teased earlier by the CEO. The rebirth of trust in the exchange, its viability, and the effectiveness of this approach still hover in the realm of uncertainty.

However, the claim portal's journey wasn't without hiccups. After going live on July 11, the portal experienced a brief period of downtime.

Despite this, the portal allowed users of multiple branches – like FTX US, Blockfolio, FTX EU, FTX Japan, and Liquid – to submit claims and access their account information. 

With an intended submission deadline of September 29, users could also see their account balances as of November 11, 2022 — the day FTX filed for bankruptcy. The shorter life span of the claims portal only slightly dampened user spirits as alternative submission options remained available.

The bankruptcy murkiness continues for FTX, with ex-CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried poised to face an impending trial over fraud allegations in October.

Clouds Overhead: Scrutiny and Investigations Abound


The waves of the FTX ordeal are washing over more than just the exchange and its direct users. The turbulent waters now engulf Ryan Salame, a former executive at FTX.

Manhattan's federal prosecutors have trained their investigative gaze on Salame, with allegations of illegal political donations towards his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Bond's political campaign in 2022 being in focus.

Decoding the figures involved, we come across significant monetary exchanges - Bond's campaign reportedly benefited from more than $56,000 in donations from Salame and other FTX employees. Overall, her campaign contributions tipped over $659,000.

The saga gains further consequence as Salame's actions before the FTX collapse come under the legal scanner. He had reported suspicious transactions to authorities in the Bahamas, triggering an inquiry into funds transferred to Alameda Research.

The drama amplified when FBI agents descended on Salame's Washington D.C home in April, as part of their investigation into Sam Bankman-Fried's political operations. 

In this intricate mesh of transactions and inquiries, federal authorities have also zeroed in on an estimated $24 million in donations by Salame during the 2022 midterm elections. To add to the suspense, this sum is alleged to have been drawn from FTX's customer funds.

The political aspect of Salame and Bond's connections deepen further as we delve into Bond's career. A role that leaps out is her former presidency of the Association for Digital Asset Markets. In her campaign, supporters of pro-cryptocurrency positions found a friend, albeit not a highlight. 

As this saga unfolds, Ryan Salame's alleged entanglement in illegal activities stirs up further disequilibrium in an already shaky episode for FTX. The full extent of the donations' effect on Bond's campaign remains in the shadows.

With Bond rooted in a tenure advocating for pro-crypto policies, the impact of this investigation could exhibit ripple effects for the digital asset market.

A Cautious Stand Against a Backdrop of FTX's Failures

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Singapore's second-largest wealth fund, Temasek Holdings exemplifies caution in an unpredictable crypto landscape. Considering the recent FTX hiatus, Temasek's chief investment officer expressed his reserve towards future investments into the digital assets industry, primarily due to regulatory uncertainty. 

This concern coexists with a 5.2% drop in the value of Temasek's immense portfolio of approximately S$382 billion, primarily spread across Singapore and Asia. While their investments within the city-state have remained steady, the worth of their worldwide direct investments has seen a downward trend over the past two years.

The fund's engagement with the failed FTX crypto exchange and its US subsidiary amounted to over $265 million. This led to a 1% stake in FTX and an additional capital infusion into FTX's US subsidiary between October 2021 to January 2022.

Moreover, Temasek also poured $100 million into Animoca Brands, a top-tier blockchain investment firm in Asia, leveraging convertible bonds to dip their toes into the Web3 sector.

The fund’s interest, however, floundered as FTX collapsed. Temasek promptly wrote off its investments in the platform and initiated punitive measures against tied-in executives and team members. The chief investment officer took a firm stand stating Temasek's absence of interest in investing in cryptocurrencies.

This lack of interest extends to future investment in exchanges, given the tumultuous regulatory environment.

Singapore is not alone in tightening the reins on digital asset regulations; a trend seems to be emerging across Asia. These new rules aim to prevent the entangling of funds and are effectively throwing a wet blanket on centralized lending and staking services.

However, not all has been in vain. The chief investment officer touched upon the silver lining—the fund's investment in FTX did manage to churn fee-based revenue without the accompanying balance sheet or trading risks.

Going forward, Temasek is open to considering investments in digital assets—if and when regulatory clarity emerges, and the right opportunities present themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FTX's claims portal?

The claims portal is an initiative by FTX allowing users to file their locked fund claims amidst the company's bankruptcy proceedings.

2. Can users still submit claims despite the portal going offline?

Yes, users can submit claims through Kroll's online form or via U.S. mail.

3. What implications might the FTX situation have for trust in other crypto exchanges?

FTX’s downfall has raised concerns about the overall trustworthiness of crypto exchanges, emphasizing the need for stringent regulatory frameworks and responsible user practices.

4. Who is Ryan Salame in the FTX controversy?

Ryan Salame is a former FTX executive currently being investigated for illegal political donations.

5. How has Temasek Holdings reacted to FTX's predicament?

Temasek has been cautious due to regulatory uncertainties, writing off all its investments in FTX and undertaking disciplinary action against those involved. Despite this, the wealth fund is open to future digital asset investments if regulations get clearer and appropriate opportunities present themselves.

Closing Thoughts

The world of cryptocurrency exchanges is a challenging landscape riddled with volatility and regulatory hiccups. Amidst this, FTX's venture to provide a lifeline to users through a claim portal was received with hope. However, trust building remains a significant challenge.

While the regulatory apprehensions keep potential investors like Temasek on the sidelines, future clarity could welcome them back into the game. The FTX saga underscores the need for transparency, responsible innovation, and robust regulatory frameworks to navigate the unpredictable sea of digital assets, maintaining a resilient crypto ecosystem.

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