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News/Google Takes A Nuanced Stance on NFT Game Advertising

Google Takes A Nuanced Stance on NFT Game Advertising

Sep 7 2023

9 months ago2 minutes read
Robot juggling NFTs and Google logo in futuristic setting

Google Embracing Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens

Written by Van

In a groundbreaking move, Google has rolled out an intricate amendment to its advertising norms, specifically targeting blockchain-centric video games that incorporate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Set to come into effect on September 15, 2023, this update marks a significant shift in Google’s interaction with the multifaceted world of blockchain and NFT-supported gaming. 

Much like how the Ethereum market cap took a sharp turn, Google’s policy change reflects an evolving stance and the expanding influence of crypto technology. 

Regulatory Nuances: The Grey Areas and The Not-So-Grey Ones

Digital painting of game controller with NFT and blockchain elements (1).webp

Contrary to being a carte blanche for all NFT-oriented games, the policy update introduces a series of conditions primarily aimed at restricting gambling-flavored crypto games. To be precise, gaming platforms that permit players to risk or allocate their NFTs in barter for real-world value are categorically blacklisted from advertising on Google's platforms.

In the same vein, social casino games, incubating users with NFTs as rewards, are precluded from running advertisements. Amid the slew of restrictions, the lockdown of crypto or NFTs by users to accrue additional crypto over an extended period is explicitly disallowed under the recently announced policy. 

The Route to Certification and Compliance: Google Calling the Shots

A company's aspirational pathway to advertising on Google has to lead through verification trials. Any entity interested in publicity must secure gambling licenses or certifications via Google's application procedure if their games contain elements designated as "gambling" by the Silicon Valley giant.

The upgraded gambling policy demarcates that advertisers may not target users under the age of 21. It also mandates the advertisers to embed warnings focusing on the perils of gambling addiction.

Guardians of NFTs: Google's Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down 

There is a clear bifurcation between the acceptable and non-acceptable applications of NFTs under this policy. Google's adjustment appears to adopt a welcoming approach towards games that extend in-game additions like cosmetics, arsenal, or other items designated as NFTs.

Interestingly, Google draws a distinction between NFTs sculpting an improved gameplay experience and those forefronting gambling mechanics. The company seems to place its bets on the former, permitting them a clear passage to advertising.

Unwrapping Industry Implications: Reading Between the Lines

Gaming avatar in NFT armor next to 'Google Certified' sign (1).webp

The nuanced policy adjustment directs a spotlight on Google's recognition of the blooming NFT and blockchain gaming sector. Google's ever-increasing embrace of Web3 technologies is evident. It has been gravitating towards this since April 2023 when Google Cloud heralded the commencement of a Web3 startup program.

The move, with its semblance to the fluctuating crypto coin prices, sketches Google’s effort in maneuvering the shift to a decentralized digital economy.

Google's Policy enactment: A Snapshot of the Crypto Market Context 

The NFT landscape seized mainstream attention as early as 2018. However, it found broader adaptations in the gaming sector only towards the end of 2020 and throughout 2021. This alludes to the crypto market's avid interest in the policy shifts, akin to their focus on cryptocurrency charts.

Looking into The Future: Planned Updates on the Horizon

Even though the initial policy alteration debuted in August 2023, Google hasn't put a full stop. It plans to bring additional updates to light as September rolls, pointing blockchain game developers and advertisers toward more unambiguous and actionable instructions.

The Key Takeaway: Google's Blueprint for NFT Gaming Regulation

At its core, Google's policy refinement centers its insightful approach towards managing the broader field of NFT-oriented gaming. By greenlighting advertisements for games utilizing NFTs to uplift gameplay while concurrently imposing restrictions on games dabbling with elements of gambling, Google is effectively laying the foundation for the industry's regulatory context.

This move not only imparts prominence to the application of NFTs in mainstream gaming but also stands as a precedential regulatory sketch that might guide how other technological titans and regulatory bodies grapple with this rapidly metamorphosing sector.

FAQs: Gleaning Further Inside the Policy Change

1. How is Google’s new advertising policy affecting blockchain-based video games?

Google's revised advertising policy introduces regulations especially aimed at blockchain video games that incorporate NFTs, primarily targeting those with gambling-related components, and disallowing their advertising.

2. What kind of NFT games are affected by the advertising policy?

Under the revised policy, games rewarding users with NFTs and games that permit users to wager their NFTs for real-world value are explicitly barred from advertising in Google’s platforms. 

3. What are the requirements for companies to advertise under the new policy?

Companies that have their games include elements categorized as “gambling” by Google must secure gambling licenses or certifications through a standard application process. 

4. What future updates can we expect from Google regarding the advertising policy for NFT game advertising?

Google, in its communication, has hinted at future updates scheduled for September wherein further clarity would be provided to blockchain game developers and advertisers.

5. How would the policy change impact the gaming industry and the wider market of NFTs?

The policy change enhances the legitimacy of using NFTs in mainstream gaming, posing potential influence on regulations across the sector and other tech giants. This could cause a significant ripple effect in the gaming industry and the wider NFT market.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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