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News/How to Navigate BscScan Like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide in 2023

How to Navigate BscScan Like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide in 2023

Aug 7 2023

11 months ago5 minutes read
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Table of Contents

Written by Van

Section TitleKey Points
Joining the Crypto World? Your Introduction to BscScanDiscusses the increased need for reliable tools like BscScan as cryptocurrencies become more popular and explains the purpose of BscScan as an explorer for BNB Smart Chain.
A Simplified Explanation for BscScanExplains the basics of BscScan, highlighting how it tracks the BNB Smart Chain and provides user-friendly insights and analytics about blocks, transactions, and token transfers.
A Guide to Effectively Navigate BscScanBreaks down how to use BscScan effectively, including how to start, check transactions and tokens, use BscScan revoke and token approval checker, understand transaction tracking, find gas prices, and verify smart contracts.
Key Features of BscScanDescribes BscScan’s key features like Token Tracker, Analytics and Charts, Tools, Developer Section, NFT Compatibility, and additional tools under the Explore section.
Practical Tips and StrategiesDiscusses how BscScan can be used for investment insights, smart contract development, integrating into other crypto tools and platforms, and its future enhancements.
Pros and Cons of BscScanOutlines the benefits and potential drawbacks of using BscScan, including its user-friendly interface, access to essential information, flexibility, real-time data, comprehensive token information, smart contract verification, potential security concerns, dependence on BNB Smart Chain, potential misinformation, and being limited to BNB Smart Chain.


Joining the Crypto World? Your Introduction to BscScan

As the world increasingly pivots towards cryptocurrencies, our need for reliable tracking and analysis tools has skyrocketed. A vital member of this crypto tool ensemble, BscScan, continues to take center stage. As an explorer for the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), BscScan provides invaluable insights and functionalities for crypto enthusiasts.

In today's discussion, we will open the portals of BscScan and gain a thorough understanding of its features, uses, and benefits, offering a holistic guide to navigating this indispensable platform. 

A Simplified Explanation for BscScan

BscScan reigns as one of the most popular and versatile block explorers created by the team responsible for Etherscan. Designed specifically for the BNB Smart Chain, BscScan is essentially a search engine that provides information about on-chain activities within the BSC ecosystem.

It has steadily carved its niche in the crypto world as an easy-to-use, user-friendly platform offering deep insights and analytics. 

BscScan works by continually tracking the BNB Smart Chain, capturing and displaying real-time information about the latest blocks, transactions, and token transfers. Any transaction conducted on BSC is recorded on the BscScan network, making it a reliable and comprehensive source of information. 

While BscScan might initially seem overwhelming, we promise it's not! Take a breath, grab your cup of coffee, and let's explore BscScan in each of its details in the upcoming sections. By the end of this guide, you're going to navigate BscScan like a pro!

A Guide to Effectively Navigate BscScan

Understanding how to optimally use BscScan is instrumental to your interaction with the BSC ecosystem. This section seeks to break down how you can use key components of the BscScan platform effectively.

1. How to Use BscScan?

Start by understanding the basics:

1.1. To start using BscScan

  • Navigate to
  • Freely explore the site from the homepage, input relevant information into the search bar at the top right.
  • For enhanced functionalities, create a user account. 

Note: BscScan is not a digital wallet, but users can connect existing wallets like MetaMask to it.

homepage  on bscscan.webp

1.2. How to Check Transactions on BscScan

  • Use transaction hash (ID) or wallet addresses to search.
  • BSCScan presents information including transaction amount, date, block number, gas fees, and status.
  • Check the 'Latest Transactions' section for recently executed transactions on the BNB Smart Chain.
  • Click on a specific transaction to access detailed information, including sender, receiver, transaction fee, value, and transaction hash.

1.3. How to Find Tokens on BscScan

  • To search: input specific tokens in the search bar.
  • The resulting Display shows token details such as market cap, price, total supply, owner, number of transfers, holders, and transaction history.
  • Daily rankings in the ‘Tokens’ menu show top tokens by transfer counts, volume, and market cap for BEP-20 tokens.

On the Token page, click the kebab menu in the right corner and you can:

  • Check previous token supply
  • Add token to Web3 wallet
  • Update token info (You must be the contract address owner to do this)
  • Update name tag
  • Submit label
  • Report/flag address
  • Add to ignore list
token page additional features on bscscan.webp

1.4. How to Use BscScan Revoke and Token Approval Checker

It is crucial to review and verify the token approvals for Dapps before any transaction.

  1. Go to Token Approvals, enter your wallet address.
  2. The page displays the Dapps linked to your tokens.
  3. By connecting your wallet, the platform allows you to revoke access for any unwanted tokens.

2. Understanding Token and Transaction Tracking

Deciphering transactions on BscScan is easy:

  • Your Wallet Balance: This is displayed in BNB and its equivalent USD value.
  • Tokens: Supports BEP-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens. These balances are displayed under the ‘Tokens’ field.
  • Transaction Status: Each transaction is labeled – it’s either pending, successful, or failed.
  • Block: Height showing the transaction has been added to the blockchain.
  • Value: Transaction value displayed in BNB and USD.
  • Transaction Fee: This is the cost of making a transaction on the BNB Smart Chain.
  • Private Messages: After logging in, you can view private messages from other users. Swipe down and hit ‘Click to see More’. Choose ‘View Input As’ > ‘UTF-8’ to translate data from hexadecimal to ordinary text.

3. Finding Gas Prices

Understanding gas prices is critical to managing your transactions on BSC efficiently. BscScan offers a Gas Tracker, giving you real-time insight into current gas fees.

  • Navigate to the BscScan Gas Tracker.
  • You'll find information on average gas fees in gwei, block size, and average utilization.
  • The page additionally provides a listing of the top 25 'Gas Guzzlers' and 'Gas Spenders'.
  • For a quick conversion, remember that 1 gwei in BNB is equivalent to 0.000000001 BNB.
  • Gas Fee = Gas Price x Gas Limit. For example, with an average gas price of about 3 gwei and a 21,000 gas limit, you need to have at least 0.000063 BNB in your wallet to proceed with a transaction.

Monitoring gas prices can help you optimize your transactions and ensure optimal resource allocation.

gas tracker on bscscan.webp

4. Verifying Smart Contracts

Smart contract verification on BscScan is beneficial. These steps guide you:

  1. Ensure the contract is deployed on the BNB Smart Chain.
  2. Head to the 'More' > ‘Verify Contract’ tab.
  3. Fill in the required details: Contract Address, Compiler Type, Open Source License Type, etc.
  4. Click on ‘Continue’ and follow the next steps.
contract verification on bscscan.webp

5. Community & Support Resources

Have a question or needing support? Access this link to find relevant FAQ's, solutions or send a message to the support team through the chat box: BscScan Support Portal.

Key Features of BscScan

The heart of BscScan lies in its key features that give users unparalleled insight and control. Let's delve into the mainstay features of BscScan.

1. Token Tracker

BscScan’s Token Tracker is a robust feature that enables users to seamlessly track and analyze tokens. By entering the token name in the search bar, users are directed to a comprehensive overview of that specific token. This feature ensures that users are always kept up-to-date with their token transactions.

2. Analytics and Charts

The ‘Charts & Stats’ and ‘Top Statistics’ under the ‘Resources’ section add value by providing graphical representation of data, aiding users in understanding blockchain trends and patterns. Users can select any token and get a chart representing data like price performance, token supply, active addresses etc.

It’s a great tool to visually interpret and understand blockchain data, making it perfect for analysts and traders.

charts and statistics on bscscan.webp

3. Tools

Despite boasting an assortment of advanced features in its toolbox, including:

  • Label Word Cloud
  • Verified Signature
  • Beta
  • Unit Converter

It's indisputable that ‘Token Approvals’ reigns supreme among BscScan's offerings in terms of popularity. The Token Approvals function acts as a control center for users, enabling them to view all smart contracts approved for their tokens to interact with. 

Not only that, users are also empowered to revoke approval for any suspicious contracts through this feature. This perfect fusion of control and security makes Token Approvals the go-to tool for many BscScan users.

4. Developer Section

Last but not least is the Developer Section. This section is laden with resources and tools for developers, including API Documentation, contract verification, byte to opcode conversion, transaction broadcasting, and even a contract diff checker.

5. NFT Compitability

BscScan is fully compatible with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform facilitates tracking of ERC-721 tokens, allowing users to look up their NFTs via the transaction hash, NFT smart contract, or their wallet address. It should be noted, though, that BscScan does not display the art associated with NFTs.

For that, users would need to connect to an NFT marketplace or other service provider.

6. BscScan’s Explore: Additional Features

BscScan doesn't just stop with the aforementioned features; its Explore section contains other useful tools catering to the needs of users:

  • Gas Tracker: The 'Gas Tracker' provides a real-time estimate of the current gas prices on the BNB Smart Chain network.
  • Node Tracker: The 'Node Tracker' lets users monitor the status and health of public nodes in the BNB Smart Chain environment.
  • DEX Tracker: The 'DEX Tracker' keeps track of decentralized exchange (DEX) transaction details.
  • Domain Name Lookup: With the 'Domain Name Lookup', users can investigate the owner of a given SPACE ID name or verify the accuracy of their own records.

BscScan's plethora of features, seeing through its mission of providing users with extensive on-chain information, empowers users with critical insights, whether they're casual users or seasoned developers.

Key FeaturesDescription
Token TrackerEnables users to track and analyze tokens by providing a comprehensive overview of specific tokens.
Analytics and ChartsProvides graphical representation of data, making it easier to understand blockchain trends and patterns.
ToolsOffers a set of advanced features including Label Word Cloud, Verified Signature, Beta, and Unit Converter, with special mention to 'Token Approvals' which lets users see and manage all smart contracts approved for their tokens.
DevelopersRich with resources and tools for developers like API Documentation, contract verification, and more.
NFT CompatibilityFacilitates tracking of ERC-721 tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through various look-up methods.
ExploreContains additional useful tools like the Gas Tracker, Node Tracker, DEX Tracker, and Domain Name Lookup.


Equipped with these features, BscScan offers a holistic solution to explore, track and understand the BNB Smart Chain blockchain.

Practical Tips and Strategies

A person sitting at a computer looking at the BscScan website (1).webp

Investment Insights Using BscScan

BscScan isn't just a tool for transaction tracking; it's a goldmine for investors. By analyzing token transfers, whale activities, and smart contract interactions, one can gauge market sentiment and trends. For instance:

  • Token Holders: By examining the top holders of a particular token, you can identify potential whale activities or centralization risks.
  • Token Transfers: A sudden spike in token transfers might indicate an upcoming announcement or partnership.
  • Contract Interactions: High interactions with a particular smart contract might suggest its growing popularity or utility in the ecosystem.

Smart Contract Development

For developers, BscScan is an indispensable tool. It offers functionalities like:

  • Contract Verification: Ensure your contract's source code matches the deployed version, fostering trust with users.
  • Read/Write Contract: Interact directly with smart contracts, triggering functions or querying states without external tools.
  • Events: Monitor specific events triggered by your contract, aiding in debugging and analysis.

Integrating BscScan in Crypto Tools

BscScan's robust API allows for seamless integration into various crypto tools and platforms. Examples include:

  • Wallets: Display transaction histories and token balances.
  • DApps: Fetch contract data or verify user transactions.
  • Trading Platforms: Provide real-time data on token transfers, aiding in liquidity analysis and arbitrage opportunities.

Future of BscScan

As the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem evolves, so does BscScan. Here's what to anticipate:

  • Enhanced Analytics: More in-depth data visualizations and trend analysis tools.
  • NFT Tracking: With the rise of NFTs, expect more comprehensive tracking and analytics for non-fungible tokens.
  • Community Features: Enhanced forums, developer resources, and collaborative tools to foster a more engaged BscScan community.

Note: The insights provided are based on the capabilities of BscScan and the potential applications in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Always ensure to stay updated with BscScan's official announcements and updates for the latest features and tools.

Pros and Cons of BscScan

We’ll delve into the significant benefits and potential drawbacks of using BscScan, revealing a comprehensive understanding of its practical implications for users.


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Access to essential information
  • Flexible API
  • Real-time data
  • Comprehensive token information
  • Smart contract verification feature
  • Potential security concerns
  • Dependence on the performance and adoption of BNB Smart Chain
  • Potential misinformation if token data isn't verified
  • Limited to BNB Smart Chain


FAQs about BscScan

1. What is BscScan used for?

BscScan is primarily used to search for, verify, and analyze transactions, addresses, and other activities on the BNB Smart Chain.

2. How to connect a wallet to BscScan?

You can connect your wallet to BscScan by:

  • Visit BscScan and open ‘Token Approvals’
  • Enter your wallet address and click on the 'Connect to Web3' button
  • In the pop-up window that appears, select either MetaMask or WalletConnect, depending on your preferred wallet
  • Follow the specific instructions displayed for your wallet to successfully make the connection

Note: The connection status may initially not be displayed correctly. To verify, repeatedly click 'Connect to Web3' until the button displays 'Connected - Web3 [Your wallet address]'

3. How to read BscScan?

BscScan contains various sections, each providing unique data. 'Home' gives transaction history, 'Tokens' shows token details, and 'Charts & Stats' provide graphical data. 

4. How to see holders on BscScan?

Visit the page of the specific token on BscScan, click on the 'Holders' tab to see a list of all wallet addresses holding the token.


BscScan, as this guide highlights, is an exceptional tool offering comprehensive crypto insights, facilitating informed investment decisions. Despite its limitations, mastering it is essential for crypto enthusiasts as it paves the path for efficient crypto engagement and future possibilities.

So, take the plunge, start exploring BscScan today, and unleash an exciting world of crypto at your fingertips. Eager to explore more about the BNB Smart Chain? Don't miss our comprehensive guide on how to add BNB to MetaMask and connect to BNB Smart Chain.

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