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News/Bitcoin Soars Past $34K: BlackRock's ETF Makes a Comeback on DTCC List

Bitcoin Soars Past $34K: BlackRock's ETF Makes a Comeback on DTCC List

Van Thanh Le

Oct 26 2023

8 months ago4 minutes read
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The Return of Bitcoin ETFs: A Market Phenomenon

BlackRock, a major player, has stirred up the buzz amongst market watchers with its Bitcoin ETF dubbed iBTC. Reinstated by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), iBTC's resurgence not only turned heads but also stimulated Bitcoin's price, pushing it past the $34,000 watershed.

Before this unexpected move, the initial listing of iBTC on the DTCC had created a wave of excitement, propelling a crypto-wide rally where short positions of $323 million were liquidated. This led to Bitcoin's price spiking to $35,000, and its market dominance reached a 2.5-year high at 54%.
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Interestingly, a spokesperson from DTCC told CoinDesk that the IBTC ticker for BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF has appeared on the DTCC's website since August. However, it does not indicate regulatory approval. Analysts suggest the appearance of the ticker shows that BlackRock is preparing for a potential launch pending SEC approval.

While BlackRock rejoiced in its second coming, ARK 21Shares' spot Bitcoin ETF was conspicuously absent from the DTCC list. This raised significant eyebrows, prompting speculation about its regulatory standing and acceptance in the market. 

In contrast, ARK Invest demonstrated some tactical moves as it sold off Grayscale and Coinbase stocks for two consecutive days. Some interpreted this as an indicator of a shift in their investment portfolio, possibly making room for other crypto assets or ETFs. 

Navigating the Regulatory Quagmire

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But this journey through disruptive finance is not a smooth ride. BlackRock learned this the hard way when it was hit with a $2.5 million penalty by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

The company failed to make proper investment disclosures, offering a stern lesson to other establishments traversing the crypto-sphere on the importance of transparency and accurate reporting. 

Despite the regulatory roadblocks, DTCC's decision to relist BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF is seen as a promising milestone for mainstream acceptance. Simultaneously, it underscored the pressing requirement for robust regulatory compliance and strengthened disclosure mechanisms in this rapidly expanding industry.

Exploring Market Predictions 

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The outlook for Bitcoin is bullish, according to Galaxy Digital's research. It projected a 74% increase in Bitcoin's price within a year of the ETF's approval. If this comes to fruition, it would see Bitcoin's price soaring past $59,000. 

And perhaps even more staggering, the report estimates the Bitcoin ETF market to swell to an astronomical $14.4 trillion within one year of its launch and eventually doubling to $26.5 trillion in the second year.

Joining the positive forecast for Bitcoin, seasoned crypto analyst Alex Krüger anticipates Bitcoin's price to notch $42,000. He pins these expectations on market optimism, hoping for ETF approval by the SEC by January 10, 2024. In addition, Krüger is predicting a 20% intraday price increase on the day the ETF receives approval, offering a critical metric for traders and investors.

Gleaning from Industry Stalwarts 

Famed finance whiz Mike Novogratz has demonstrated an enthusiastic outlook on a Bitcoin ETF being approved soon. These positive comments have catalyzed the recent buying frenzy that pushed Bitcoin's price from $28,500 to $31,000 in a few short days.

Examining the Altcoin Landscape

With Bitcoin stealing much of the limelight, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has lagged somewhat. Alex Krüger predicts that the launch of a Bitcoin ETF could trigger a surge in attention towards Ethereum, potentially accompanied by a significant price appreciation. 

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Other altcoins such as SOL (Solana), LINK (Chainlink), and BSV (Bitcoin SV), despite making noteworthy strides, underperform when compared to Bitcoin.

Gold vs. Bitcoin - An Evolving Conundrum 

As gold ETF holdings decline and Bitcoin's network, and prospects for ETFs rise, Bloomberg Intelligence's Mike McGlone observes a potential paradigm shift in the making. 

McGlone's analysis proposes that the increasing strength of Bitcoin when compared to traditional assets such as stocks and bonds signals Bitcoin's maturity and demonstrates its growing diversification capabilities.

Unveiling the Future of Crypto Assets 

Looking to the horizon, Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, anticipates Bitcoin to skyrocket between $150,000 and $250,000 per unit in the next bull cycle. By the end of this decade, he sees Bitcoin prices reaching as high as $750,000. 


Likewise, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," lists a price target of $135,000 for Bitcoin. In addition, he also offers optimistic forecasts for gold and silver prices. 

Spotlight on Hashdex's Bitcoin ETF Application

As we turn our gaze to Hashdex's application for a unique take on a spot Bitcoin ETF, some interesting details emerge. 

Representatives from the asset management company recently sat down for a meeting with the SEC on October 13 to hash out concerns related to their proposal. The attendees comprised members from Hashdex, NYSE Arca, Tidal Financial Group, and law firm K&L Gates. 

Screenshot of Hashdex’s presentation to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.webp
Hashdex presented its proposal to the SEC.

Hashdex takes an unconventional approach with its application, in contrast to others by not having a surveillance-sharing agreement with a crypto exchange like Coinbase. Rather, they propose acquiring spot BTC from physical exchanges within the regulated confines of the CME market.

During the meeting, Hashdex laid out their proposed mechanism for trading and holding spot Bitcoin in the ETF on the CME, which operates under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's watch.

Countdown to the First Deadline

With the application's first deadline set for Nov. 17, the SEC may request additional information. Should approval be granted, the ETF will have the capacity to hold spot Bitcoin alongside Bitcoin futures

Hashdex, along with several asset managers, races to list the first spot Bitcoin ETF, with BlackRock's application recently listed on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Some forecasters anticipate that the SEC will give the green light to all spot Bitcoin ETFs within three months.

For some context, Hashdex is no lightweight in the space. Claiming over $380 million AUM and 14 exchange-traded products across seven countries, they are poised to make a significant impact.

Bitwise's Revised ETF Proposal: Steady as She Goes

Bitwise has resubmitted its Bitcoin ETF proposal after taking into account feedback from the SEC. The revisions in the proposal align with expectations and carry amendments to address SEC's concerns, similar to recent amendments from other hopeful ETF launchers.

The Bitwise product now shows its colors with the ticker BITB, adding to the anticipation as the SEC takes its time reviewing the paper. Unfazed by previous rejections by the SEC, Bitwise remains committed to its mission. Their CIO, Matt Hougan, firmly believes the SEC will eventually approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, echoing a sentiment shared industry-wide.

JPMorgan Indicates Potential Lawsuits for SEC

In a recent revelation, analysts from JPMorgan, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, hinted at significant legal ramifications for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The root of this potential entanglement lies in the possible rejection of applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC. 

"Any rejection could translate into lawsuits against SEC, opening the floodgates for more legal difficulties for the regulating body," says Panigirtzoglou. 

This unveiling comes in the wake of the SEC's recent loss in the court against Grayscale Investments. The result prompted a call for the SEC to reassess Grayscale's application to transform its Bitcoin trust into a Bitcoin spot ETF. 

Panigirtzoglou suggests that while SEC's rejection of spot Bitcoin ETFs is unlikely, it's not impossible. He speculates that the SEC would prefer not to engage in another legal scuffle over this matter.

Market Optimism Intertwined with Rising Institutional Demand

JPMorgan warns of potential lawsuits if SEC rejects spot bitcoin ETFs.webp

In their latest report, JPMorgan echoes a pervasive sense of optimism, suggesting a wave of spot Bitcoin ETF approvals looming "within months." This anticipation ties in with a significant increase in Bitcoin's price, which rocketed almost 20% within the past week. 

Such an upswing is primarily due to institutional interest, marking a new trend deviating from traditional retail-driven rallies. This shift is evidenced by data from CME Bitcoin futures, primarily frequented by institutional investors. They've risen to their highest level this year, outpacing the peak from August 2022. 

Demystifying the BlackRock DTCC Listing

Phil Bak, CEO of Armada ETFs, has publicly expressed doubt about the significance of the iShares Bitcoin ETF's listing on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) by BlackRock. As an ETF industry veteran, Bak insists that the DTCC’s listing has no importance in swaying the SEC's decisions on Bitcoin ETF approvals. 

"DTCC is not a listing venue. You’ve been misinformed. When you see the words '19b4 approved,' then you’ll know an ETF is on the horizon," Bak quipped. 

He added emphatically, "The DTCC scenario means absolutely nothing. Get offline and engage with your loved ones." Bak's candid commentary has sparked lively debates within the crypto community, emphasizing the ongoing volatility around Bitcoin ETFs.

Deciphering the Modern Financial Lexicon

The labyrinth of regulatory intricacies, market speculations, and digital asset competitions paints the vibrant, yet challenging landscape of crypto investments. Bitcoin ETFs, particularly BlackRock’s iBTC could be potential game-changers in this space, setting new precedents for traditional and digital assets. 

For now, the transition from traditional assets like gold to digital counterparts such as Bitcoin appears to be a seismic shift propelled by hard numbers, market optimism, and expert insights. However, one thing seems clear: this is not a wave. It's a goal-post moving financial revolution.


1. How has iBTC's relisting impacted Bitcoin's market dominance?

The relisting has boosted Bitcoin's market dominance to its highest in two-and-a-half years.

2. Why did the SEC penalize BlackRock?

The SEC imposed a penalty due to non-compliant investment disclosures, underscoring the strict regulatory compliance in the crypto world.

3. What is the estimated growth of the Bitcoin ETF market?

According to Galaxy Digital's research, the Bitcoin ETF market could reach $14.4 trillion within a year, and double to $26.5 trillion in the second year.

4. How could Bitcoin ETF's approval affect its price and other cryptocurrencies?

Research suggests that Bitcoin's price could surge dramatically following ETF approval, with a potential positive ripple effect on other altcoins like Ethereum and Solana.

5. What is the predicted long-term trajectory for Bitcoin's price?

Some experts predict that Bitcoin has the potential to reach between $150,000 and $750,000 per unit by the end of the decade, signalling an enormous opportunity for crypto investors.  

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