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News/Lido V2 Upgrade: Revolutionizing Liquid Staking and ETH Staking Rewards

Lido V2 Upgrade: Revolutionizing Liquid Staking and ETH Staking Rewards

May 16 2023

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Lido: A Pivotal Player in Enhancing Ethereum Staking Rewards

Written by Van
As a central player in the Ethereum staking landscape, Lido's recent V2 upgrade has significantly shifted the dynamics within the DeFi space. The upgrade comes with the long-awaited ability for users to withdraw their staked ETH directly from the protocol, a move that has been met with considerable interest from the crypto community.

Lido's Role in the Ethereum Staking Landscape


Lido's Progressive Journey in Defi Staking and Liquid Staking

Lido, a frontrunner in liquid staking platforms for Ethereum, has made significant strides in the DeFi staking sphere, thanks to its innovative approach to staking. This innovation has enabled Lido to capture a sizeable share of the liquid staking market, a testament to the trust and confidence users place in its services. Over time, Lido has shown unwavering commitment to enhancing its network, with the latest V2 upgrade standing as a testament to this dedication.

Key Enhancements in the V2 Upgrade: Boosting Ethereum Staking Rewards

One of the primary enhancements in this upgrade is the staking router component, anticipated to diversify staking. These improvements aim to create a more efficient use of staked ETH within the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, effectively increasing Ethereum staking rewards.

Enhancing User Experience: ETH Withdrawals in Lido's V2 Upgrade Boost DeFi Staking

Prior to the V2 upgrade, Lido users experienced a significant inconvenience as they were unable to withdraw their ETH due to a lack of a withdrawal function in the software. However, with the recent upgrade, withdrawals have been enabled, leading to over $500,000 worth of stETH being redeemed within the first three hours.

This upgrade is expected to create a more user-friendly staking experience on Lido. In fact, according to the Token Unlocks dashboard, a spike in withdrawals is projected for May 16, with an estimated 9,660 ETH (worth around $17.54 million) expected to be withdrawn over the next eleven hours.

Source: Token Unlocks

Legal Implications of Liquid Staking in the US

Despite the positive strides that liquid staking solutions have made, including becoming the top DeFi category in terms of total value locked, there are still legal questions that need to be addressed, particularly in the US. These legal considerations could shape the future of liquid staking and dictate how platforms like Lido navigate the space.

The Impact of Celsius' Actions on Lido and DeFi Staking

In a somewhat controversial move, Celsius, the bankrupt crypto lender, transferred its staked Ethereum from Lido just as the platform enabled withdrawals. This move saw 428,015 stETH, worth $781 million, moved to the Lido staked Ethereum wallet. On-chain data pointed to Celsius performing a test withdrawal of 0.1 stETH a few hours later.

Source: Etherscan

Some experts, such as Bitcoin pioneer and Celsius creditor Simon Dixon, believe this could be a precursor to Celsius staking directly without Lido in the middle, or it could be a part of Celsius' restructuring plans.

Lido's V2 Upgrade: Its Transformative Impact on Liquid Staking and Ethereum Staking Rewards


The V2 upgrade launched by Lido has brought about a significant shift in the liquid staking sector, offering a fresh perspective on ETH staking rewards. This upgrade includes the introduction of a feature allowing users to withdraw staked ETH directly. This change not only addresses the previous inconveniences linked to Lido's Ethereum staking rewards but also incorporates a staking router component to encourage staking diversity. 

This strategic move is expected to result in a more efficient use of staked ETH across the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. The response from the community to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive. The Token Unlocks dashboard has noted a 1.78% rise in total ETH deposited, leading to a staggering 18.33 million ETH ($33.13 million) being staked.

Lido's Market Dominance and the DeFi Staking Landscape

Lido's continued dominance of the DeFi staking market is due in large part to its constant efforts to optimize and enhance its network. These improvements have led to an increase in both activity and revenue. The high APR offered by Lido, despite a slight decrease from 6.82% on May 10 to 6% as of May 16, continues to make it an attractive choice for investors. 

Source: Dune Analytics

Lido's share among liquid staking protocols has remained steady at around 31.4%, and there has been a consistent rise in the amount of ETH deposited to Lido, reaching 6.71 million on May 16, marking a 0.34% increase from the day before.

Source: Nansen

Further cementing Lido's position in the market is the data from Nansen. More deposits than withdrawals on the Beacon Chain have been recorded in the past 24 hours. According to Nansen, the net deposit of ETH over the past day is 153,090, with 5,190 ETH being withdrawn and 158,280 ETH being deposited.

Source: Nansen

However, success doesn't come without its challenges. The recent upgrade could potentially cause stress on the protocol and impact the network's queues. Lido has a buffer of rewards and daily deposits to cover withdrawals, but if unstaking requests exceed 10%, it could result in longer queues and validator exits. Yet, users' faith in Lido's staking services is evident from the higher interest in stETH, Lido's staked ETH token, over the LDO token, showcasing Lido's standing as one of the best crypto staking platforms.

Crypto Whales' Sentiment Towards Lido

Crypto whales, the major players in the cryptocurrency market, have shown confidence in Lido's potential for growth. The recent enabling of staked ETH withdrawals, part of the V2 upgrade, was met with enthusiasm from these investors. 

LDO, Lido's native token, surged over 4% on the day to reach $2.2 at the time of writing. Furthermore, LDO has experienced a 15% increase over the past week in the run-up to the V2 launch and has seen a rise of 122% since Jan. 1. This positive trend displays the growing influence of Lido in the liquid staking derivatives sector.


The Future of Liquid Staking in DeFi: Can Lido Maintain Its Position as the Best Crypto Staking Platform?

Lido's V2 upgrade represents a significant step forward for liquid staking, a development that could set a precedent for other platforms in the DeFi staking landscape. The ETH withdrawal functionality could make Lido more attractive to investors seeking the best crypto staking platform.

It is worth noting that despite these advancements, the liquid staking sector still faces uncertainties, especially surrounding regulatory issues in the United States. It remains to be seen how this will impact the broader landscape of Ethereum staking and the DeFi sector as a whole.

FAQs about Liquid Staking, DeFi Staking and Lido

Q: What is liquid staking and why is it important in the DeFi staking sector?
A: Liquid staking is a mechanism that allows users to stake their assets on a blockchain network and receive a tokenized representation of their staked assets. This allows the staked assets to be utilized in DeFi applications, thus enhancing their liquidity. Liquid staking is a pivotal component in the DeFi sector as it facilitates more efficient use of assets and unlocks new opportunities for yield generation.

Q: How does Lido's V2 upgrade impact ETH staking rewards? 

A: The V2 upgrade introduces a direct ETH withdrawal function. This new feature means stakers can now readily access their staked ETH, which could potentially influence their staking strategies and the overall dynamics of ETH staking rewards in the market.

Q: What are the legal concerns surrounding liquid staking in the US? 

A: Liquid staking, being a relatively new concept, is under regulatory scrutiny, especially in the US. Regulators are concerned about user protection, security, and the potential for market manipulation. These legal considerations could significantly shape the future of liquid staking and dictate how platforms like Lido navigate the space.

Q: How do the actions of crypto whales indicate the potential of Lido as one of the best crypto staking platforms? 

A: Crypto whales are high-net-worth investors who have a substantial impact on the crypto market. Their accumulation of Lido LDO tokens suggests a strong belief in Lido's potential growth, which could influence other market participants and drive further growth for Lido. This widespread confidence in Lido is a strong indicator of its standing as one of the best crypto staking platforms in the market.

Lido's continuous innovation and successful upgrades have made it a preferred choice for liquid staking derivatives, further solidifying its position in the market. As the liquid staking industry evolves, Lido stands ready to cater to the growing needs of the DeFi staking landscape, offering lucrative Ethereum staking rewards and redefining the standards for the best crypto staking platform.


The V2 upgrade from Lido, enabling direct withdrawals of staked ETH, has set a new standard in the liquid staking industry. By consistently delivering improvements and innovations, Lido has solidified its position as a leading figure in the DeFi sector. As the landscape of liquid staking evolves, Lido is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and success, further enhancing the potential of Ethereum staking rewards.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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