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News/How Litecoin's Third Halving Impacts Market Dynamics and Future Prospects

How Litecoin's Third Halving Impacts Market Dynamics and Future Prospects

Aug 3 2023

10 months ago2 minutes read
A robot with a Litecoin logo on its chest, holding a physical representation of the Litecoin coin in its hand to prepare for the Litecoin halving date

Litecoin’s Third Halving: A Turning Point

Written by Van

In its continual pace across the tides of time, Litecoin’s blockchain oversaw its third mining-reward halving. This pivotal event, which occurred on August 2, 2023, around 15:11 GMT, ushered in a phase of transformation – slicing the per-block reward from 12.5 LTC to a more modest 6.25 LTC.

Notably, this isn't Litecoin's first encounter with such a phenomenon. Indeed, the crypto giant witnessed similar halvings on August 5, 2019, and way back on August 25, 2015, both of which left indelible imprints on the currency's trajectory.

However, despite historical precursors, Litecoin's price did not skyrocket as expected immediately after the halving. Instead, it idled in a relatively narrow band for a lengthened period.

Even so, Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, harbored an optimistic outlook, projecting that the supply of post-halving LTC might decline while demand scaled up, potentially catalyzing a price rally.

litecoin halving tweet.webp
Source: Litecoin/ Twitter

Market Fluctuations: The Halving Influence

At the time Litecoin's third halving occurred, the cryptocurrency traded at a steady $90.29. This marked a notable 28.8% increment in the year-to-date reading. Despite these favourable market drives, Litecoin saw a 6% fall to reach a one-month low of $85.8 on the halving day itself. 

Analytics firm Santiment suggests that this surprising plunge might represent a potential “buy the rumor, sell the news” scenario at play within the Litecoin realm. As rumors spread and social dominance gained momentum, signs of investor panic surfaced, indicating a flurry of sellouts.

Santiment litecoin tweet.webp
Source: Santiment/ Twitter

Ripple Effects: Halving Spurs Related Developments

In response to the Litecoin's halving event, KuCoin Pool, known for supporting Litecoin mining, decided to cease operations from August 15, 2023, until reassessment. This marked suspension appeared to be an orchestrated response to the third Litecoin halving.

Litecoin's changing landscape was further upscaled when Coinbase announced support for Litecoin (LTC) perpetual futures contracts. This strategic move ignited a wave of enthusiasm among traders. Yet, the transition showed restraint in terms of market response, reflected in a relatively measured Litecoin trading price of slightly above $85 at the announcement’s time.


Litecoin’s Halvings: Past Performance Predicating Price Flux

Analyses pointedly reveal a pattern where Litecoin's native token, LTC, largely refrained from manifesting immediate gains post its previous two halvings. This led to months of marginal fluctuation, often leaning towards the negative.

The historical trajectory of LTC paints a picture far from the initial bullish sentiment. Tracing the August 2015 halving, LTC navigated the $2.8-$3.6 terrain for a stretch of 19 months. It wasn’t until these relatively idle periods culminated that a breakout coincided with the Bitcoin rally, catapulting LTC prices to a staggering $370 by December 2017.

A strikingly similar roadmap transpired in the wake of the August 2019 halving. As speculation builds that traders may be leveraging the halvings, pre-event rallies followed by profit extractions render a telling narrative, pointing towards an opportunistic wait-out for a potential Bitcoin bull run.

litecoin robot.webp

What's more, the seemingly indifferent LTC response to past halvings may be intricately tied to Bitcoin’s own battles with brutal bear markets. Notably, these commonly transpire around 8-9 months post Litecoin's halvings, further strengthening the Bitcoin-Litecoin dynamics.

Conventionally, crypto bull markets unfurl months following Bitcoin's reward halvings, making the nearing fourth Bitcoin halving, penned for March/April 2024, a milestone worth observing.

A Whale’s Weight on Litecoin's Landscape

Just a breath away from Litecoin's third halving event, the cryptocurrency eco-system braced itself as a whale made a substantial deposit, nearly $26 million, to the leading exchange, Binance. This hefty deposit, unearthed via Whale Alert, is perceived as an imminent selling alarm—an endeavor likely to push Litecoin's price further into the bearish zone.

This whale's proactive stance tells a tale. Richly steeped in the "buy the rumor, sell the news" paradigm, halving hysteria fades away into a stark reality of decline, evidenced by a notable 5% drop from $91 to $86 post Litecoin's latest halving event. 

litecoin whale activity.webp
Source: Whale Alert/ Twitter

The blow rains heavier as fraud charges loom for Binance by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), casting a somber shadow on the market, with Litecoin bearing the brunt as the worst-performing top coin by market cap.

Interestingly, the depositing address was discerned as an unidentified wallet—typically a signature move for whale-led selling escapades. By choosing to cash out amid this turmoil, the timing suggests the whale's anticipation of further possible Litecoin's descent.

However, the silver lining persists. Despite its price slump, Litecoin secures the second spot on BitPay's payment count list, indicating increased payment adoption. As such, this bears witness to Litecoin's potential to thrive even in turbulent times, shining light on its strong functionality features.


1. When did Litecoin's third halving occur?

Litecoin's third halving took place on August 2, 2023, around 15:11 GMT.

2. In the wake of Litecoin's third halving, what happened to the mining reward?

Following the Litecoin's third halving, the mining reward per block dropped from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC.

3. How has Litecoin's price reacted post-halving?

Contrary to some expectations, Litecoin's price did not surge immediately after the halving, but instead traded in a narrow range for a few months.

4. What is the speculation about future after Litecoin's third halving?

Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, envisions that post-halving, a decrease in supply and ramped-up demand might precipitate a price rally.

5. How did Litecoin's third halving influence market behavior?

When Litecoin's third halving occurred, the crypto fluctuated significantly, witnessing a 28.8% year-to-date gain, followed by a 6% drop on halving day, partly attributed to a speculated “buy the rumor, sell the news” scenario.

Comprehending Litecoin’s Role and Foretelling its Future

Acting as a backbone for Dogecoin, Litecoin’s relevance within the crypto landscape cannot be understated. Expectations are that Litecoin’s disinflationary halvings will magnify mass adoption rates sans any detriment to network security. 

Speaking of security, KuCoin’s decision to suspend Litecoin mining services is aligned with its broader strategy to focus on constructing a safer, more user-friendly trading environment. This approach hints at a dynamic shift within cryptocurrency exchange landscapes, given the evolving market dynamics underscored by the Litecoin halving event.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT.

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