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News/Terra Ecosystem Sees Remarkable Recovery As LUNA, LUNC, and USTC Surge

Terra Ecosystem Sees Remarkable Recovery As LUNA, LUNC, and USTC Surge

Van Thanh Le

Nov 27 2023

8 months ago4 minutes read
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Terra Ecosystem's LUNA and LUNC Surge

The Terra ecosystem has seen an extraordinary surge in its digital assets, LUNA and LUNC. The spark igniting this surge? A significant capital injection by Terraform Labs.


Starting with LUNA, the digital token has leaped by an impressive 23.43%, now trading near $0.85. This surge is not just a number but a beacon of revived investor confidence. 

On the other hand, LUNC, its counterpart, has charted an even more dramatic rise. It witnessed a staggering 48.38% increase, with its trading value reaching $0.00012. 

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Peeling back the layers, we find the catalyst of this growth. Terraform Labs, the architect behind Terra, pumped a substantial $15 million into Terra's decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. This strategic move impacted 11 LUNA pools on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) Astroport and Ura. 

It's a masterstroke aimed at resolving the "cold start problem" Terra has been grappling with. Essentially, this problem refers to the challenge of attracting initial users and liquidity to new projects.

What does this injection mean for Terra? A tweet from Terra sheds light: the capital infusion by Terraform Labs is a game-changer. It elevates Terra's liquidity, making it a competitive player among Cosmos chains. 

Background and Developments

The Terra blockchain, known for its novel approach in the cryptocurrency domain, encountered a tumultuous period, leading to significant changes in its ecosystem. 

In May 2022, a pivotal moment unfolded with the launch of a new version of LUNA. This event marked a strategic move to support the rebooted Terra blockchain. 

The original version of Terra's blockchain faced a catastrophic collapse, primarily due to the de-pegging of its stablecoin, TerraUSD (USTC). This de-pegging incident sent shockwaves across the crypto market.

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The original coin, now rebranded as Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), is still on a recovery trajectory. Post-collapse, LUNC's journey to regain its former glory has been challenging. Before the crash, LUNC boasted a remarkable value of $119.18. 

A critical point in the Terra saga involves USTC, previously pegged to the US Dollar. An exploit led to USTC's de-pegging, triggering a significant market crash. This crash was not just a small blip on the radar; it erased over $44 billion from the market. 

Legal developments add another layer to Terra's complex story. Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, is at the center of these developments. Following the collapse of Terra's ecosystem, Kwon's extradition from Montenegro was approved. 

He is now embroiled in legal proceedings in both the United States and South Korea. These proceedings are directly related to the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. 

USTC's Impressive Gains

In a stunning display of resilience, TerraUSD Classic (USTC) recently showcased a remarkable recovery. The digital asset experienced an astonishing surge, rising over 278% within a mere 24-hour period. This notable increase propelled USTC's trading price to an impressive $0.07319. 

The market capitalization of USTC reached an impressive height, currently standing at a colossal $1.46 trillion. This figure not only reflects the asset's growing popularity but also its increasing prominence in the broader digital currency market. 

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Additionally, USTC's trading volume within the same 24-hour window was equally remarkable, amounting to an immense $69.21 billion. This surge in trading volume signifies a heightened interest and activity around USTC, pointing towards its growing relevance in the crypto trading space.

Behind this impressive gain lies a concerted effort by Terra Classic Labs (TCL). In the wake of the loss of its dollar peg in May 2022, TCL implemented a robust recovery model. 

A significant part of TCL's recovery strategy involved a calculated investment in USTC. TCL acquired approximately 25.6 million USTC for around $500,000. This strategic investment played a crucial role in influencing USTC's price surge. 

Community Efforts Boosting LUNC and USTC

The Terra Classic community has recently showcased an impressive level of involvement and strategy, significantly impacting the value of LUNC and USTC. 

Key to this resurgence was a phenomenal weekend of trading. USTC, previously struggling to regain its footing, witnessed a staggering 150% increase in its value. Concurrently, LUNC, the original Terra coin, also saw substantial growth, marking a 25% rise.

Even more striking was the surge in USTC's trading volume. In a remarkable display of market dynamics, it skyrocketed by an almost surreal 1999.65%, a figure that astonishingly surpassed its own market capitalization. 

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In a strategic move to support the revival of LUNC, the Terra Classic community undertook a massive token burn. Over 78.58 billion LUNC tokens were eliminated from circulation, a deliberate action aimed at reducing supply and thereby potentially increasing the token's value. 

Further stabilizing efforts came in the form of a critical decision to pause the minting of new USTC tokens. The community also aimed to re-peg USTC to the US Dollar, a move geared towards enhancing both adoption and stability. 

To oversee this ambitious re-pegging process, the community selected Algo Quant, an experienced algorithmic trading firm. Their involvement brings a level of expertise and oversight that is crucial for such a technical and sensitive undertaking.

Binance Futures' New Listing

Binance Futures has expanded its offerings by listing USTC, a currency from the Terra ecosystem. Despite being designed for a 1:1 peg with the US dollar, USTC trades at a notable $0.073. 

The platform allows up to 50x leverage for USTC trades. While this can increase profits, it also significantly heightens risk, necessitating careful consideration by traders. 

The USTCUSDT Perpetual Contract features a +2.00%/-2.00% maximum funding rate, recalculated every four hours, impacting the cost of maintaining positions.

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Liquidity providers in the USD margin futures are offered a 0.005% maker fee discount on USTCUSDT trades, potentially enhancing liquidity. Binance also adapts contract specifics like funding fees and leverage limits in response to market conditions, demanding traders stay informed.

Additionally, Binance's Multi-Asset Mode permits the use of various collateral assets, including BTC, for trading USTCUSDT contracts. This adds flexibility but requires prudent collateral management.

Key Takeaway

The Terra ecosystem has witnessed a significant resurgence, marked by the double-digit growth of LUNA and LUNC, and the extraordinary rally of USTC. This revival is largely attributed to strategic community efforts and substantial investments by Terraform Labs and Terra Classic Labs. 

The community's dedication to re-pegging USTC and revitalizing the ecosystem, coupled with Binance Futures' listing of USTC with high leverage, underscores the dynamic and resilient nature of the Terra ecosystem. 


1. What Triggered LUNA and LUNC's Recent Price Surge?

Terraform Labs' $15 million investment in Terra's DeFi ecosystem significantly influenced LUNA and LUNC's prices. This move enhanced liquidity and competitiveness in the Cosmos chains.

2. How is Terra's USTC Performing Post-Collapse?

USTC has seen a remarkable recovery, with a 283% gain in 24 hours, a market cap of $1.46 trillion, and a trading volume of $69.21 billion. This resurgence is a result of Terra Classic Labs' strategic investments and recovery plans.

3. What Role Has the Community Played in Terra's Revival?

The Terra Classic community has been instrumental, with initiatives like burning over 78.58 billion LUNC tokens and pausing USTC minting to re-peg it to the USD. These collective efforts aim to stabilize and boost the ecosystem's adoption.

4. What are the Risks of Trading USTC on Binance Futures?

Trading USTC on Binance Futures involves high leverage, which can amplify both profits and losses. Traders should be cautious of the dynamic contract specifications, including funding fees and leverage limits.

5. What's the Current Legal Status of Terraform Labs' Co-Founder?

Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, is currently involved in legal proceedings in the U.S. and South Korea. He faces extradition from Montenegro, relating to the Terra ecosystem collapse.

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