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NFT/Mythics: Egg
Mythics: Egg

Mythics: Egg

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.087598$267.083
Mythics: Egg Market Cap.$360,551.16
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded?
N. of Owners1,180
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About Mythics: Egg

A Mythics egg contains within it the soul of a Mythic, that will soon be set free by the flames of the Odd God’s Hearth.

There are three types of egg: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. A Legendary Egg can spawn three Mythic forms; it will be down to the minter to decide which form their Mythic will take. A Runic Egg has two potential forms, and a Stone Egg only one.

More information will be released as the Hearth starts to stir…

Mythics: Egg items

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